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2007-03-16 19:26:48
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Well then. Something I've always wanted to do, just never had the time to. I still really don't have the time to, but, what the hey? Everyone else is doing it. ^^ So, welcome, take a peek, and comment if you'd like.

I have a certain style of writing that I find pretty neat. I write as though I'm writing lyrics, with a lot of syncopation, and repeating rhyme scheme. So, if you see a trend, that's it.

Rhythmic Uncertainty

All my life is seen through a haze,
The glaze of shame
Tell me it’s a phase again
I’m raised again
Because of sin
I lose and win
I’ve got a right to defend the heart
That tears me apart
It’s a start
To face the lies
Between crossed eyes, I’m seeing double
Trouble, Infamy is killing me...
God, I can’t wait to see
What you’ve in store for me, I plea
Show thee, so I can prove you’re real
You’re something I can’t see, something I can’t feel
You wrote a book, I took a look and it’s all in riddles for me
I wonder if it tickles thee to see your child of mirth and light in such a plight to watch her fight the demons believe in her sorrow
Tomorrow the sun will come out, they say
But is the sun real? I ask today
You can’t really see it, it’s not really there, it’s a game, look at it, you’re blind, beware
The Son of the sun needs to run from here, so Icarus’ wings can melt to tears, the salty fear upon my lips
The forbidden lust for a moonlight kiss ‘pon corpus small, bathed in fright, tunnel shields her all, this servant of her venting is repenting
Yet again
So fear her, don’t get near her, a deceiver in the wind...
She’ll dance upon the moonbeams and she’ll laugh at all your strife
Her words will choose to kill you with tongues sharper than a knife
“Oh, what, did she say plural? She said tongues, like more than one...”
That’s right, my lovely sinner, for there’s twins of Satan’s fun
But why would Satan do that to this poor small girl of Eve?
Why did Satan fall from grace, from heaven’s gates did leave...
Ask me not repentance
Ask me not the light
Ask me to see one of me and you’ll be shot down in your fight
One crusade you will not win, I sacrifice her yet again, I cannot bear to relive this sin that I have caused...yet again.

Yeah...this one's famous for being on my page, and also being the substance of a favorite personal quote. It's EVERYWHERE.


Murderous indifference is sensitively sane
Chlostrophobic innocence is in a sense deranged
Simple silent certainty that’s simply psychic too
I see more that a myriad of demons within you
Oh wait, what’s shield my eyes from this violent scene
This mirror that I’m peering in describes not you but me...
Please dear, stop your screaming, never ceasing ‘til He’s through
Wicked smiles of one beguiled, for He’s beaten me black and blue
Deeper to this mirror does my firey soul do gaze
It’s not my physical stature that has had the slightest graze
A trembling nymph, a broken fae lies crumpled on the ground
Her wings are broken, golden heart not pulsing one more sound
The rustling past her splintered bones does shadow overtake
The single man she died for, just came a bit too late
A tear fell on her bedgown as a hand caressed cold flesh
His eyes upon her body realized there was nothing left
“Why, dear fae, why, sweet love, did Death’s cold scepter take
What little life we could together have, be just a fake
Don’t play this game, take back this lie, fresh air your lungs intake
But alas, love’s sweet virgin, my affections came too late”
The story told from young eyes old, entail this soul to yours
So I beckon you, my dearest, leave not closed the smallest door.

This one was written because I was absolutely deeeesgusted with the way a friend of mine was handling a break up. I couldn't accurately tell her my feelings of what I saw her doing to herself, so I wrote this and gave it to her. Needless to say, she had to ask me the meaning of a few words, so...maybe you can see what I was trying to get across! ^^

The Desperate Plea
My God, my heart
Torn apart
Torn in two
By thoughts of you
Why’d I lie
Why’d I try
You loved me enough
I don’t have to cry
Down on my knees, screaming
Come back to me, sweetling
Don’t leave me, I’m bleeding
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
Take me back kindly
I’m falling nightly
Dying frightfully
Come back to me
Baby, baby
Come to me
I’m lost, come find me
Reaching instantly
Grasping insanely to the knife
Bleeding, screaming
Grinding, teething
See now, sweetling what I’ve done to me

P.S. I'm not heartless...she'd been with him for a week. See now, the retardation?

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