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Realms of Lemire NPCs

A'shekaz Thadre
Claudia Orator
Chief Claadar of the Catfolk
Misae Ther'mara
Sayune Ther'mara

The Town of Osvik

Verholm Olofdalen - Ruthless human businessman who has taken the town of Osvik hostage. He is said to be actually financing a private army, plotting to take advantage of the anarchy in Nerva to take over the country, beggining in the North of Lochmore.

Skelle Koperstrom - Verholm's main lackey, hates to get his hands dirty and will do virtually anything for a profit. He is Half Human and half Dah'kin.

Moonwater Glade

Angkone - Druidic leader of the Moonwater Glade Rangers. He is both wise and old, although he is a Rysallean, it is rumored that he has some Catfolk blood in him.

Nissto - Angkone's twin brother, also known as the wolf-master. He is a follower of the ancient demon Thadre and supported him during the war of corruption. He refuses to believe his master was destroyed.

Gunang the Sly - Gunang was nothing but a petty thief, however a few months ago he managed to raise an army of Rogue Archers and he now terrorizes Deepwood city as a thief lord.

Desert Excavation

Zlaade - Undercover lizardman who is really and agent of the spire king. Rather blunt but honest and loyal as well.

Decima City

Servius - Polite Ravillan Officer who serves in the Imperial Palace.

Sextus Dominitus - Member of the Elite Sentinels, the imperial guards and main intelligence agency in the Realms.

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