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Reaper's Biography

This is the bio of my main character, Reaper. It will be basically a short history (as short as I can make it anyways) of his life. This will not be written in stone, and can and will change as I see fit, since Reaper is, after all, merely a fictional character, and he has changed much over the years since his creation in 2004-2005.

Reaper's story begins approximately 200 million years in the past, in a separate dimension. He is of the race called Luminoth, anthros who reside on the planet Lumos, which in their language simply means "planet of light". It is called such due to the fact that it has a light-emitting artifact left behind by their ancestors, placed at the second Lagrange point of the planet, which causes the planet to have near continuous light, all except for a band that runs parallel to the planet's orbital trajectory. They are a long lived race, with Reaper being considered a young adult at 200 million years old. It would be my guess that the device (gene if you will) that causes aging is somehow put into some sort of stasis or hibernation so to speak, or perhaps simply slows to the point that it is almost inactive. The Luminoth age at the same rate as a human up until they are about age 18, at which point they gradually begin to appear to stop aging. To many people, this, along with their abilities, makes the Luminoth appear to be demons, which, while not exactly true, is accepted by the Luminoth. They do not take offense at being called such.

Now, back to Reaper. He was born to a male dragon and female wolf by the names of Dashdar and Aella, in the Luminoth coastal town of Azayuri. The Luminoth society is made up of castes, and the castes of Reaper's parents were mage and warrior, respectively, which would make Reaper a paladin of sorts. He was originally given the name of G'bril (pronounced Gibril or Gabril), which in the Luminoth language means "determined one". After his birth, he was assigned a guardian angel by the name of Owl, who ended up becoming after a time a mother figure of sorts to him. Once old enough, he began training as a soldier of the Luminoth, being taught how to use his abilities and strengthening his body. There was no actual need of an army on Lumos, except for perhaps as a deterrent against rioting. The Luminoth themselves were fairly peaceful and sought knowledge rather than conquest, but at times a few would appear who desired battle rather than peace, and it would be in those times that the army would be deployed to ensure the safety of the citizens.

Things would have continued well for the planet, if it were not for the designs of the Sh'ddinoth (or Shadow people in the Luminoth tongue), a race of dark beings from the sister planet to Lumos, Sh'ddos (pronounced Shiddos or Shaddos, depending on where you were from). This planet was the exact opposite of Lumos, receiving very little light from the suns due to it's erratic orbit, coming in close to the stars only once every 500 million years. At all other times the planet was far out on it's orbit, the five stars appearing as only small orbs in the sky, giving off little warmth and even less light. It was by chance that when G'bril was 19 Sh'ddos was again near to the stars, and the Sh'ddinoth attacked, soon over running the surprised Luminoth, with G'bril's guardian angel, Owl, receiving a fatal wound as she protected G'bril from an energy blast from one of the Sh'ddinoth. At the very last, when it was obvious that nothing could be done to stop the advance of the enemy, the elders decided to send off the best of their warriors to other dimensions in the hopes that they would survive, grow strong, and return one day to liberate Lumos, which was now covered in a dark barrier created by the Sh'ddinoth to block out the majority of the stars' rays. G'bril was one of the warriors chosen to depart, and was sent to the dimension that Earth occupied.

There is very little to tell of this long time, since most of it was merely spent wandering and exploring the land, and letting his powers slowly grow over time. The only time of note occurred approximately 2500 to 3000 years ago, when G'bril was captured by this dimension's version of the Sh'ddinoth, here called the Shadows. He was forced to become one of their slave soldiers, and it was here that he encountered the reincarnated form of his guardian, Owl, now named Crow, reborn again as a guardian angel but now used in the experiments of the Shadows. These experiments eventually led to the awakening of a separate personality in Crow to handle these experiments, called Nanashi, who was more violent and willing to fight than Crow. After a time, G'bril (now going by the name Talus) managed to help Crow escape, although he himself was still a prisoner and was later punished as a result. Later though he was able to escape as well, and eventually became a mercenary selling his skills to causes he felt were just. After a time he reunited with Crow, although neither remembered the other after such a long time apart.

At this point in time Reaper's story takes a turn for the better, for a time at least. He and Crow eventually remembered their past encounter and soon ended up as mates with each other, giving birth to their son Quan. (after this things get a little jumbled, with many story lines branching off, so to be honest this is where the main story of Reaper ends I'm afraid ^^;. Crow and Reaper end up having two more children before Crow dies again, two girls by the names of Tillia and Jenny)

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2008-08-11 [Shadow Reaper]: If anyone has any questions about this that they'd like answered, just leave a message.

2011-10-17 [Shadow Reaper]: Changes have been made. If anyone wants to know what a Lagrange point is, wikipedia is your greatest friend in this matter.

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