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2009-03-26 09:29:57
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The Reference Pictures Group is now listed on Reference Photographers.

This wiki-page is obsolete. Update any links you'll find!

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2009-03-24 [Hedda]: Gah! Not exported page! I fixed!

2009-03-24 [Artsieladie]: There are many unexported pages on Elftown that I come across that should be exported, as well as pages that have no keywords. I was wondering, would you mind if I export them and add keywords, when I come across them?

2009-03-24 [Hedda]: If they should be updated, they should be updated and then you can do it, of course.

2009-03-24 [Artsieladie]: k

2009-03-26 [Hedda]: This page just contained outdated information. I therefore killed it.

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