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Welcome to Planet Plotmeister.


No Penguins Were Harmed in the Making of this Universe.

(Here by accident? Return to my house: [little flag].)

This is the in-progress index page for the stories and such I plan to be posting here very soon.
(It used to hold a bunch of other stuff, hence the wacky title. Which is too good to delete.)

In the meantime, you may be interested in my deviantart: This is really the place to go to keep up with my work. (Which, granted, is often slow in coming.)

Or possibly the place I used to post my poetry:
Or my book, available through any bookstore:
Or even my Harry Potter fanfiction:

Pic-Spam Joy

Plotmeister's Photography


Short Stories

P's Story: The Weaver's Son
Plotmeister's Story "Dear Diary"
P's Story: Wed, Right, and Blue - really needs work. I'll get around to it... someday...
P's Story: Scream


P's Drabble: Consequences
P's Drabble: Apologies


P's Story: The Adventures of Sub Girl : Multi-segment story.
P's Story: Letters to No One : Open-ended short prose first person POVs project.

Plotmeister's Poems
I've written massive amounts of poetry, so not all of it's going here.
However, I'm picking out a few of the more interesting or "better" ones to showcase.
(This list too is still under construction!)


P's Poem: Break
P's Poem: Mercy Prayer
P's Poem: Forgiveness Prayer
P's Poem: I Don't Believe


P's Poem: G's
P'S Poem: Raisinfolk
P's Poem: Let's Go Back


P's Poem: Before and After
P's Poem: No Reason
P's Poem: Sizzle & Shine
P's Poem: Confession
P's Poem: The Losses of Adrian Sponge
P's Poem: The Confusional
P's Poem: Notface

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