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Warning: Very long bio!
Note: This is a developing character, some things subject to change but there will be a reason, all changes will happen in Elftown.


Username: [Myna]
Name: Myna Griff (although she will give a different last name to protect her identity.)
Race: Human
Age: 13
Weapon: A sword
Armor: None
Companion: A talking ferret (Caroo)
Natural At: Traveling, Cooking, Fencing
Occupation: Traveler, Artifact Hunter, and Demon/Spectre Slayer
Trained Skills: Cooking, Herbalism, Fencing
Magic: None
Handed: Right
Weaknesses: She a human, she still has the human weaknesses except with a bit more stamina from enhanced physical and mental abilities.

Appearance: She has red hair that goes down to her shoulders and her eyes are as emerald green as a sacred grove. There is also a very thin white line that goes horizontally through both eyes but you need to look very hard to see it (explained in other and history section). She has soft and light skin despite her many travels through dusty and dangerous places. She really can't explain it herself but she just guesses it is just from good health. She is about 5 ft 8 and she is thin from all her excerise and she eats like a bird too. She wears a crimson travelers cloak and underneath she wears brown leather travelers boots, deep blue, baggy pants (Not jeans), and a light weight, tan shirt. Her clothes under the cloak are made for quick movements for when she sword fights and the cloak is for storing stuff and for when it gets cold. She carries her sword in a leather scabbard attached to a leather belt. The leather belt also hold somethings useful for traveling while her food and water rations are in her cloak pockets. As for the sword it's handle is like a cutlass but the blade is straight, strong, and light weight. Last of all she has a scar on her leg that looks like a burn going from her knee to her ankle. It can be removed but she keeps it as a reminder of her past. Her ferret is usually always on her shoulders and his ruffled auburn hair stand out against her crimson cloak. There is also some white fur on his face and at the tip of his tail.

Personality: Sure she is quiet when most of the time but when she speaks she speaks her mind regardless. She does know when the situaton is too touchy though. She never lets emotions get in the way when she makes a decision or when she fights. Last time she did that she was cursed for it (i.e. the scar). She likes to fight and she knows that she must spar with others to improve her skills because she knows that one day she will be the one that has to protect others. Her ferret Caroo is a very wise ferret. He was an experiment that escaped from the mages district of Elftown and Myna promised to protect him. Now he is always with Myna and since the mages gave him the power to speak all languages he talks to her and guides her though things. He even acts as a medium when someone starts talking in another language. Caroo only likes to talk to Myna though. When he needs to translate he translates under his breath right next to her ear so no one notices. He is always on her shoulder so they are rarely ever apart.

History: Myna doesn't like to talk about her past but like many in Elftown her past is something she'd rather forget. She was born as happy as any baby. She had a loving mother and father and she even had two strong older brothers. Her father was the doctor of the small village and he taught her herbalism and how to treat wounds. She was helping her father with patients when she was only ten. That is also when bad things started to happen. She was outside sparring with her mother who was teaching her how to sword fight when the alarm was raised. Raiders were approaching and Mynas mother and father hid her in a safe location then ran out to fight off the invaders. Even her brothers went to fight since they were both splendid swordsmen. Myna stayed in hiding for a long time and when the sounds of fighting stopped she lay still for a while longer and then decided to crawl out. The first thing she saw was the village on fire. Most of the buildings were either on fire, burnt to the ground, or being set on fire. The raiders had captured most of the villagers and killed all that resisted. Then they were raiding all of the houses and burning them. A raspy laugh came from behind her and she was grabbed by a burly raider. The man held her in his arm and with his other hand he held up a cutlass to her throat. Myna struggled and called out for help but no one came. She eventually stopped struggling and just started quietly sobbing. Then her cries for help reached the most unlikely being. A demon came from the ground behind the man while the raiders were walking back to the main campsite and he ripped out the man’s soul and ate it savagely. The man fell and Myna was free from his grip. No one noticed this so Myna could have run but the demon was in her way. The demon made a pact with the girl; he would give her amazing powers in return for giving the demon souls. She was overcome by grief and anger so, letting her emotions drive her, she accepted despite the fact that she knew making pacts with demons was never good. The demon gave her physical and mental abilities that would rival an average elf and then she grabbed the burly mans sword and went to mercilessly kill the raiders. When she freed the villagers they knew right away that she must have made a pact with a demon to posses such powers and thy banished her. Her family was dead so there was no one to defend her. She turned to the demon for blame. She blamed him for the banishment and broke off the deal. The demon was furious with this so he decided to just take her soul. He used a flame whip to fight her and she was burned many times but she eventually won. With one last ounce of breath he placed a curse on his whip and struck her in the leg where she now has the scar. The scar could be removed but not the curse. The demon said, "Now you shall see the realm that humans never should, and you will become something demons cannot resist. That is now your life and let this be a lesson in case you decide to cross more demons!" With that he died and she ran. She eventually found herself alone in a large city and the city was Cathedral; A city which no demon would go near. She was safe there but alone and scared. She resorted to picking pockets and breaking into shops for food. She was a street child for a year but when she was eleven when she tried to steal from a fencing teacher but he caught her and instead of sending her to jail he wanted to take her in. He could feel the sorrows of her past. She trained with him and since she had prior training she finished her training within two years. Now her master said the next step was self training. She had to leave for a time until she had taught herself how to sword fight along with her sword. He helped her to forge her own sword which she uses even now. She traveled across the land healing the injured, going into dangerous places just to find artifacts for money and she realized what the curse did. She could see the souls of the dead, every race, animal, and plant. Also, every demon wanted her soul. The curse made her soul something demons couldn't resist and that they all wanted to eat. Some very strong demons could show self control but the weaker ones just can't. So she uses herself as bait to lure out demons that are terrorizing people and then she kills them. She recently found herself in Elftown and has found a lot of work here. She also found a friend here. The ferret Caroo hid in her cloak while being chased by mages and she kept him hidden and then took him to a place in the Elftown forest where she was staying. Only then did she find out he could talk so they made a pact to become companions.

Other: Her powers and curse. Well, she sees the souls of the dead, every race and every animal. She even sees the souls of some trees although they don't need to be dead, the soul trees are trees that can detach their souls. The souls take the shape of a humanoid of a different race completely and they have an animal form. The spirit however can only stay around other trees or it will die and in return the host tree will die too. The second part of her curse is that all demons, except to good or the self-restrained, want to eat her soul, or just her. Since the demons want her she lets them come and she will kill them. That is how she makes her living. That and selling anything she gets her hands on in dangerous places like abandoned castles, dungeons, temples, ect... She doesn't worry about upsetting the god(s) because with this curse she hardly thinks there is a god or gods. Lastly the demon she made a pact with, in his frustration, forgot to release her enhanced physical and mental powers so she still has those to back up her fighting. Thankfully. 
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