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2011-11-15 21:08:05
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Brought to you by [Linderel].

If you like photomanipulation, you are exactly in the right place.

1. Submit your own work only. Place links to the stock used on a separate wiki-page.
2. Make sure that you have the stock-provider's permission to post on Elftown. You may use stock found on Elftown, deviantArt, and any other sites you come to think of. Naturally, you may also use your own resources.
3. Artistic nudity is permitted, as is the depiction of violent scenes. Do keep it tasteful, though - no pornography or excessive gore.
4. Please upload your image on Elftown.
5. Each entrant may submit up to two (2) pieces.

That's right, we have a theme: Apocalypse

A winner is selected via public poll, and will receive a badge. In addition, they may request EITHER a) a piece of writing based on a prompt of their choosing OR b) an exclusive set of model stock.

The contest will close on ??? at 12 AM Elftown time.

0. [Linderel] - "Example"


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