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2012-01-17 07:51:43
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Raven issues a Challenge!

To all of my creatively challenged friends out there, those of us that write that is, my challenge is thus: work on a novel or short story (or both) by hand! Character profiles, plot outline, chapter by chapter completely by hand!

This is a challenge I, myself am taking! My plan is to write a novel by hand. I've thought of something, I can't even say that its true just yet, but since I've really started writing via computer I've taken a liking to the delete/backspace keys.

I used to write EVERY day, no matter where I was I always had a notebook on me... I think that by typing up stories first I give myself way too many chances to keep changing a good story and second guess my writing...

The reason I want others to do this with me- I want to see if I'm right. I want to see if by completely modernizing ourselves and taking writing away from paper and storing it on computers, etc if we're taking away a part of ourselves... Taking the magic out of our creativity.

So please, before you just say no... Think about it... Give this a shot, you may find it works to get you out of your creative slump, and at least there's no chance of a computer virus or anything else erasing all your hard work!

Join me day by day, post your progress, what you've done, things that inspire you, etc! Lets all share our creative muses and cheer each other on in this endeavor!

Once I have others joining me with this I'll get other wikis set up for progress updates and the like.


Raven's Challenge

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2012-01-07 [.Anti-Juliet.]: I'll join you!

2012-01-07 [Ravendust]: Yay^^

2012-01-08 [XxTsomexX]: I might do this :) lol

2012-01-08 [Ravendust]: Awesome :)

2012-01-09 [Sheamus Finn]: Sounds like a plan.

2012-01-11 [Ravendust]: my intention is to indefinitely start this at the beginning of February. In the process of packing and setting stuff up for a big move on the 25th so I'm a little preoccupied.

2012-01-11 [Sheamus Finn]: I decided to stop my prewriting of my new project and take it all back to paper.

2012-01-11 [Ravendust]: thats neat :)

2012-01-13 [American Revolutionary]: your on, my story "midnight in moscow" is already started and i can get to at least five chapters

2012-01-13 [Ravendust]: well alright, good luck! :)

2012-01-15 [American Revolutionary]: thanks !!!! =}

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