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Paranormal Photos, page 3


Winners: Photograph Competition - Paranormal Photos

<news:<center>Congratulations to our Winners!</center>>

First Place:

By [Nocternity S.]

Second Place:

By [Tadriendra]

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Paranormal Photos, page 3
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Thank you to all that contributed!


Welcome to the next official Elftown Photograph Competition!! Finally, a contest for all you shutterbugs out there - and no drawings allowed!! Get your cameras, lenses, film and tripods ready folks because this one is for you!


Theme: Paranormal Photos

Like all the great contests here, this one has a particular theme so no posting photos of your great Aunt Ethel or the neighbour's dog. This time around we want to see MORE CREATIVITY! And we are going to be a lot more picky about what we want to see in the entries.

Since fantasy and magic have already appeared in previous themes, this time a more science-fiction one was decided upon. Have you ever had a photo turn out with something strange in it that you could've sworn wasn't there when you took the photo? Have you ever had the inkling to try your hand at your own UFO photo? Or your own ghostly image? Well then ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance. UFOs, aliens and other unexplained stuff no matter how weird or fantastic, we want to see them all!

Note:: Considering that most 'paranormal' photos are subjective at best, the ET Photograph Competition will be accepting photomanipulations as well. Let's see all those ufos, aliens and ghosts, real or not!


1. NO STEALING PHOTOS! Photographs must be taken by Elftowners and posted here by the original photographer. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here. This includes random images from the net too. TAKE YOUR OWN DARN PHOTOS DON'T STEAL THEM AND TRY TO CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN! That makes me angry, very angry indeed.

2. TWO ENTRIES PER PARTICIPANT. Since I, [Yuriona] love the paranormal I want LOTS of entries! Please put forth your best effort and the best quality, i.e. no coffe stained, faded Kodachrome photos from the 1960's. Any such entry will be removed. Please keep in mind that it is possible that a photograph has the same title as another one. This is not against the rules as long as the photographers' names are clear.

3. YES FOR PHOTOMANIPS! :D While this is a photograph based competition, we WILL be accepting photomanipulations for this particular contest. We want to see your photos of what best depicts the season and if you happen to catch an elf or sprite on film then let's see them! Please make sure that all material used for the manipulation is your own. Otherwise it will be removed for copyright infringement.

4. READ THE THEME! If you stick up a photo just because this is a photo competition, your entry will be removed without warning. ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT MEET THE THEME WILL BE REMOVED.

5. EXPLANATIONS ARE REQUIRED! We want to know why you think your photo is a good example of the paranormal. Not only that but when and where the photo was taken is required as well. We don't need the minutes and seconds but as close to the actual date of the capture would be good.

6. SIZE LIMITATION: Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street, all will be displayed at a maximum width of 300 pixels. If you would like to post the photo at the original size that's fine but please thumbnail it or ask someone to thumbnail it for you.

7. ALL IMAGES MUST BE UPLOADED TO ELFTOWN! Ask [Sunrose] for wiki-privs if you don't have them already: members who follow the uploading art rules and thus are not troublemakers, will be granted these privs. See advanced help for more information about privs.

8. SUBJECT MATTER: Since the winners will be featured on Mainstreet, images that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only photographs that fit the current theme will be allowed.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and lots of wonderful photos depicting this weird and wacky theme and all the strange and frightening things that are associated with it.

Deadline: June 30, 2006

How to post it here:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Orbs and da Streak" - [Yuriona]
"This is a photo of my eldest daughter taken in early 2003 at our first home in Guelph, Ontario Canada. There is an orb near the stair railing and an unexplained streak of energy or light just above the light switch on the wall near the stairs. A dark presence made itself known there both in the basement and in my daughter's room at the top of the stairs. We even took a second shot to try and replicate the streak and ended up with two more orbs. o_o"

Two Photographs will be chosen by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented.
The winners will receive the colored badge and the participants will receive the green version of it:

<img:img/new/shutterbug1.gif> <img:img/new/shutterbug2.gif>


This contest is CLOSED! Thank you to all entrants!!


61. Forest walk - [someelf]
I made a picture of my fiancé and his father in the forest we walked (Made last year '05 around.. June?) I've no clue on how they came there but they wern't there when I made the picture =/ No editing or cropping, digicamara. Sorry for the blurryness trough =/

62. Cat Possession- [Drowning In A Daydream]
This is a picture of my cat. One night it was really dark outside and i always lay on my stone fence and my cat jumps up on there and walks towards me and cuddles. Well that night i had my camera with me and i was bored and he looked so cute walking towards me i took a picture of him and he kinda looks evil. But i love the background how it's all blurry.

63. UFO [Bobolama]

Some strange ufo sign at the left of me

64. The Ghostly Walk [dayah]

65. Image removed for not following the rules. [fairydust1]

66. Invisible girl [Stray Kitty]
This is taken by one of my friends, [fire_stone] on June 22nd, at the nighborhood duck pond. Where we had just spend about an hour terrifying the wildlife. It was getting dark, so we put my camera (Rica) on her night setting. After that we started getting these really weird pictures. In case, you can't see me, I'm the greenish blue blur on the left side of the photo.

67. [Quellealcar] the two following pictures were taken only moments appart on September 17th 2005 just outside Sunset Crater National Monument near Flagstaff, Az. around 9:00am on a Geology field trip. I swear there was absolutely no light spot there when I took these in an attempt at a panaramic. The strange thing is, the lightspots lign up perfectly in the same spot when I lign up all the other parts of the landscape. Go ahead and try it by clicking both thumbnails and lign up the mountain in the distance.

68. [Quellealcar]

69. [Firenze]
A. <img200*0:stuff/ETPhotoentryparanormal_1.jpg>

Photograph A was taken on the 1st June 2006 whilst I was away on holiday camping with my family at Sixpenny Handley. I was going around on one of the many walks in the village when I came upon this archway, it was such a pretty place as you can see, so I took a photo and when I uploaded the photo's from my camera to my laptop a small white mist appeared on the image on the left hand side just above the flowers and I swear that it wasn't there before as on the second and third photo I got of the same place never had it there (I take photo's in 3's).

70. [Firenze]
B. <img200*0:stuff/ETphotoparanormalentry_2.jpg>

Photograph B was taken whilst my mum was driving my family and me up to Dorset on the 27th May 2006 and I was expecting just a blur because of the speed she was driving at but what I didn't expect was the white shapes that appeared when I took the images off of my camera and put them on my laptop.

71. [Blaithin]
Don't exactly know what happened with this picture...Was supposed to be mom cutting down the Christmas tree last winter but something went wrong XD

I don't know how this came up but it did i was takeing a picture of my cats and this came up and you can't even see my cat

this was a pic of my dog and orb's appeared

74. Hand Blur - [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]
I was playing with some cotton fuz in the park... but it seems something else was attracked to it too. Taken: Begining of May 2006 (photomanip)

75. Ghost Girl - [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]
She seems to be waiting for someone or something to come down the stairs. My lil sis "ghosted" in to a stair pic from the Hidden Falls trail. Taken: Begining of May 2006 (photomanip)

75. Is some one there? - [Static Lullaby]
This is a pic of my old puppy Necromancer playing and maybe there's something playing with him since there was a wierd feeling in the room.

76. A ghost of a dead twin.. [Static Lullaby]
This was taken early last year.

77. [Teufelsweib]
the spirit of my guitar, now captured on photo!

Sprites dance and play in the air next to our campfire on Prom weekend.

79. [Sir. Robert]
It would be a lot easier to explain this as a double exposure...but the problem is I was using a digital camera! (no photomanipulation) My friend must have found a way to control floating orbs of power and start turning invisible at the same time!

80. Ghostly Cabin [Sir. Robert]
This picture was taken of a person standing outside the window of the cabin we stayed in overnight. Upon closer inspection we found a second face just lower and to the right of the person in the window, displayed in a ghostly white... (no photomanipulation)

81. [idyllicday]
Me and my sister and her friends all posed around a Ronald McDonald being nerds. We only took one picture and it seemed that Ronald wanted to be in more than once! I got it developed and it looked all weird. I don't know if the developing went haywire or if Ronald is just that creepy of a clown!

82. [Deadlock jester]
I was trying to take a 'normal' picture, and it turned out like this, even though there was nothing wrong with the lighting, and I didn't move either <.< also, the stairs seem pointed slightly in a wrong angle o.o,

83. [manskard]
I was playing in the garden. I played that I was an excavator:P ant then I found this werd thing:S I dont think its an normaly lamp:S because it is a cable on it.:S use your imagination;)

84. Orbs or Elfs? - [Urmando The Elfling]

May 2005, when I was working at the Sailmakery, I just finished the tent roof, and took a photo,
how surprised I was later, when I saw these many orbs too....

85. [Tadriendra]
Background,July 2005, London. I love that house, it's in Hyde Park. Man, August 2005, viking graveyard in Geilo.
Pictures taken by me, tadriendra. eclipse[Lakayana]

I took this photo of my girlfriend on march 29 2006 In Calabar Nigeria during the solar eclipse and when I printed it this is what I saw.

87. 'Quite literally - Angel fish' - [sequeena_rae]

This photo is most likely just the blur of the camera, but I swear there really was only one Angel fish at the time ;)

88. [ArchRose] ok so this is my 8th grade field trip and we go up to a ski resort a couple miles away, well i met this cute guy there and we became friends and such, but my friend took a photo of us, you know just to catch us off our guard. so a couple weeks later we go and devolope it and theres this girl just to the right of me sitting on the pool cover...

89. [and i was a kaleidoscope]
i was expiramenting with vintage cameras and lighting, this is a photo of my hand holding up a lighter to a dirty window, the blue in the corner is part of a lighting strike that hit at the same time i took the photo.

90. [*micky*]
O noo!!! she is headless.....!!! this is the headless gohst dress that was rocking on stage!! ;P 
not manipulated.....made on a concert!



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2006-06-12 [Firenze]: Indeed ^_^

2006-06-12 [someelf]: *Nods.* :D

2006-06-12 [Deadlock jester]: XD

2006-06-12 [someelf]: What's so funny? :p

2006-06-12 [kittykittykitty]: 'forcontestforsomeone'... I'm sure she'll be impressed! lmao

2006-06-12 [someelf]: Shhhhh XD!

2006-06-12 [Yuriona]: That is a very nice photo [Lakayana] but I really don't see how its paranormal. O_o

2006-06-12 [someelf]: It looks like there is a skeleton head in your picture Sarah. o.o

2006-06-12 [sequeena_rae]: Really? Cool :D

2006-06-12 [someelf]: Yes. But I saw there's a skeleton head in your fish tank now XD It might be that ^^'

2006-06-12 [sequeena_rae]: Could be :P

2006-06-12 [someelf]: XD yeah.

2006-06-15 [Yuriona]: [skittels] I suggest that you upload your entry directly to Elftown or I will remove it.

2006-06-17 [Blaithin]: [Yuriona] I was just entry, #71 tends to look like just a black square for most people when that's not really what it is. [Ghost Lilly], in all her curiosity, lightened the photo to find out what it was. Could I put the lightened version up just to show people who can't see, what's really in the picture?

2006-06-17 [Yuriona]: Yup, that should be ok. :)

2006-06-20 [Lakayana]: it's paranomal cos I never thought the eclipse will have something to do with the picture but you can see for yourself what became of it... *shrugs*

2006-06-20 [Blaithin]: Uh oh, password. Now I can't put up the reference XD

2006-06-20 [Yuriona]: You can just message me and I'll post it for ya! :)

2006-06-20 [Blaithin]: Alright :)

2006-06-21 [Blaithin]: Thanks ^.^

2006-06-21 [Yuriona]: You're welcome. :)

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