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Hello all! Here's where all of my RP characters live. If you want to have them join an RPG, just send me a comment or message saying which one you want me to use! Thanks! ^^


User: [Maeve104]
Fiction Genre: Fantasy
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Rank/Class/Title:Adventurer, traveler
 Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal: n/a
Appearance:Thesla is a rather tall, thin character who carries herself with an air of pride so as to look even taller. She is fair-skinned, with the only trace of tan from being out-of-doors for most of her life. Most of that time is spent in the deep forest, so she has mostly green and brown clothing to blend in with the foliage. Her hair is long-down to her elbows, and usually tied up and out of the way. It’s reddish blonde color changes from mostly red to mostly blonde, depending upon how much time she has spent out in the sun, away from the dusky forest trails. Her eyes are steady and thoughtful, and are the color of the ocean on a cloudy day.
 Height: 5’9’’
 Weight: 130lbs
 Build/Stature: Lithe, somewhat lanky and flexible.
 Eye Color: Misty blue/gray
 Hair Color: Reddish blonde
 Flesh Tone: Somewhat pale, a light dusting of freckles across the nose
  -(Nationality):. Unsure. Somewhere from the British Isles or a place of similar environment
 Clothing and Apparel: The character wears clothes that are generally good for long travel and hiking in the mountains and bogs. Tall, waterproof boots, Dark green pants that are made of a sturdy material, and layered shirts of varying shades of tan and greens. Though her dark woolen cloak can be worn in rainy or cold weather, it is usually stored in her leather rucksack which is slung over her shoulders when traveling.
 Outstanding Marks or Features: Small clan spiral tattoo on the inside of her wrist from a stay with a forest gang in her youth.
(Artworks, imagery or media HERE)</center!uQ!uQt!t!>
Skills: Doesn’t have much in the way of formal combat training. Most of what she picked up was from combat with others on her travels. She does have a small amount of magical skill-only enough to start fires, cause momentary forgetfulness or confusion, or other such small tricks. This she learned while staying with the Eastern dragons. Her time in the wilderness has kept her agile and swift, and she can climb trees like it’s nobody’s business.
 Feats and Abilities: She can track very well, and knows some of the elven languages. She also knows the language of the dragons.
 Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: She has a leather jerkin worn beneath the outer layer of shirt, other than that no armor. She is most skilled with the quarterstaff and is also a very good shot with a bow and arrows. While in the forest gang she also learned how to throw knives, though she is not as good at aiming these.
  -Weapons on hand: Quarterstaff, well balanced and plated with tempered steel for added strength. This steel coating can be blackened with soot for stealth. She also has a small skinning knife kept in her boot.
 Spell or Talent Use:Small healing spells, fire spells, illumination spells, and trickery devices are her only spell knowledge.
  -Divine or Arcane Spell Use: none.
  -Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: She has the slight ability to cast smaller spells and has a strength against telekinetic control and mind-reading, simply because of her heritage.
  -Psionic Abilities or Talents: Can mind-link with some dragons, but not all.
 Strengths and Weaknesses: Her strengths include stealth, accuracy with a bow and arrows, and swiftness. She has a good sense of where she is, even in the dark, and is fairly sharp when it comes to intelligence. Her ability to sense danger comes not so much from any special ability so much as from experience in avoiding dangerous situations in her travels. Her mind is not easily read, either through spell or observation. She has strong willpower and doesn’t rush hastily into anything. Her weaknesses include a certain lack of people skills, not so much physical strength, a tendancy to think too much, and an allergy to Peruvian flox plants.
Personality: Though Thesla has a tendancy to be quiet and reserved in most social situations, she is fiercely loyal to any who show themselves to be worthy of her trust. If that trust is betrayed, she is quick to judge and will probably end up cutting that person out completely. A loner for the most part, she prefers the comforts of the forest or plains as opposed to the closeness of a town. As far as being romantic, she doesn’t stay in one place long enough to deal with any of it. She’s quite happy traveling solo.
A contemplative nature is always present in her manner, and Thesla has a certain sense of curiosity that sometimes gets her in trouble as well. However, she has a level head, and doesn’t make many irrational decisions. When she does, it is usually because she finds good reason for it. She is not easily upset or angered, but when she does have reason to get mad, she can be quite dangerous until she calms down. Basically, if you stay out of her way, you’ll be just fine.
 Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: She has a habit of blending into her surroundings no matter where she is. You’ll usually find her in a corner or behind a tree, and she might pop out of nowhere if you aren’t paying attention.
History: Though Thesla doesn’t remember much of her early childhood, it was a complicated one. Her parents were minor wizards who met in wizarding school and had her at too young an age. She was raised by her hedgewitch grandmother on the outskirts of a small forest town. Finding the other children too hyper and tiresome to play with, she usually wandered the woods during the day, getting plants and carrying messages too and from the elves for her grandmother. (Her grandmother was good friends with many of the elven leaders.) Once when she was about nine years old, she was out in the woods, she met one of the Retnar, a band of rebel human woodlanders. They kidnapped her, essentially, and took her to their caverns deep in the forest. There she was forced to join their ranks and learn the fine arts of stealth and quarterstaff fighting to aid in their raids of local villages. Here is where she got her spiral tattoo as a brand of their gang. Hers is only a double looped spiral, as she didn’t rise very high in the ranks before she managed to escape, fleeing through the forest toward the eastern plains. At this point she was around 11 years old.
A few weeks after she reached the eastern plains, she met her first dragon. The dragons continued to contact her as she wandered around the country for the next few years. Eventually, she made her way to their home in the East. There she learned their native dragon tongue and was a messenger between dragon clans. In this way, she made many friends and allies among the dragons. In particular, she was a close friend of Besaloth, one of the dragons whom she helped take care of as an infant. She developed a slight mind link with both Besaloth and his parents, and now feels where they are at all times as well as some mind-speech at close range.
After many years with the dragons, she grew restless and went back to a life of wandering, though she still visits and delivers random messages for the dragons occasionally. At the time of the quest she is between tasks, and is looking for something to do.
Equipment and Belongings: In her rucksack she carries a few water flasks, some medicinal potions for general cuts and scrapes, a quill, ink, and parchment, flint and tinder in a waterproof case, a spare shirt, needle and thread, general foraged food, extra socks, and a whetting stone for her knife. Around her neck she wears a pendant which bears the crest of the dragon kings, which was a gift upon her departure from the Eastern dragons.
Developments and Updates:

Na Hayyune

User name: [Maeve104]
Magical creature/race:Elemental wind spirit which takes human form.
Age:Immortal. Appears to be about 19.
Personality: What can I say? She's airy. Her moods change as fast as the wind, and she can be joking one second and deadly the next. Though generally in a good enough mood, you probably shouldn't do anything to get on her bad side. Unforgiving in the extreme, she'd be quick to try and take you out, most likely in as creative a way as possible. Imaginative and random as well as a bit childish, she enjoys toying with people. Her ego could use some toning down, but she is used to mortals being afraid of her powers, so she has no real reason to stop thinking she's the best. That could change for a short period of time, but like all elementals, she'd quickly go back to her old ways. She doesn't use her powers for good or evil so much as for whatever suits her best. She could be persuaded either way depending on her mood and what the rewards were. Betrayal isn't above her if she thinks she's in a bind. Loyalty is not one of her strong points...
Appearance: In her elemental form she's invisible unless she's stirring up dust or water. Basically, she's whatever form of wind she wants to take. In her human form she has electric blue hair that hangs straight down to her waist, and electric blue eyes to match. Her skin is a light tan, and she is very thin and dainty-looking. She's an average height of 5'5''. Her clothing consists of a skin-tight white tank top with blue trim, and a short, light blue skirt. She also wears blue lace-up boots and blue lace-up gloves, for one should always smite with style! ^^ To aid with her smiting, she has a double-edged sword in a scabbard across her back as well as some throwing stars in the hidden pockets in her skirt and boots.
History:Na Hayyune was born of an elite family of elementals who live in the cloud kingdoms. At a young age she learned all the powerful spells that her kind use to control the wind, as well as human combat training. After a sharp disagreement with her siblings about which was the best at creating typhoons, she left, seeking out new things to play with, mainly the silly mortals whom she delighted in frightening the heck out of. Since then she has wandered mostly about the islands, creating havoc when she feels bored enough, and questing when she is tired of watching the clouds obey her commands.
Weapons: Arcane spells that control the winds, changing into wind (tornados, hurricanes, updrafts, etc.), Light, double-edged sword, twelve throwing stars.


User name: [Maeve104]
Character name: Ylanna
Magical creature/race: Human/Elf
Age: Appears to be around 50 yrs. old, actually closer to 150.
Sex: Female
Personality: Very quiet and reserved, she only speaks when she feels that there is a need for her to say something. When she does speak, however, expect either wise words or a spell of some sort. She is friendly enough to everyone. She doesn't boast about her knowledge of most things magical, or the fact that she's talked to many of the ancient creatures in her younger years. She prefers not to cause a stir in any situation, and likes to think first before she acts. 
Appearance: She is fit, but starting to show her age. Wrinkles form slight traces around her eyes and mouth, and she has brownish blonde hair shot through with streaks of silver. She's about 5'6''. Her long fingers work quickly whether weaving spells or wielding weapontry. She wears normal clothing, pants, long sleeved peasant shirts, etc. in shades of white and tan. When travelling she also wears a silky tan cape with an intricate silver buckle on the front. Also carries a leather sidepouch with some herbs, water flask, needle and thread, etc. in it.
Weapons: A small dirk and a longbow and arrows.
History: Though she adapts into the current culture as an herbalist and artist, she used to be a traveler. She has some elvish ancestory-her grandmother was an important member of the wood elf council and her father was the illegitimate child of a relationship with a man of unknown ancestory. Ylanna herself was raised by her mother and father in a quiet village by the ocean.


Character Name:Geranothe
Magical creature/race: Drac-lizard
Age: 56 (a young adult in drac-lizard years)
Sex: Female
Personality: In a word, bouncy. She has the uncanny ability to be overflowing with energy most of the time, even when she should be quiet. She enjoys playing tricks and games. Though she is very good at solving problems and is an excellent fighter, she does it all with a devil-may-care attitude that comes off as unconcerned if you aren’t paying attention too closely.
Appearance: She has the body of a lizard, with deep purple scales and a short golden yellow mane down her spine. Feathery wings-colored yellow at the top, blend down to deep blue at the bottoms. Three long tails end in small leathery webs that are reminiscent of spearheads. She also has short, sharp claws, golden eyes, and a hooked beak instead of a toothy dragon snout. She is small-about the size of a Komodo Dragon, but despite her lizard build she is fast.
Weapons: Claws and beak, and also her long tails, which she can whip around like an iguana’s tail. She also has the ability to breathe short bursts of very hot flame to a range of about ten feet.
History: Like all drac-lizards, she hatched in a cave along with a clutch of around twenty brothers and sisters. Mother drac-lizards don’t stick around long after the hatching, so she never really knew her parents. She learned all she needed to know, which is surprisingly a lot for a lizard creature, from the drac-lizard elders in her cave system. Chemistry, fighting tactics, astronomy, and philosophy are all taught at an early age, as drac-lizards have the intelligence of a bright human. She has always had the tendency to fly off and explore far from her home, and so has seen most of the continent, unlike her brothers and sisters.


Eye of the Dragon RP Profile
Name: Ivenier Notyhr (Nicknamed Ive, pronounced “ivy”)
Username: [Maeve104]
Race: Were-Horse
Age/Gender: 27 / Female
Religion: Fànth’on
Words Known in the Ancient Language:Silence - Selaed, ((Air)) – Nynâm, Away – Ànden, Protect - Fōth’ien

Physical Appearance:
Human Form: Tall-almost 6 feet tall, and built with broad shoulders and hips. Despite her height, she is thin and fit, reminiscent of a Norse shield maiden or something of the sort. Her wavy blonde hair falls halfway down her back, and her storm-gray eyes are deep and pondering. Her face is long, but with pleasant features, slightly reminiscent of her horse form. She wears tall gray riding boots, tan pants, and a light tan shirt. She also wears finger-less gray gloves. In her left boot she carries a skinning knife with an intricately carved handle.

Horse Form: Ive transforms into a beautiful taffy/champagne colored mare with a flaxen, almost white mane and tail. She has the same blue-gray eyes and dark socks on all four legs. Measuring about 15 hands high, she is a sturdy, well-built horse.

Personality: Ive is somewhat complex. She seems gentle enough on the exterior of her personality, but inside she has a strong fighting spirit that worms its way through to the surface on occasion. She goes through emotions quickly-melancholy one minute, bubbling over with joy the next, though she is usually dependable, despite her moods. She has the ability to act quickly and decisively in an emergency, but she makes decisions slowly when they are large decisions that will affect her. Unfortunately, she usually chooses the safer, less adventurous choice when it is available. She is also very shy around those she does not know, but is much more expressive around friends she trusts. Patient in the extreme, it is very rarely that she loses her temper, and she is quite good at staying still and remaining unseen.

A Brief History:
Ivenier Notyhr was raised by adoptive human parents on the sunny plains of Endir, on the outlying farms of Ravenher. She doesn’t remember her real parents, and was found as a lost foal/child wandering on the plains. Her parents thought her were-horseness strange, but saw she was only a child and couldn’t really help her oddity, so they took her into their home. She lived a happy childhood, but grew restless in her early adulthood and took to wandering far and long on the plains in her horse form. There she pondered life, ran with the wild horses, and on occasion had to fend off wild wolves or orcs. However, one day when she was out running, she was captured by a group of the Endi horsemen to be bred with their stock. When they found out that she was not a true horse, they kept her as a servant in their village against her will, thinking she might be a spy of some sort for the invading Orc forces. She spent two years in servitude, eventually escaping across the river into the realm of Eisyden. As a result of her capture and servitude, she never quite trusts the elven races, especially the Endi. In Eisyden she learns of the quest for the Eye.

Ive learned fighting skills through experience and not through formal training. Therefore her techniques are efficient and not conventional. In addition, she doesn’t know how to fight with a sword, only with knives and staves. She can bowhunt too, though only well enough for game hunting. She carries a skinning knife in her boot, which she stole from her Endi master’s house upon escaping. It has elvish designs on the handle and sheathe and is her main fighting weapon. In horse form she simply kicks and bites.

Why does your character seek the Eye of the Dragon?: To destroy it and release the magic it has absorbed back into the world. . She only adventures for the Eye of the Dragon because it is necessary. Without magic she cannot change form, and knows that it will affect the entire magical world if something is not done. Reluctantly she joins the quest, but knows that it must be done.

Professor Devron Kane

Height:6’ 2’’
Weight:170 lb
Appearance: His brown hair hangs straight down to chin length and might be left loose or tied in a scruffy ponytail to keep it out of the way. He has hazel eyes and a very stern face. Usually he looks a bit overworked, but has a broad, steady stature that keeps people from asking too much.

Clothes: Black steel-toed boots, jeans, short-sleeved shirt usually. White lab coat when he’s working on the latest technology, brown leather trenchcoat otherwise.

Mechanical Support: His right arm is mechanical from the shoulder socket down and equipped with highly-precise finger movement, data analysis vials in the nail beds, and data scanners under the black metallic skin. This enables him to be his own portable laboratory. His arm has an attachment that extends into the base of his brain, where a chip stores the data. He can later plug his arm into a computer and download files from the chip.

Weapon(s): He prefers to design weapons for other people, but he does have a few choice weapons of his own. He owns a pistol equipped with a targeting device that can sense target’s trajectory and distance and correct for these. The gun can fire regular bullets and tracking rounds that implant a tracking signal into the target’s bloodstream on impact. (Strong electric current or magnetic fields, however, can interrupt the signal.)

Abilities: Dr. Kane can, as mentioned before, can collect samples of substances and analyze them on the spot using the data scanners in his arm. He can then store that data for later use on the chip implanted in his brainstem. Though the files can be rearranged, looked at, and deleted while stored in his chip, he has to download them to a computer before anyone else can use them. He also can’t transfer memories or thoughts from his brain directly onto the chip or vice versa. What’s on the chip is not what’s in his head.

Weakness(s): The arm can only lift as much as his back and shoulder joint can support. Therefore he can’t lift cars or pick people up with one finger or anything like that. The joint part is also vulnerable to dislocation where metal meets actual bone. A layer of metal to prevent basic wear protects the chip, but it isn’t bulletproof. Neither is his robotic arm, so if he is hit he may lose some of the arm’s analysis abilities or mobility.

History: Dr. Kane used to work for an engineering company but was recruited by Sylar to be the weapons expert and analyst for his campaign. Usually more of a pacifist, he was spurred into action by the Recubo invasion and razing of his home city. His wife and child had to be evacuated and he doesn’t currently know where they are. Now he uses his expertise to engineer new ways to beat off the Recubo forces…and possibly win the war.

Other: He is very loyal to the cause, but hates having to make weapons rather than new technology to benefit mankind. He hopes to find his wife and son, but he uses his work to try and keep his mind from dwelling on it too much. Once the Verum win the war he knows he can start searching for his family. So far he refuses to consider the possibility that they might already be dead.


Quote(s): “Man’s greatest heroes have come from war, but so have man’s greatest atrocities. Let us hope that our efforts go down in history as the work of the heroes.”

Keenan Pike

Never-ever Land RP profile
User: [Maeve104]
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Rank: Second in command to Justin Prada. Advisor.

Appearance: Short for a male, only 5’6” tall, but strong-looking. He has short black hair and a tan, cunning green eyes and a square-ish clean-shaven face. He usually dresses in black pants, a crisp white shirt, black vest and tall, polished black boots. Everything about his dress suggests order.

Skills and Abilities: Keenan is a Rider, seeing past, present and future in lightning strikes. To accomplish this he has a well trained mental focus. He uses his Riding ability in advising Justin. He is also a highly skilled assassin and bodyguard. He can fight with a sword, staff, or knife and can throw knives with deadly accuracy.

Personality: Keenan has always needed to feel in control of things. He despises those weaker than him and envies those stronger. He is cold, calculating, but not unnecessarily brutal. He has said himself that he doesn’t like “hacking and slashing away mindlessly.” He prefers clean, quick kills, ones that don’t involve him getting his shirts bloody. He has mild OCD, which fits well with his liking of the high life at Justin’s right hand. He does not panic easily, but hates feeling trapped. He will stop at nothing to get himself back on top of the situation.

Username (or number or email):


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