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-takes care of lost voyagers-
by [nehirwen]


From the Pagan God Contest:

POREWIT: (also spelled Borevit, Borewit or Prove) was the god of the woods in the Slavic mythology. He is akin to the Greek Pan and the Roman Faunus and Silvanus.
He was represented as a bearded man or in the form of a he-goat, usually provided with deer horns and big genitalia, symbols of fertility and nature. He took care of the voyagers who went lost in the woods and punished the ones who destroyed trees or maltreated animals. Borevit was capable of modify his height to adapt it to the surrounding landscape: he was short next to a mushroom, high and imposing next to a tree.


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2009-05-21 [Nioniel]: Beautiful!

2009-05-22 [nehirwen]: Thank you. :)

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