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Originally, this was meant to be a satire of cam-whoring people who get Elftown confused with Myspace, or some other horrid website loaded with pedophiles and underaged jailbait. Also, it was meant to skewer Elftowners who say they LOVE the original intent of this site . . . and yet upload dozens upon dozens of basically meaningless, semi-provocative pictures of themselves in increasingly less clothing.

But . . . I decided that would be a dumb idea. After all, I could open a gallery called Pauly's Pics 12, but unless you're my wife Kathy, do you REALLY want to see a 34 year old guy wearing next to nothing, holding a digicam at arm's length? Of course not. I'm too old, too secure, for that kind of crap. And hopefully, so are you.

So, decided to lighten it up here a bit. Yes, this is the real us. No, we are not dirt-poor. Yes, we have been struggling moneywise. Yes, things are getting better, and yes I'm painfully aware of my teeth. First of several appointments coming up on June 10th.

In the midst of losing a loved one (my 88 year old grandmother) I convinced Kathy and Patrick to be silly with me, and this is what happened. The older pictures (from April, with me in my suit) was supposed to be a beginning of the camwhore parody. The pictures dated 05-20-2008/05-21-2008 were taken overnight, right after my wife kathy's 41st birtday. The pics dated 01-01-2003, where I have freshly cut hair, were also taken on the 21st of May 2008. The digicam battery died, and it acted wonkity for a bit, and I forgot to reset the date.

The more formal, glamorous pictures will come later. Kathy wants to lose more weight (she has dropped 40) and I want to get my teeth fixed.

For now . . . hope you have some fun with these!
This was the first of a 20+ group of pictures where I just sort of looked around and posed, all the while keeping my clothes on. I kept only five of them.
Dana Carvey as the Church Lady on "Saturday Night live" circa 1990 . . . you get the idea. Myspace camwhoring ahoy!
Ah, yes . . . the tender and beguiling side of Pauly!

Am I not a dork?
Forgot to trim part of the mustache . . . last of the short-lived "Myspace camwhore on ET" parody.

Feel my power . . . or something.
Caught Kathy off-guard while she was looking through her birthday presents. She'll get me back one way or another, don't worry :)
Pre-haircut. Goofy expression study for Pauly the Anthro-Dragon.
Ewww . . .
Posing for the Wax Museum people . . .
Rawwwwr!!!!! if this was just a few months ago, Kathy would have forbidden this.
Well, I was tired, and I do put more effort than most into my work . . .
When I first met Kathy in 1994, I noticed she watched "Beavis + Butt-Head" on a regular basis---not because it was "cool", but because it honestly made her laugh hard, almost to tears sometimes.

Fast forward to 2008: I got her three volumes of the "Mike Judge collection".

The moral of the story here? Boys and girls, you need to grow up at some point---but unless it immediately pertains to the real world, try to stay forever young in some ways. Mmmkay?
I also got her a dozen roses, "Monty Python's Life of Brian" on DVD to replace our crappy VHS copy, a musical card, and made her a crock-pot batch of chicken chili.
"Growing Up Catholic" has been in my family (passed to several people) since the early 1980s. It was made by the same people who created the iconic 1980's "The Preppy Hanbook".
<img300*0:stuff/z/11046/PaulKathyPatrickRecentCandidsSpring08/100_0775.jpg> This is that chicken chili batch I was telling [nokaredes] about on MSN . . .
It looks horrible from this angle, but it turned out awesomely. I made it from scratch, even rehydrating dried beans. Not terribly spicy, but the cumin is really mean and bites back at you. Loaded with veggies and antioxidants and all that stuff. No salt added!
A feeble attempt at beauty and dignity in a gallery that's utterly devoid of either beauty or dignity. The only picture that's been slightly retouched (red eye).
Smile, Patrick!
This is some of the silly goofiness that usually breaks out between about 6:30 AM and 8:00 AM, when I'm still awake and Kathy is still asleep. Of course we also go over homework, shoot the breeze, and also occasionally talk about important things. Kathy gets up around 8, Patrick's at school half an hour later, and if I'm not in bed by 9 Kathy gets grumpy . . . unless special things are planned ;-)
The apple does not fall far from the tree.
We've got street credibility, beeeeeeeooootch!
I think he is happy and healthy, but you be the judge.

The digital TV in the box beneath the old issue of "National Geographic" is my anniversary present to Kathy. Unfortunately she saw the box before I could hide it, so it'll just sit there until our 11th anniversary on 31 May 2008.
Patrick is supremely masterful at being silly. (Provided the silliness is not expressed at school, church or formal situations!)Go, Pat-Pat!
This is the basis for Pauly the Anthro-Dragon's common "confuzzled" expression, though he has no eyebrows (he has ridges, though) and he has that dragonish snout of his.
Not too long ago, these pants didn't fit me.
So do I, as a matter of fact. It will never win any contests, but the sentimentality and the cheekiness factor are the things that matter.
She's so cute looking when she first wakes up! ^__^
Patrick, get to school so I can give Mommy a proper wake-up!

GOD she's so cute when she first wakes up . . .
Proper date should be: 05/21/2008. The digicam briefly went wonkity when the rechargable battery died, and the cheapo regular batteries wouldn't work, for whatever reason.
I ran around because I had a million things to do, the last of which was getting a haircut. Finally got to bed at 1:30 in the afternoon! (Remember, I work the night shift---this is the sort of thing that's sometimes inevitable on my days off.)
I've seen him, all right . . . on paper in various forms, and in my dreams. Never once in a "serious" setting, though (I've had dreams of him where I wake up laughing). Although there are anthrodragons in the upcoming fourth and fifth books of my upcoming novel sequence, neither Pauly the Anthro-Dragon nor Kathy the Anthro-Dragoness nor Patrick the Anthro-Dragon are in them. At best, they are non-canonical characters.

Don't hold your breath for Emo Pauly the Anthro-Dragon, by the way!

/ [Paul Doyle]

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2008-05-22 [Paul Doyle]: All the photos have "titles" . . . hover mouse over photos to see!

2008-09-08 [Iske]: great hehehehehe

2008-09-08 [Paul Doyle]: Thanks . . . I have had dental work sice then. Apparently the silly expressions have been the inspiration for a "silent stalker" parody GIF, but that's fine with me.

2008-09-12 [Paul Doyle]: Since the likeness for the admittedly funny exaggerated imagery of myself was used without my permission, here is the image I'm talking about . . . posted without permission ;-)


Banner by [Jitter].
Quote by [Calico Tiger]
Likeness based loosely on some of this wiki's photos of [Paul Doyle] ;-)

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