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Mod Lovers

Everyone Has a Modified Mind, Deep Down.



This is not a place to be an asshole, this is a place to discuss the modifications you have, plan to have and enjoy, as well as the community in which they belong. This is not a place for making rude comments, if you do not like a particular piercing,tattoo,scarification,branding,inversion,subincision,implant,superincision,cutting,etc. then don't talk about it, it's just rude to insult someone elses modifications,if anything you should congratulate them for having the courage to modify their body outside of normal social standards. If you're disgusted by a particular mod then do not comment on it. Mention a mod you like instead.If you're going to be an asshole go join the correct rascist organization with your backwoods redneck attitude.that has been the end of this rant, now be nice, or fuck off, remember what you heard as a child "if you can't say anything nice, then shut the hell up".

Do not join if you do not plan on commenting at least occasionally.

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[bloody wrists and empty promises]: lmfao....lots of people get them for the wrong reasons. i am getting them so i can fit in clothes, i am completely content with my breasts the way they are now.

[Jenny Crank]: Personally,I want implants for aesthetic purposes..they're acceptable,but I want cylindrical implants as well,and the implants are helpful in achieving the look I want..

[chilli_icecream]: what are cylindrical implants? You keep mentioning them.

[Jenny Crank]: teflon cylinders under my straws kind of..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: Not that I would complain if my breasts look bigger, but I don't want them for the attention.

[Jenny Crank]: I have an idea of what I shoud look like and it involves the breasts being slightly larger and higher,and the chest itself having a ribbed quality..

[Crimson]: Yay! Got an industrial in my right ear as well as a vertical hood 2 days ago. (Mostly because they couldn't do what I wanted and I didn't feel like driving an hour to a piercer I didn't really trust, regardless if mine recommended them or not). -I still haven't had a piercing hurt yet! ;p

[chilli_icecream]: So surely the cylindrical implants just look like lumps? Why not solid implants...why hollow like straws surely that could cause complications?

[Jenny Crank]: with proper design it will look like thin ribbing..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: I got my breast implants last week. Didn't hurt once, just a bit of pressure and a little sore. They look amazing though

[SilverFire]: Got a double tragus done today, looks fairly neat. Though with how he's positioned them I'm pretty sure I could get a third in there. I'm so tempted by that. <_<

[Jenny Crank]: Congrats guys!

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/102892/1252480755.jpg> Microdermal anchors rock!!

[Jenny Crank]: They certainly do! I'm super excited about work on my sleeve beginning..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: what are you getting done?

[Jenny Crank]: My friends lol.. I'm doing my left sleeve in My modified model female Mas (Masuimi Max) and Annette (Mizuz Inkaholik)..Dale "The Nail" is doing the Mas portrait at the immersed in ink convention coming up..

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: Very nice. I can't wait to get my next two tats. Ive gotten 5 new piercings and 2 new tattoos since June. And since I started dating my tattoo artist (my dream come true, Ive been drooling over him for the last 5 years), my tattoos are free

[Jenny Crank]: Yep..I've been there..I generally date other artists..but..I'm branching out..There are a lot of really awesome guys in the industry though, and the artistic talent is just a bonus.

[bloody wrists and empty promises]: It has nothing to do with my tats being free now. I could care less about that. He is my dream guy in everyway,lol

[Jenny Crank]: Yea..I dont date to get free work either lol..its just amazing the different personalities you meet, congrats on finding the right one for you..thats the trick!

[Trepanation]: Clearly I should learn to tattoo.

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