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Welcome to Marching Bandits! This is the place for the best damn band stories in the land, from a girl in the best damn band in the land! (sorry... couldn't help slip in our band motto...^_^) Here we want fun little stories that have happened to you to be shared with us. Whether from marching band, concert band, football games, *shudder* band camp... or contests, we want to hear! Whether your in the color guard/dance team/dazzlers/the people with batons (i'm so sorry! I can't remember what your called! please tell me!), drum major, section leader, director or even an average bandit (^^) we want to know!

Members & Instrument (or special position)
[Low Brass (tubas, trombones & baritones)]
[Raesha] Euphonium rules! and the flugabone!
[FrankoPhWN] Trombone is teh shiznit!
[Skw3rlch4n] Flute and Piccolo!!! XD
[クロナ] Flute/Piccolo and clarinet
[Lynyrd Zeppelin] Alto Sax for marching band, Tenor Sax for concert band.
[クロナ] Danceline! ^^
[Rhymes With Orange] Go Flags!!!!

[Kupkake] :D

[High Brass (trumpets, horns & mellophones)]
[Rhymes With Orange] French horn/Trumpet^^Woot.

If you have a story to send in, please message it in to me! I'll see if it's family appropriate and then post it on the wiki! of cours, names must be changed to protect the innocent, the sunburnt and the stupid!

Marching Bandit Tales:

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2007-09-03 [Kailynn]: XDXD...WE say that all the time in band....^^....

2007-09-06 [Skw3rlch4n]: The Drum Corps International Championships were on tonight!!
*cough* Sorry...It's just that I'm from Concord and yeah...

2007-09-07 [クロナ]: XDXD...Spirit did bad...OO...(Spirit comes to our school and practices for about a week so we get to watch them)...OO

2007-09-07 [Raesha]: i didn't get to see the drum corp! i had band practive!<img:44166_1164145230.gif>

2007-09-08 [Skw3rlch4n]: Aww! I'm sorry!! ><

2007-09-08 [Kailynn]: It started at 9 we were done..but I still didn't watch it..I fell asleep..OO

2007-09-09 [Raesha]: maybe it'll be on youtube...

2007-09-12 [Kailynn]: It probably will...^^

2007-09-17 [Raesha]: C-WOOD! C-WOOD! We got a one!

2007-09-18 [Kailynn]: ^^....THat's good..Did you get any best in class?...OO...Our Drum major normally gets it and we get durm a lot too...^^...

2007-09-18 [Skw3rlch4n]: My marching band participated in the Walnut Festival in Walnut Creek, California. Our drum major won first place, the band won first place, and our auxilaries (color guard) won second place! :D

2007-09-18 [Raesha]: we got...
in class A:
best auxilary
best percussion
best general effect
and overall:
best general effect
2nd place!

2007-09-19 [Kailynn]: ^^.....We normally get about 2nd over all...things like that......and I think that we'll do good with general effects this year...we're putting in a lot of things..b/c it was our lowest score last year...

2007-09-29 [Raesha]: really? fun!

2007-09-30 [Kailynn]: Yuppers!! We have our first comp this weekend..and so far from what Mr. Farris has seen from Ft. Payne (the people that we noramlly can't beat)...he thinks that we're doing way better....but they're haveing trouble with band or something...a lot of people quite..I think...because their not even in our class for the first couple of comps...

2007-10-02 [Skw3rlch4n]: On Saturday, we won second in our division and fifth overall out of 23 bands.

2007-10-04 [Kailynn]: I don't know how our band will do...we have our first comp this Saturday..WE normally go to our first one last weekend (if that makes since)..but we had a paraide and Mr. Farris doesn't like us to do both of the things b/c the comps second and we're noramlly tired from the football game the day before getting up at 6 to go to a parade and then going to a we do really our first on is this week

2007-12-14 [Raesha]: fun! howd it go?!

2008-07-31 [クロナ]: So......It's [Kailynn]. I'm on this account because of things that were going wrong on the other one. lol. And I added myself to the "dance" part because this year I'm on Dance line. lol.

I'm so totally excited! I'ce marched something different every year I've done marching badn! ^^

2008-09-12 [Raesha]: thats crazy! how do you do that? id go insane!

2008-09-13 [クロナ]: Nah. I like doing different things. I taught myself how to play flute and piccolo is just like a flute....and Clarinet is what I was taught to play origionaly.

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