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Through the Door

(The Red Desert)

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Astrofenhoaf stumbled to the door en looked into the desert.
Then she turned around 'no way i'm going in there, I'm a dryad we live on life energy that surrounds us, that desert is nothing else then e deserted dead man's place. not even moist soil where i can drink from

[Ace118]Jennive awaits the other side of the door. I am crossed with a vampire this is sertain death for me unless..

Lucien stepped out the door,"can you say HOT HOT HOT!?" He looked around at the palce full of nothing. "Hey miss wich can you hook us up with something like shade and water in not we are ALL GOING TO DIE. just thought i would ask," he said smileing.

Following just behind Lucien, Shiva stepped though the door onto the red sand. A never ending land of red dunes stretch out before her eyes and she held her breath at the sight before her. Never has she seen such a deserted place, no life, no people. The sun looks about to set, but she couldnt really be sure as she had no clue to direction here. She noticed a stranger standing nearby, and wasnt sure if she was friend or foe. Taking a deep breath she moved closer to her and sticked out her hand in greeting.
"Hi there, Im Shiva. Please to meet you!" She said in her best friendly voice.

[trexor] Traege flew outside and rematerialized "oh the heat is great, i am just worried about the night... if it wasnt for massive layers of insulated clothes and frequent fires i wouldnt have made it here." he grumbles. he waits outside enjoying the sun waiting to see what the others say and do...

lucien watched Traege and chuckled he was really waiting on him to fall down and start making sand angles. He looked back at the door i wonder how this is going to work its going to be deathly cold at night but blistering hot during the day we will see what happen.

[Lin-tastic] The sound of upcoming cantering could be heard even on the soft and changing sand. Just from the right of the door, comes in a white-colored centaur by the name of Wynn. He came to a sliding halt in front of Astrofenhoaf. "Why are you here?" he asked with a deep voice and an expression that emphisised his words.

She frounded, I don't know, maybe this door lead us this way? she walked back to the door and went back in the room. "Almost forgot, can't go without my spy item" she grabbed the potted plant and held it closely to her body "If there are any plants in the region I should be able to look through them via this little one" she smiled and stepped back into the desert. Back to the centaur, "and who'm are you?"

[Ace118]Jennive looks at all the new faces around her. may I ask how are you all now you have walked into the desert? and I know your names but would some one mind introducing me.

[Lin-tastic] The centaur's hard eyes glared down at the woman. "This is my home," he replied. "The plants here died, years ago. You won't find any on these sandy dunes that lay ahead of you." Wynn stepped back and picked up one front leg, leaning down, bending at his waist in a graceful and well-practiced bow. "Wynn Moor, centaur, at your service," he replied, placing his left fist across his chest. A custom meaning a general trust and welcome among centaurs to other creatures. "How far do you need to travel?" he asked, eyes slioghtly softened.

[Eglagrodion] "nice to meet you wynn'she said while she bowed a bit."i'm Astrofenhoaf as the human tongue prefere, i'm a dryad who's life is everywhere where plant's and tree's are"
she went silent and waited a bit and then responded again
' so no living plant's in this region?not even a oase's? then i'm not able to survive here, i need plants to live.

[Ace118] "my name is Jennive" *I bow slightly* "I am a gangrel I live buy burrying my slef in the sand at night when it is cool"

[Lin-tastic] Wynn nodded towards both Astrofenhoaf and Jennive, achknowledging that they introduced themselves. "My question goes unanswered," he stated simply. "Are you planning on traveling across this desert until you find another doorway or are you headed in a specific direction? I'm sure I can help." Wynn looked at each person's face, studying them breifly before ending with Astrofenhoaf. "You have that plant there, do you not? I can keep that one alive until we do reach an oase's which will be difficult as the few known to my kind are out of the way of the nearest door."

[Ace118] Jennive *scratches head* " I think that we are headed for the next door but I am new in this stroy and I don't rightly know".

The centaur nodded in her direction. He understood the predicament; he never lead the heard, nor did he follow it, he was stuck somewhere in the middle all the time. He didn't mind helping strangers. He could tell that the group here was trying to do something other than wreck his homeland.

[Ace118]Jennive "I love the desert and the sands it reminds me of my past life" *kneels and looks at the sand, gets up* " I lived some where like this once your home land is so beautiful" *looks at the rolling sand hills and the dips in the land* &smiles slightly*

[Eglagrodion] "yes she said to wynn, i'm going to take this little tree with me, if there are any flora around i would be able to move thru them, maybe i can even sense the flora thru this little tree" she nodded to the little plant "so it would be great if you can take care of it, you know i'm going to name my little friend" she mumbled a bit
" tristan is a nice name, a name everyone knows out here right?

Lucien was totaly zoned out not paying anymind to the other getting to know each other. He was busy look out of the sand thinking about wich way they would go.

Wynn nodded. He noted that three weren't paying any mind to introductions. He was more observing than most centaurs and he made do. Following the gaze of a dark-outlined eyed man towards the vast dunes of the desert. They wandered across the horizon before coming back to the group and door. He stepped back to examine each person. Astrofenhoaf looked dryer than she should for a dryad. Deserts did that to them, he knew. She was smart, bringing along a plant to both communicate with other plants and survive here, Wynn thought. Jennive wore tourquise clothing and had the details of wolves carved in her face. She's mixed, he could sense. The man in black wore no shirt and his posture told Wynn that he did that often. A cape was draped over his shoulders and his pants were leather. No doubt made from the hide of a lesser brethren of the centaurs: a cow. Carpatioa... he thought with a sort of unknown anger he didn't show openly. A female with striking green eyes seemed to have a gentle face. A glint from her necklace showed the charm of protection, a blue stone hanging on a silver chain. A human amulate, no doubt. Made by a witch, but who? He stopped, continueing to watch her without actually watching her. Something he couldn't place his finger on made her different, but what?

Jennive Watched the centar for a few moments looking in the distance ...

Turning back to the door, Shiva noticed that some of her new companions havent come though the door yet. Frowning she wondered why, and tried to step back though the door to see where they are. A shock pulsed though her body and she was trown into the air landing with a thump on the sand a few feet away from where the door stood. She broke most of her fall with her arm and felt the pain shoot up to her shoulder. Looking up to where there door should be, there is nothing but air. The door dissapeard.

Wynn heard the woman fly through the air followed by the thump, telling him she hit the sand. Looking to the female he followed her gaze to where the door used to be. "Were all of your companions through, yet or not?" he asked simply. He figured since no one gave him a direction, they'd been waiting for the others to come through.

Jennive herd Shiva hit the sand and ran to her " are you alright?". "do you need a hand getting up?" *stood awaiting a reply* 

*smiling sheepishly* Shiva took Jennive's hand and got up. "Thanks! I should have known not to do that."
Turning her attention to Wynn and the question he asked.
"Not everyone has come though yet, I'm not sure whats gonna happen to them now! And we stuck in a desert and got no idea where to go!" Turning to Luicen "Why are you just standing there saying nothing!" shiva walked over to where he stood. " You must have some sort of idea! For goodness sake we all gonna ---"
Everything went black and she fainted.

Lucien was suprised at Shiva yelling at him. Then she fainted he had tried to catch her but failed so now her hair was blinding in with the hot sand. He leand down and scooped her into his arms. "well there isn't much to do we just need to go some where else anywhere but here really we need water Im a carpathian but i can only get so much from the ground here."

Astrofenhoaf walked around the place where the door used to be. "shit, so this means we are force to stay in this sand landbefore we find what we seek? and we don't even know what we seek."
she turned around to the others looking angry "it's all a trick i'm tellin gyou, all a trick to get us creatures of this goddamn planet so it's left for the humies"warrghhh

"I suppose," Jennive said.

Wynn sighed. "I know a place we can stay for the night, but we'll need to travel quickly to reach it before the sun sets. Seeing as how you'll be hindered carrying Shiva," he said, turning to Lucien, "I'd be willing to carry her until we arrive. It should take less than an hour if you can keep up with my canter." He moved in from of Lucien, laying comfortably on his legs, now the same height as the man. "That's if you're okay with that," he added.

*watched carfully*

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2007-05-25 [Dakear]: Ok.. Just a suggestion before I get to going into the desert, but one way that we could help the vampires out is by Shiva making a spell up and Astrofenhoaf giving up some life force for the moment. And if not then Azure can give up some of his Daemon blood to help mix in with the spell, Another scenario might be that Wynn has some kind of item or clothing that keeps the light away since she's living here apparently. And yet another scenario, Dementia, being the darkness guardian, Should be able to have the ability by drawing on some of the groups energy to be able to making a blanket of fog or a cloud to make the area we travel in dark in the day time, Not only will that help the Vampires keep up the pace but we will also stay alot cooler during the day time. But as I said before, these are just different scenarios I came up with in a few minutes. You don't have to use any if they don't exactally fit in or anything. =)

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