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In this land only the locals stay for long term. The freezing cold air makes you want to turn back, and if that doesnt get to you the frost bite will... As you walk into the land of snow, you realize you might be lost. The Blizzard decreases your vision to that of which you can touch. Suddenly you stumble into a little village camoflauged by the blizzard. The Tavern seems to be the most commonly visited structer of them all, as yelling in joy from older men can be heard. One thing is certain, you have nothing to fear from these locals, they are very upright citiziens.


1. Crying Destiney - The main room. scenerio is constantly changeing as the warriors move along with their journies.

2. Shamen Platform - a floating city above the clouds. said to have been made by the greatest of scientist, that after finsihed, were kidnapped and disappeared. It is believed to have been the work of the Nosam's.

3. Atolincia - a massive man made Island that can move around the oceans, created by the United Nations, as a Military Island, but after getting built, it was expanded upon, and now half of it is a city, and the other half is a United nations base. the Funding for the massive island was said to have come from the Nosam's.

4. Cinbactie - The most unforgiveing city known to man, most residents here, are Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Old Veterens, Mercenaries, or Criminals. Most of them can be met at in the local tavern. this is the most dead beat twon that could possibly exist.

5. Eilondrie - One of the biggest undeveloped forest in the world. It is said a long time ago, the forest was inhabited by rebels, that live peacefully with the nature around them. they were also said to have very bad temper's for outsiders, most adventurers who entered the forest never come out.

6. Half World - You feel as if your floating.. this world is grass as far as you can see, and one big tree in the middle. Perhaps you got here in a dream, or possibly meditation.. or just maybe imagination....

NPC's in this area:    Status:

1. Sam            Dead
2. New Bartender      In good health

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2005-12-20 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf : *with a wave, he nods again, glanceing back at tafia before exiting into the cold

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man orders a water, and sets down 50 bens.* "you dont understand just how important this is to us... we need him dead.."

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Sam: *walks over, and hands them their waters.* "so you are not a contractor?"

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *looks around and notices there is no one alse around except the three of them.* "you ask to many questions..."

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man grabs tafia's shoulder.* "not here.. remember you need to keep a low profile..we still need you.."

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *glares at the man, as he touchs him.* "........."

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: *the man hesatently take shis hand of Tafia, and sits down.* "just dont forget who is in charge here.."

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Sam: *was at the next table cleaning it off, as he listened to their conversation.*

2005-12-21 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *disappears, and reappears behind sam holding his katana, as Sam's body falls in two, and his scream echos throughout the tavern.* "he heard to much..."

2005-12-22 [dead~spirit]: *the man gets up, and stumbles towards the door.* "your crazy!!! I cant stay here.. jesus! what the hell were you thinking.. i said keep a low profile.!!"

2005-12-22 [crowfeather]: *the man from earlier ends up sitting alone at a back table taking a swig of his bottle, one foot propped up on the table*

2005-12-22 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *watchs the man run out the door, and then takes one last swig of his water before exiting..*

2005-12-22 [crowfeather]: *raises an eyebrow at the show and shakes his head* sad.... pathetic and sad.. *sinks back a little more in his chair as he takes a swig from his bottle*

2005-12-22 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *he walks back in after tafia leaves "hey sam i forgo....SAM!" he spoke running to sams lifeless cut in half body

2005-12-22 [crowfeather]: "............................" *blinkblink, shakes his head. pulls a small hand held computer from one of the pockets in his pants and fiddles with it. sighs and stuffs it back into its pocket before going back to drinking*

2005-12-22 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *he stood, looking around, his eyes where narrowed.. his face was full of rage, looking to the person at the bar "you...what happend here?..."

2005-12-22 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walking through the blizzard in the middle of the night, he disappears, as he heads for the Shamen platform*

2005-12-22 [crowfeather]: *the man sitting at his back table looks at Snowolf with a raised eyebrow, rim of the bottle poised near his lips* guy with katana sorta lost it.... *shrugs slightly, obviously unphased by the violence as he takes a swig*

2005-12-22 [snowwolfsa]: Snowolf: *looks down at sam, then at the door, he sighs "..ill get him" he spoke before running out the door, he found some foot steps in the snow he hadnt noticed before, and started to follow them

2005-12-22 [crowfeather]: "weee... guess I get to clean this place..." *gets up and wanders over to the body on the floor* "come on there buddy... you're staining my floors..." *with the help of the bartender he ends up dragging Sam's body out the back door, smirking slightly at his employee* "ya know. seriously need to get something to get blood stains out of tile"

2006-12-07 [dead~spirit]:

A New Hope (The Expansion)

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