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These are some kinds of magic I though of, but it seems a little lacking. If you have an idea, please tell me! [GraphicEntropy]

Magic Types

Sorcery- Manipulating objects to aid you. For example, turning a rock into Jello.

Divine- Using the power of the God(s) and your faith to aid you. For Example, praying that Rashikaneera will crush your foes head with his mighty spatula.

Psychic- Using your mind to manipulate objects and people. For example, bending a spoon by thinking about it.

Item- Using a magical item to help you. For example, waving your magic wand to turn the tiger into a houscat.

Spellbook- Using a book of spells to focus you magic. For example, using the Book of Demon Monkey Lords to call forth a helper.

Witchery- Using herbs and other things to concoct magic brews. For example, using bat eyes, a wizards nose and dog juice to make a sleeping potion.

Spirit Calling- Calling magical spirits to aid you. For example, calling forth Freedafordenbob to assist you on your quest.

Ritual- Doing a complex ritual to make a spell. For example, doing the hula on one foot with a turkey in your mouth and a duck on your head to curse a person.

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2004-06-20 [Astera]: lol i love your exps 8P

2005-04-01 [Wolf Spirit]: **hehe** ur expressions are cute..I especially love the ritual example. *lol*

2011-11-14 [ancienteye]: i think whoever did the ritual accidently cursed himself with stupidity.

2012-02-23 [Yume Youki]: There's also --Elemental Magic (calling upon the forces of nature);
--Color Magic - like, for instance, having black magic (which consists of "bad" spells, or corrupting spells, or, for a better term, spells focused upon gaining power over something), white magic (healing, defense - attack spells aren't very common here), red magic (which consists of very violent spells), blue magic (which consists of spells meant to deceive your opponent), and green magic (which is very grounded - so to speak - and uses a lot of earthy type of materials. Can also include talking to animals and plants and such) - I'm sure you could come up with more colors if you were so inclined, or even come up with different aspects for each color to take;
--Common Magic - things like house-keeping spells, and care-taking spells, and such, that, in a world where everyone can do magic, would be fairly common;
--Life-force Magic - magic that uses the living energy of a person - the energy that one needs to continue living. Very dangerous, since you never know how much magic is too much magic (which will kill you) since it varies from person to person;
and finally,
--Natural Magic - the magic that the land itself has.

2013-10-09 [Mareena500]: Absolutely correct yume

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