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Written by [pegasus1000]
This is my Poem page. Enjoy, and make some comments.


The Shadow and the Light

I am a shadow that you pass by
You see me as you walk past,
But the moment I leave your sight,
I leave your mind.

You are a light in the room
You come in and everyone notices you.
Everyone knows your name,
You are never forgotten.

I am a shadow in the crowd
Always noticed, but never seen.
Unimportant to your way of life.

You are a light to your friends
Open and outgoing.
That turning point in everyone's life.

You cast a shadow
On the things you touch
No one can out shine you.

I am no less important than you
For without a shadow,
No one would notice
The light


Tasting the Wind

Have you ever tasted the wind
As it flows over you and to the
Sea? Bitter and sweet like a tear
Falling from your cheek. Have
You ever noticed how the wind
Changes, How it moves through
The leaves? Like a soft caress
From a feather. Have you ever
Chased the wind hoping to find
Something better, something that
You cannot see; with what you
Know as joy and surrender? Have
You ever flown into the sunset
Longing to touch it just for a moment?


Butterflies Song

Delicately painted wigs resting on
Slender stalks of grass waiting for
A breeze that will let them take
Flight. Then as a dream the small
Creature lifts its foot in small salute
And is whisked away once more.

Soft whispers in the summer time air
The breeze in the trees calls me to flight
With whimsical hope I run without care
Hoping to catch the butterflies song

In a grotto I see them gathered; dancing
Gracious as the fae and beautiful like
The willows growing by the lake.
I wish to join in this exquisite display
Yet I know that if I move the butterflies
Will scatter and dance no more for me.

Watching as my fair friends dance
I see patterns form and designs fall
All the while making a complex blanket
Of color, made for no one but me.

I wait and watch as the butterflies
Dance to their happy song. As they
Fly my heart does cry, for I long to dance.
With my first steep they, like a spring
Cloud run away faster then anyone could see
Yet I am happy to have tried to join, and
To hope to join in with their song.


House of Cards
-Based of a true story

It stood
I can’t believe it stood.
Six stories tall, card stacked atop card

Then you come in
And bash your fist on the table
You should have seen the look on your face

I still can’t believe it stood
After shaking the table with the might of a 7.0 again
Six stories tall, card stacked atop card

Then with a sheepish grin
You pluck a card from the bottom
Sending my house of cards plummeting.



City lights
Shinning bright
Drowning out
My starry night

A little tree
Filling a small
Corner of my
Little home

Tinny lights
Shinning bright
Bring a twinkle
Back into the night.

Snow falling down
All over town
What a beautifully
Wondrous sight

(This one won the Christmas Poetry Contest 09)
Christmas Poetry 09, page 1


Artists Block

My pencils are no longer sharp.
I have tried to draw this picture a dozen times
But it ends in shreds
Now alas my pencils,
They are no longer sharp


Flowers and Chocolate

My heart on my sleave
Hope for love to be returned
I knock on the door

-entered into the 2011 valentines contest-



You know the problem with dreams
that they have a tendency to be memories;
disturbingly real and hauntingly painful.
Where gaps of your memory that you purposefully
covered with scars are now filled with imaginary tormentors.
I have learned to stop putting myself
through the pain of this process a long time ago...


-Thank You for Reading, tell me what you think.

my poem index for more poems.

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2005-03-22 [farawaygone]: Dear pegasus your poems are lovely reallydeep and I like how you phrase things. thankyou my name is rachae and my poetry is posted in my wiki Peachirach's Poetry just in case you have the time to read some. thanks.

2006-08-29 [Pink_Pixie]: Hey everyone, If you write poetry check out my wiki: *Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

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