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Inside the Cave


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Leading into the cave, Wynn found a well-used fireplace and a misplaced stack of wood. He wasn't sure where it came from, but it proved useful as he lit the fire. "We could've kept more of that ulecant, Shiva," he said, striking the flint against the iron pyrite. "That large bladder can be used to carry much needed water. You're all parched." Wynn finally kept a spark long enough to light a decent beginning fire. He placed four medium sized logs, meeting in the center to build up the fire. The wood cracked a few times before he turned away from the flames.

Shiva nodded her head in agreement as she found a place to put her stack of meat. "I suppose your right Wynn, but why didnt you tell me that earlier! I could have cut it out. I dont think we should go back for it, I'm really not sure how much longer my spell is going to last. "
Sitting down she looked at the rest of her new friends. "So who else eat cooked meat? I need to know so that I can cook some for us. "

Wynn had placed his stack next to hers, carrying quite a bit more than the others as it was laid on his back. He knew blood would come out of his coat easier, but it would still staind. "I prefer it but can eat it raw. What about Lucien? Doesn't he need blood?" Wynn asked, somewhat concerned.

Jennive flew in to the cave "is everyone here?" she asked slowy changing back to her normal form. *waits for a reply from every one*

Soon they were all settled down in the cave while Shiva prepared some of the meat. The spell has worn off by now so they had no where else to go. Except only deaper and deaper into the cave itself.

Shiva ate the last bit of her cooked meat and smiled as she sat back feeling quite full. She almost felt like sleeping now!

suddenly a sand storm starts outside the cave pushing everyone deeper in to its depths and out of the winds.*jennive Helps her self to a bit of meat of the animal she killed*

I'm going to look around if there is some moisture around here where i can shoot roots, it must have enough nutrition becouse of the bat dung it could hold."astrofenhoaf said while wandering off still holding her pet plant in her arms.

"Hey wait Astrofenhoaf! Maybe you shouldnt spilt up from us? What if you get lost or in trouble?" Shiva said standing up from where she sat.
"Who knows what could be lurking in this cave! Maybe we should all go in and have a look. I guess it wouldnt hurt to explore a bit! There is nothing else to do anyway!" she picked up her bag and stuffed it with small pieces of meat that she cut up earlier to dry. Might aswell take the food with. Looking at the rest of the group she smiled.
"Lets all go and explore!"

Jenive keeps up with the group quite content with the blood she drank and the meat she ate.

Wynn had kept to the back of the group, carrying a torch which was just a piece of rib bone from the ulecant and inside a hallowed out portion at the top was a small fire. It was easier to carry it as that than how humans made torches before electricity.

There was a sort of scattered nails noise to his left but as he looked, nothing was there. It was heard again to his left, but reflexes in the dark weren't as fast as whatever was following them. He kept his guard up. "There's definitally something in here," he said to the group of people in front of him.

Jennive *sniffs* "smells like a mole or something spot somthing in the distance" *pins it with my gaze* "Its a mole ish creature"

Pointing with the opposite hand towards a familiar marking on the wall. He moved towards it, still aware that the mole creature was following them for their food. "This means that we can't bring food with us on the journey through these caves," he announced, pointing to the five symbol series. He didn't add the reason why they couldn't bring food.

Shiva frowned at Wynn. "How is it that you can read this simbols? I have never seen them before, and they defnantly dont look like the normal cave paintings made by the bushmen. " Moving a bit forward she sees a bit of light.
"There might be something ahead." She said pointing to the light.


Moving towards the light they all came accross what seems to be a split inside the cave. Light coming from both sides, left and right. They have to decide which way to go on exploring....

Jennive: "I smell water to our right and air I think the other may lead to where our new friend came from and may be danger"

Wynn shook his head. "This is centaurian cave writings," he said to her. "I learned to read it at a very young age." He moved forwards, towards the split in the cave. "We should either eat our food now and gorge ourselves, or throw it out for that mole creature to eat. If we have food with us, we wont make it out." He had heard tales of this cave. He'd never been forced to explore it deeper than those markings, however. This would be the second time he's been here.

Xorital walks from out of the shadows and non chalantly takes the food and eats it ''don’t throw this stuff away, I’m starving, I have been stuck in here for a long time'' eats it all.

In the distance to your right you Hear a loud splash and a cry.
"Help! O dear someone help I can’t swim!" the cry for help sounds like an elderly woman.

Xorital hears it, ''what?!'' he runs over to where the noise is coming from and shouts back to the group ''sorry for taking your food and running off like this but...yea if you hear it too you know what I mean'' teleports off into the distance

Those who ran to the cry of help see before them what appears to be a small elderly man kicking and splashing in a shallow pool of water. Unfortunately the small critter is still to short for the deep end. "Help Me O god Help!" it cries in its grand mother like fashion witch now after seeing it is rather eerie

Shiva found herself running over to where the old granny looking creature was in the water.
"Take my hand!!" She shouted holding out her hand for it to grab

Xorital appears behind you ''well looks like im a bit late..oh well you can handle it'' sits down a bit aggrevated, ''I hate this cave''

Jennieve it is a bit dark so I know what you mean

Astrofenhoaf helps them a 'hand'with getting the man out of the water. "how did you came in a place like this?" he asks him then.

Nova had been wandering the desert for days with neither food nor water. There was a storm blowing around her, occasionally it blinded her, but the sand that it kicked up was tearing at her flesh and she could feel blood oozing from the wounds that it created. She was exhausted, her feet moving sheerly by her own will more than anything, dragging themselves across the hot sand. It was about then that she caught sight of a cave through the breaks in the blowing sand.

Nova drew in a shaky breath through the makeshift mask she'd made from a spare shirt, closing her eyes and shaking her head- bad move, it spread dizziness throughout her small form. She shuddered, standing still as she tried to will the dizziness away, ignoring the biting hunger in her belly and the dry, aching of her chapped lips. "Please let it be real." She begged aloud. She didn't know what had brought her there.

At first she'd been wandering the city streets, as she had done for so many years. She'd gone to sleep in a snowy field, and when she'd awoken she'd been deep within the depths of the desert. She took her first, shaky steps into the cave and found no relief, she was still burning- so very hot! There were footsteps in the sand, leading deeper into the cave, and numbly she followed them, hardly noticing anything about her surroundings, nor caring just then. She wanted to know where she was, and how she'd gotten there in the first place. She felt the darkness encase her, and instantly her eyes adjusted to the shadows, and she saw almost as clearly as if the cave were lit by the brilliant sunlight. Ahead she heard voices.

Shiva smiled at Astrofenhoaf for the help. Wiping her wet hands on her clothes she looked at the two new comers.
"why are you here? Did you come though the door aswell or are you following the magical pusle?" Stepping asway from the water she looked at Wynn for his help on what do with these
new comers.

[nein!] The old man looking critier ignors you for a moment while he exsitedly runs arond. Ferst grabing a stick then fishing a red hat out of the water. Still soping wet he places it on his head. He stares blankly at you for a moment " what cave?" it asks inocently.

Jennive appears beside Shiva "the one we are in still at the moment thats what cave". "I think we might need to start anouther fire to get this man warm his is sockig wet" "Shiva they could posibly come with us but it depends on stuff and what not" *jennive is totally back to normal now*

[nein!]"oooooooWWWWWW!" proclams the man looking kriter. "you meen the earth naval we hav enterd. Got it" its stats in its sweetly erie voice. "Fire endeed this place givs me the chils. Do pleas get a fire started". as it gose and sits on a rock and begins to mutering to itself.

Jennive *looks around waiting for the others*

If Another fire is started i wil just shoot roots in the water and have my self a refreshment"Astrofenhoaf said irritated while she stepped into the water.
Immidiately her fee started to grow and her branchlike toes whipped around in the water.
"Wake me if you are ready with your stupid fire"
then her roots came to rest, just Like Astrofenhoaf herself, who looked like she fell in a coma in an instant.
but still she was standing with her head hanging down and her arm hanging stiffly down.

Shiva nodded her head. "I think Astrofenhoaf is right. If we want to explore this cave, then lighting another fire will just slow us down at the moment. I think we should continue onwards."
Looking at the split in the cave infront of them she frowned.
"maybe we should split up and some of us can go to the left and the others go to the right. Im sure we will find each other again, its only a cave! I think I will go to the left side. What about you guys?"

Jennive I am going right

Her foot slipped, and Nova barely caught herself against the cavewall. She stood there for a moment to steady herself before continuing on- the voices were getting closer, and she knew that within a minute she would catch sight of them.

She continued walking, and true to her calculated timing, she could see the outlines of several individuals up ahead of her, conversing amongst themselves at a fork in the cavern's path. She was certain that they wouldn't be able to see her- standing outside the path of their torchlight- so she stepped slowly forward, into the light.

ennive sees nova "are you alright I herd you slip"

By now Shiva has already started walking into the left side of the cave and didnt hear the new arrival among them. This side of the cave is even darker and allot colder all of a sudden.

Jennive wakes Astrofenhoaf "I know it not important I want to know are you going deeper into the cave with Shiva or staing in the glen with water trees and grass in it?" *also steps towards Astrofenhoaf*

For a moment Nova was silent, looking at the group that she had come across as though debating on whether or not she should trust them. "I'm fine..." She said in a hoarse voice at last.

oh huh? is it time yet?"astrofenhoaf said confused while blinkin tiredly at jennive. "oh , well i want to see th eplants and trees , that's more my place, so it's obvious I will go there. i hope there is some nutritious soil there."

Jennive "that means you'll be with me" From jere I can see the sun comin through just and light also and the grass is very green and lush there are no animal there that I am arawre ofbut I may be able to find a rabbit or something adiquate for those who join us" *slightly sad as she will miss Wynn greatly*

how stupid i haven't sensed that place before "astrofenhoaf said softly while her yes were big and almsot glowing "wait here, don't disturb me or anything"
Astrofenhoaf sat down and put the little plant she was carrieing with her on the ground, than she touched it with her both hands.
Again she fell in a sort of coma, her had bowed down but still holding the plant

then she came back from consciuosness "it's save there, alot of tree's and plants "Astrofenhoaf said smiling..let's go as fasta s we can..

Azure mummbled incoently while he slept next to a rock.He rolled over still mummbling .

The strang lil old man starts wandaring to the right while mumbaling to himself.

Nova watched as the group silently split themselves up and found her feet moving her to the left without her brain telling them where to go.

Jennive *Watches with Asrofenhoaf*

Astrofenhoaf follows jennive when she goes to the right side.

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