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Rurouni Kenshin Roleplaying Role List

Here is simply where the characters will be given and original character history will be posted. Please do not start rpging without marking the role or completely your Oc history and facts.

1. [kitoky] - (Pagemistress) Yahiko Myoujin, Misao Mikamachi, and Sanosuke Sagara
2. [Veriale] - Kamiya Kaoru and Tsukitori Keiko
3. [Shadow Reaper] - is now Himura Kenshin with permission ^^

Original Characters

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Name: Tsukitori Keiko (Shishio's accomplice)
Age: 20
History: Hand raised by Shishio in secret. Was taught the methods of a cold-blooded killer, and the secrets to defeat Battousai's Hiten Mitsurugi.

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2004-11-16 [kitoky]: Must think of threat *thinks*

2004-11-16 [Veriale]: *Imagines sweet hunky guy...* ^-^" Heehee

2004-11-16 [kitoky]: :p I wanna bring Saitou back since I'm head over heels for 'em ; - ;

2004-11-16 [Veriale]: I actually like Captain Sagara....too bad he died too soon =/ so I'll do with Aoshi-sama!

2004-11-16 [kitoky]: ; - ; I loved Souzou Sagara...I can't believe it's a real historic chara though

2004-11-16 [Veriale]: Well he was good looking in the anime *-* lol Sano's not too bad either =n.n=

2004-11-16 [kitoky]: ^^ Soujirou *drool*

2004-11-16 [Veriale]: Yea he's cool. But I prefer Kenshin to Soujirou. He sweet and erm bully-able lol

2004-11-16 [kitoky]: ^^ Whenever I think of Soujirou I feel sad ; - ;

2004-11-16 [Veriale]: He's abit too emotionless for my liking

2004-11-16 [kitoky]: He's always smiling...even when he kills someone..creepy ;- ;

2004-11-16 [Veriale]: Yeah it's all 'bandaged-man's' fault hrmph!

2004-11-16 [kitoky]: :p Shishio kinda scary too ; - ;

2004-12-07 [Shadow Reaper]: o0 hey kit, i'll take over the role of kenshin if veriale doesn't mind

2004-12-07 [Veriale]: I don't mind! If you can handle the character properly...

2004-12-07 [Shadow Reaper]: ^^ i think i could pull it off quite well...i've watched the series, so i have a pretty good idea of how kenshin acts....>> although there might be a few times where i won't be sure and will have to ask

2004-12-07 [kitoky]: go right ahead ^^

2004-12-07 [Shadow Reaper]: heh k ^^ i'll just put my name up above then ^^

2004-12-13 [kitoky]: it Hiten Mitsurugi ^^

2004-12-13 [Veriale]: Arigatou!

2004-12-13 [kitoky]: Of course ^^

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