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A Storm am I, Mighty My wind's, at My whim does The Storm Begin,
A Tree am I, a Mighty oak, many I shelter, few I cloak;

A Sword am I, full wet with blood, for shame, I have no need,
A Fire am I, burning bold, My Love to keep warmed from the cold;

A Wolf am I, Loyal and Fierce, friend to protect and foe to pierce,
A Spell am I, A Magick Pure, your wishes and dream's to Conjure;

A Rune am I, a Mystery, a labrynth's journey it is to Know Me,
Adventure am I, a campfire tale, through impossibility, I Prevail...

Come with Me when Moon is Bright,
When Star's sing in The sea of Night,
Take My hand and Fly with Me,
From mundane bond's we shall be free;

We'll sail away to new found land's,
To far, enchaunted shore,
Away from their rule's and command's,
The frontier to explore...

The rain on our skin, the wind in our hair,
Hide and go seek in gardened maze,
Again to find each other there,
Lost deep in one anothers gaze;

We'll hear the whisper's of the tree's,
and with animal's converse,
We'll learn the riddle's of the bee's,
as they pattern in verse;

We'll dance among the fairy folk,
At festival upon the sea,
We'll feast upon the choicest food,
And taste The Sweetest Mead,
We'll swing upon the mighty vine's,
and skate accross the sky,
We'll recline on the grassy hill,
and talk of by and by...

In this land of Eternity, how wonderously The Night goes on,
Now our hands clasp tightly at the first light of the dawn;

Return we must to mundane world, till once again we meet,
Alway's hold deep withinin your heart the Smile's and memories Sweet;

I miss you when you're not around, and when you're far away,
When with you there's nothing I wish for more than just to stay;

Sometime's you make Me giddy like a child at first Winter's snow,
Then revived is the innocence which died in Me so long ago;

Hard life has made My Heart likewise, so at time's akward I may seem,
when looking for the proper word's or deed's My Love to show,
I never thought I*d really meet The Woman of My Dreams,
Yet here She is before Me, and She doesn't even know...

Written by [NorthStorm]

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