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2010-02-16 21:31:17
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Splitting Up

Keep the quotes going people! :D

Farewell to old friends
Let's raise a glass to the bitter end
Farewell to old friends
Will you be the same when we see you again?

<img:44166_1164144892.gif> Erin & Scott at Newcastle
<img:44166_1164145171.gif> Big Steph, Big Emma, Ian & Lil Emma at Northumbria
<img:Untitled-1.gif> Lil Steph & Matt at Teeside
<img:44166_1164145221.gif> Bryoni at NCD
<img:44166_1164144907.gif> Rachel at Newcastle College

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2009-06-25 [CaptainAwesome]: Awwww :`(
This is sad.
I dont wanna split!

2009-06-25 [Singing my own Song]: I know :( Same here

2009-06-25 [Singing my own Song]: Lol but at the same time can't wait to start filling those pages xD

2009-06-25 [CaptainAwesome]: Yeah its true, itll be a good laugh :P

2009-06-25 [Former NCD Rabble]: Woo, Can kinda work this thing!!! Still at the toddler stages of managing though so bear with me!--Steph.

2009-06-25 [Former NCD Rabble]: Lol Lil Emma your amazing! This is awesome ^_^ we each have an awesome awesome way of communicating

2009-06-26 [CaptainAwesome]: I assume that's the steph of the big variety?

2009-06-30 [Former NCD Rabble]: Lol no the last one was Rachel of the Ginger Variety, sorry forgot to say ^_^

2009-07-11 [CaptainAwesome]: ah now i sees ^_^

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