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2007-08-10 21:38:36
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This wiki was created by Cytheria [Just Another Perfect Day] and Erin [Lost_In_Love] to show you all of our views on healthy dieting and how to lose that beer belly!

Party Less, Diet More!

Rule #1:

The #1 rule of "Party less, Diet more" is to, in fact, party less! So cut back on your alcohol, drugs, and fried food!!

Rule #2:

There is no such thing as fasting in a healthy diet! I mean, you might as well just be anorexic... Ana = bad!!! Really bad. UBER bad!!!

Rule #3:

This also reffers to Rule #2...ABSOLUTLY NO Bulimia! Again, you might as well be anorexic because you wont have any food in you because you just throw it right back up. So, none of that crap!

Rule #4:

A good breakfast is great to speed up your metabolism. Try an 8 oz. glass of juice, a piece of fruit, and maybe a bowl of cereal every morning ;)

Rule #5:

Excercise! Try to fit in as much as you can durring your busy day. Take stairs instead of an elevator. Walk to work or school if at all possible. Simple little things like this make a HUGE differance! (and I do not mean go to a party and dance for excercise)

Rule #6:

Snacks...If you must have a snack everyday, make it small and healthy. Grab a fruit or veggie on your way out the door. Granola Bars are great too! Something you can have on the go or if you just want to sit down and enjoy your snack. They will also make you feel full faster. Therefore, it's a good way to control your hunger.

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2007-08-13 [Just Another Perfect Day]: Dancing is a great exercise!!
Just not at parties hahaha

2007-08-13 [Lost_In_Love]: I thought about that...but then i thought about how people get really tempted to drink at parties and the point is to lose the beer belly.haha

2007-08-14 [Just Another Perfect Day]: haha what is amusing is that we're making this diet up... and we don't even have beer bellies.

2008-05-22 [Lost_In_Love]: haha yeah...i never thought of that. wow...

2009-05-05 [Lost_In_Love]: haha we crack me up!

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