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Photography for the Kitties

An un-official contest.

This contest is open!

Theme: Cute Kitty
Created by [Nioniel]

Deadline: Closed: Please Vote!


Winners and Participants will receive these badges:
<img:stuff/aj/169023/Bird.3.gif> <img:stuff/aj/169023/Bird.2.gif>

Depending on the number of entries, up to three (3) winners will be chosen via a public poll.


Photography Must Be Your Own!
Please only use your own photography. Photographs may be old or new, and do not require a proof photo in order to be submitted to this contest.

One Entry Per Person

Editing Photos
Basic editing such as adjusting the hue/saturation, brightness/contrast and adding a border is allowed. All other manipulations are not.


4164) Which Kitty Should Win? (Administrator: [Nioniel])

Number of voters: 25
* a) 1.
Number of votes: 1 (4%) Voters: [~Crimson Angel~]

* b) 2.
Number of votes: 3 (12%) Voters: [Linderel], [Flisky], [Stephen]

* c) 3.
Number of votes: 4 (16%) Voters: [KnightAngel], [Hedda], [Tsunade], [Roxcie]

* d) 4.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* e) 5.
Number of votes: 3 (12%) Voters: [Littel Wolf], [~*Crimson Rose*~], [Alexi Ice]

* f) 6.
Number of votes: 3 (12%) Voters: [Triola], [dancingsheep], [Teufelsweib]

* g) 7.
Number of votes: 1 (4%) Voters: [Xerin Zamaki]

* h) 8.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* i) 9.
Number of votes: 4 (16%) Voters: [Mortified Penguin], [hanhepi], [Sideways], [9jlriexqk,ktpk]

* j) 10.
Number of votes: 1 (4%) Voters: [Ravendust]

* k) 11.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* l) 12.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* m) 13.
Number of votes: 3 (12%) Voters: [XxTsomexX], [Aquariuscelesti a], [moira hawthorne]

* n) 14.
Number of votes: 2 (8%) Voters: [Kyrinn], [Evolution X]


Please use tag size 300 or less

0. Title by [Nioniel]

1. Duke, my kitty cat cousin by [~Crimson Angel~]

2. Eliot by [Triola]

3. My Kitty Marandra ♥ by [Tsunade]

4. Guinevere and Montague by [Chel.]

5. Kira with her plushie by [~*Crimson Rose*~]

6. The Fairies' Guard Cat by [Chimes]

7. Cuddle bug by [Ravendust]

8. LaundryCat by [moira hawthorne]

9. My Cats Are All Really Stupid And Nobody Likes Them, Look, They Even Sleep Stupidly... Goddamn Cats. by [Mortified Penguin]

10. Snuggling :3 by [wicked fae mage]

11. Just Chilling-Private Momento. by [9jlriexqk,ktpk]

12. Little Prince by [Bipolar Nonsense]

13. Victoria's Afternoon Retreat by [Linderel]

14. DarkJenni's : Lazy Sunday by: [DarkJenni]

Username (or number or email):


2012-07-06 [Nioniel]: Oh, gosh, I thought this was still open until August, for some reason. :P Oh well, may as well leave it open until then. :)

2012-07-06 [Bipolar Nonsense]: lol Silly, [Nioniel] :3

2012-07-08 [Linderel]: I so need to be here. *makes mental note*

2012-07-12 [Nioniel]: Awww! <3

2012-08-13 [DarkJenni]: gah i'm sorry can someone shrink mine?

2012-08-13 [DarkJenni]: i got nvm

2012-08-13 [Lord Josmar]: In the pseudo html code for your picture, put a 500 after the <img but before the colon. That should do the trick.

2012-08-13 [DarkJenni]: okay thanks. :) I got it now. wow....its been so long.

2012-08-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: When's the deadline?

2012-08-19 [Nioniel]: Indefinitely extended, until I have the time to actually deal with it. :P

2012-08-25 [DarkJenni]: @ Nioniel hehe cool. :D

2012-09-26 [Kyrinn]: So its still going on then?

2012-09-26 [Chel.]: Yeaaaa I give up

2012-09-26 [Nioniel]: Ack, sorry about that. Poll is up; vote for the number of the entry you like best! :)

2012-09-26 [Kyrinn]: Darn, this one would have been fun to enter. Ah well, I shall vote then!

2012-09-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: Want me to advertise the voting?

2012-09-27 [Nioniel]: Purrlease. :)

2012-09-29 [Hedda]: Not in the contest, but this is what happens when the best cat, greatest photographer and quite a lot of luck comes together:

2012-09-29 [Nioniel]: :D

2012-10-22 [Nioniel]: Any more voters? :)

2012-10-22 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: laundry cat lmao

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