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2005-11-06 15:44:01
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Party Monster Fans

"Til Death Do us Party..."
"Money, Success, Fame, Glamour..."
"You'll love me...I promise..."

ze banner


[isolation_thirst]awsome wiki carol
[I'll Make You Tremble] Well I <3 party monster....ALOT. :)
[Effulgent Vampyress] This Movie is one of the greatest true stories ever. manson is god.
[Hokage Hagakure]
[Vinyl Kitten] One of my favorite movies. Manson was great in this one, lol. Mmmm... ^_^
[Untaken] Great flick, one of my all time favs.
[Crabs Is Bad] I couldn't be ANY MORE fabulous....
[do not exist] Its not a crack hole, its a rat hole, rats on crack attack!

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2005-01-09 [Ruby Sting]: i take it that this is a movie

2005-01-09 [Ruby Sting]: if it is, iv never seen it

2005-01-09 [TAKE YOUR PILLS.©]: hey, this looks pretty damn rad!!!

2005-01-09 [{travesty}]: It's got Marilyn Manson in it...he's the blonde drag queen with the cigarette in his mouth...10th pic from the top...

2005-01-09 [shotgun facelift]: ive seen it, its about some queer raver kids who love to party all night. its pretty cool, it was actually made by a couple of djs....pretty rad...:)

2005-01-09 [{travesty}]: ya, it's my fav movie...Mkauly Caulken is hott in this one.

2005-01-09 [Sister Insomnia]: hmmm i havent seen this movie yet

2005-01-09 [{travesty}]: you should see it...Manson plays a drag

2005-01-20 [I'll Make You Tremble]: I own the movie. May I suggest a banner? I don't have a progam to do all the fancy stuff on this computer yet. But I was wondering if I find an ultra-cool picture from the movie and gave it to you...if you would put in like letters and make it pretty and stuff and write "Money, success, fame, glamour" on it for me? I'd appreciate it mucho. Or just use one of the pics you already have I honestly don't care, I just want a picture with Mculley Culken (probably butchered that name) on it and has "Money, success, fame, glamour" written on it. :)

2005-01-28 [Hokage Hagakure]: GOD I FUCKIN LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!?!?!?!?!

2005-03-20 [Ultiem]: those pictures break the UAR please remove them

2005-03-20 [Hokage Hagakure]: lol ((0))_(o)............not I, said the guy.....

2005-03-26 [Untaken]: oh wow, there's a wiki for this movie? kick ass! great movie, I can never get enough of it!

2005-03-26 [{travesty}]: It gave me a new outlook on drugs

2005-04-11 [Hokage Hagakure]: umm.nah..........see fear and loathing in las vegas.......this movie is nothin............LMAO!!!!!!

2005-06-30 [do not exist]: May i join? im a HUGE party mosnter fan! i could also help you all decorate the wiki..

2005-11-03 [IzzyKSK]: Did you guys know Michael is comming out of jail in 2006 =D

2005-11-06 [do not exist]: SEriously?!?!? dude thats awsome!!!

2005-11-07 [IzzyKSK]: You can find lots of info about the kids on

2005-11-09 [do not exist]: Sweet! thanks fer the link

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