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A crusade; for the pure of shot and creative of mind.
Creative photography contests for the good, the bad, and the not so indifferent.

Before Proceeding You Must Read The Following:

Saints & Sinners Disclaimer
Something you should know.
Rules For Saints & Sinners
You must follow.

A History Behind The Creative Insanity


Choose Your Direction

What Shall It Be?

For the REDEEMEDwell:

Knightly Virtues:
Knight Me !
Life Phases:
7 Stages of Ages
Virtuous Romans:
Rome's Ancient Virtues
Hindu Virtues:
7 Hindu Sattva's
Maiden's Blush:
Spellbinding Visions of Virtue


For the Wicked:

Deadly Sins:
CORRUPTion x 7
Sins of Memory:
Sins of Remembrance
Sins of Gluttony:
Gorging Glutinous Deeds
Sins of Greed:
Shades of Greed
Sins of Medicine:
Society's Shocking Sins


All dastardly deeds within are committed to 
mind & created from the depths of the insanity from:

Username (or number or email):


2011-01-17 [Akayume]: Still want to enter this. But there's so much it's hard to choose where to start. DX

2011-01-18 [Skydancer]: Ohhhh. Just do them all. :D

2011-01-18 [Akayume]: Pfft. :p Are you planning on entering Mr. Dancer? :D

2011-01-18 [Skydancer]: Actually I think I did at least one of them.

2011-01-18 [Akayume]: Really? O.o I'll have to check the entries then. X3

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