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I should say that a lot of my elf art was inspired by Drew Hayes, and it is still really hard to think that he wont ever be drawing Poison Elves ever again. I better add that all invites were random ><

Raven Blackfether
Sister to Crow Blackfeather
Raven stood and walked toward Werm and Crow. She had short blue-black hair and cold eyes that were blue, white, black and a tattoo around her left eye. She wore a leather bodice dyed dark blue, with thick leather pauldrons, two leather straps crossed over her breasts holding two scabbards on her back a sword hilt protruding from each. Two belts crossed at her waist, one with a short sword and the other a flint lock pistol. She wore black wolf skin chaps over black deer hide breeches, her boots were made of black deer skin, and she had a dagger strapped to each of them.
exert from 'Song of the Werm'
I finally finished coloring her in and stuffs.... but she is just one part of a larger piece that's gonna take me a long time to do.... I know it >< But this is from my Second Book 'Song of the Werm' (still writing the book lol) I really didn't want to describe all the fiddly bits on her, Thats why I did the illustration ^_^
Please do not use Raven for anything
Raven © Me
Song of the Werm and all its writings © me

Referenced from
And thank you Veltzeh for giving me the link cause I couldn't find her ^_^ I hate not having the source for any Refe I use.

Forever Yours
Fare thee well, little broken heart
Downcast eyes, lifetime loneliness

Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

Constant longing for the perfect soul
Unwashed scenery forever gone

Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

No love left in me
No eyes to see the heaven beside me
My time is yet to come
So I'll be forever yours

Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

No love left in me
No eyes to see the heaven beside me
My time is yet to come
So I'll be forever yours

No love left in me
No eyes to see the heaven beside me
My time is yet to come
So I'll be forever yours

Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone

Whatever walks in my heart

Lyrics from "Forever Yours"
By Nightwish
Here is Raven and Nudin from 'Song of the Werm'
^_^ Just a little sneak peek into the relationship they have, This is the Black and White version I'll be uploading the color version soon.
This pic was inspired by Nightwish's Forever Yours
There is a lot more behind this pic but that's for the book

Raven and Nudin are © me please do not use them for anything, thank you

Forever Yours Lyrics © Nightwish

The official Cover to Rivertail, the book can be found here...;itm=1&usri=rivertail


Rivertail’s ears swiveled at the sounds floating back to her on the wind. Gripped with panic for her family she turned and began to run back to the valley. She was about to leap passed the grassy knoll, when a large draier landed in front of her, his wings held out to block her path. His scales were the color of spring grass, his belly scales a rich green like the precious stones she found. Yet on his forehead was a small blue star, in the center of that star was a red jewel, his eyes were green but almost irridecent, the thick dark brown horns on his head curved out in a circle and his spinal plates were a dark summer green.
Exert from 'Rivertail'
This is the color version of my Draier Bluestar, from my book Rivertail.

A tall slender form glided out from behind the trees. His black hair stopped at his shoulders framing high cheek bones, beautifully slanted eyes that had three colors, yellow, blue and red with gracefully curved brows. Rivertail noticed his ears and how they where long and pointed. On his back he carried something that was similar to Theron's soldier's claymores, but it was thinner with a slight curve and a barbed point. The hilt was gold, and wrapped in deerskin, the pommel was also gold with a red jewel inlaid at the end. He wore a black tunic with dark brown breeches, over that he wore leather armor; the cuirass had blue accents, the same with his greaves, vembrace and gardbrace. She was fascinated by him, she felt herself uncontrollably drawn to him, almost to the point of laying down her life to protect him. Bluestar’s voice broke her thoughts.
“Well my little drailing that is an elf, his name is Almon.”
Exert from 'Rivertail'
Here is one of the new Elves that are introduced in Rivertail, This is one of the illustrations that is in my book Rivertail...
I plan on doing a color version of this one and posting it soon


Outside the wind howled and blew snow over everything, inside there was a fire and next to the fire was an elf that had the lower half the face wrapped in a scarf or cloak that was so red it was almost black. The elf wore black and gold armor; a blue tunic and dark grey breeches with what looked to be a black wrap around the legs. The greaves themselves were also black and gold; with a sword strapped to the hip, two knives strapped to the black boots and a staff leaned against the wall next to Thiun’s two swords.
“Good you’re awake,” said the figure, the voice was soft but clearly male. “Here, drink this.” He said handing Thiun a bowl of liquid. “Drink it, your draier went through the trouble of finding the herbs the least you can do is drink it.” Thiun looked at him and took a tentative sip, he knew the taste, Rivertail had definitely had a paw in it but where was she.
“Your draier will be back soon. She went out hunting.” The dark elf said. Thiun sat up, and felt a slight tugging at his stomach. A black wolf pelt had been placed over him; he gazed at it as he drank the rest of the potion, the other one looked at him.
“That was the wolf that was chewing on your stomach; I skinned it after your draier killed it.” Thiun looked up at him.
“Her name is Rivertail and I’m Thiun, who in Verada’s name are you?” The figure turned and pulled the cloak-scarf off of his face. He had black hair, a narrow face, and tricolor eyes. That were brown, green and blue, but it wasn’t the color that made Thiun shiver, his own eyes were three colors. It was the coldness in them, and the dead calm.
“Call me Werm, I was on my way to Arindurn when your dra… I mean Rivertail, ran into me.
Exert From 'Rivertail'

The Final design of Werm, from my book Rivertail, again I plan to color this...

Werm looked up, and there stood an elf with long black hair that was shaved at the sides revealing an intricate tattoo. The new elf’s eyes were red, orange and yellow; he also had a tattoo over his right eye. He wore a leather tunic that was dyed a dark brown, under that was a black long sleeved linen shirt, and a pair of black deer skin gloves. He had two leather belts that crossed one another and held the scabbards for two short swords, another leather belt went up along his chest and over his left shoulder, attached to that was a scabbard for the two handed sword that was coming out of the dead drouvyen’s mouth. His legs were covered in black wolf skin breeches with black wolf skin boots; he also had three daggers, one strapped to his left thigh and the other strapped to his right calf and one at the small of his back.
“You know, when dealing with Drouvyen,” He began casually. “You got to remember two things. One you need to be faster than they are, which I am, and two they only have one blind spot, right behind the head.” The elf said tapping a spot on the back of his neck at the base of his skull. He held out his hand to help Werm to his feet. “The name’s Crow,” he pointed to an elf that was cleaning off a pair of one handed swords, on the cloak of one of the fallen drouvyen. “That’s Nudin…”
The elf had dark red hair that was tied back and his eyes were green, yellow and grey; he had smooth features like most elves, and what seemed like a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. He wore a dark blue wolf skin brigandine that came up on his neck with a pair of rounded thick leather pauldrons, under that he had on a black long sleeved linen shirt; his fore arms were wrapped with leather straps that ended at the wrists and a pair of black gloves. He also wore two belts that crossed each other and held two scabbards, and his breeches were deer skin dyed black with black wolf skin boots. “That one over there with the bow, is Kari,”
He was also an elf, he had long blond hair that was tied back and piercing blue, violet and white eyes, his skin was fair and his face had a hint of something Werm couldn’t place. He was dressed in a deep green tunic made from deer skin; he had only one brown leather belt that held a quiver of arrows at the small of his back and the scabbard for a short sword. His breeches were also made of black wolf skin, with black leather boots. Strapped to his right and left thighs were daggers and on his belt were several throwing knives. “And the girl kneeling by yer draier is my sister Raven…” Werm looked at him then at Raven. “Let’s just say our parents liked birds and leave it at that.” 
Raven stood and walked toward Werm and Crow. She had short blue-black hair and cold eyes that were blue, white, black and a tattoo around her left eye. She wore a leather bodice dyed dark blue, with thick leather pauldrons, two leather straps crossed over her breasts holding two scabbards on her back a sword hilt protruding from each. Two belts crossed at her waist, one with a short sword and the other a flint lock pistol. She wore black wolf skin chaps over black deer hide breeches, her boots were made of black deer skin, and she had a dagger strapped to each of them. As she approached, she ran her hand through her short hair.
Exert from 'Song of the Werm'

Here they are all finished, I had a lot of fun with this piece, especially since three of them are based off of good friends of mine. I did the line art and the coloring while listening to Nightwish. I really love how this piece turned out ^_^
Now back to Art trades lol

Left to right
Crow, Nudin, Kari and Raven

She was inspired by the Twilight Drake from World of Warcraft
But I never said she was gonna look exactly like one.... Honestly I like her design better
this was a GIANT pita..... cause I tried a different drawing and coloring style...... I think she turned out beautiful.

She's is a belated Birthday Gift for my Guildie, I just hope he likes her

"What the hell do you think you're doing...?" Crow Growled.
"Watching your back stupid..." Werm Growled back. "What did you think I was doing.... don't answer that...."
"Stop flapping yer gums and swing yer sword more...."
Exerpt from 'Song of the Werm'
Werm and Crow got seperated from the others.....
It's not quite done yet but I'm really proud of the WIP

This is Wa, and he has a huge polarm....on one side it is an axe the other a huge hammer.
This is for the second book, Wa is a huge elf, who towers over all at 6'7"
However, to his friends and Companions he is kind more like a big teddy Bear
And a Grizzly to enemies...

She reluctantly turned form the stone and noticed a picture on the far wall of an elf. His hair was yellow, like the golden flowers that grew in her valley; his eyes had a gentle slant and were wide, around the right eye was the black tattoo. His eyes were three different colors, orange, purple and midnight blue. His face was angled like the others, but his skin was a soft milky hue. His body and limbs were thin like a birch tree.
Exert from 'Rivertail'
The final design for the elf Thiun, took almost a month to figure out his look.....

One such cave sheltered a male, named Scarmuzzle, with three brown speckled eggs that lay in the shallow pit their mother had dug for them. His bright red scales reflected the light of the sinking sun and sparkled, throwing bright patches of red light upon the walls. He sighed and rolled onto his back to let his purple belly plates soak up the warmth, switching the red patches for soft purple ones.
Exert from 'Rivertail'
This is Scarmuzzle, another draier from 'Rivertail'

“Here is a black dragon whelp, he was found wonderin’ ‘round the swamps of the Dragon Vein Delta. He breathes fire now and then but mostly he snarls and snaps at us.” The crowd made small murmurings as the whelp cried for its mother. “The little beast’s mother was found days after skinned by the Kings troops, we rescued the baby, and take care of the little brute.” Scarmuzzle snorted, he knew the cry of a youngling wanting its parent. He guessed that they had bought the little whelp from the soldiers like they bought him and his family.
Scarmuzzle looked at the whelp; his scales were a soft black color, like ashes. The belly was a rich bronze color, matching his eyes. The little whelp was only half the length of his dralings.
Exert from 'Rivertail'
Bronzebelly my little black dragon whelp
He's one of my favorites cause he's so cute ^_^

This took me two days to do.....
Now I did a LOT of research to make this, I'm actually working on a species study of my Draiers, I looked up a lot of different animals and studied the skulls and jaw structure, and so on.

I used the skull of a lion, a wolf and a hyena as a reference, and I also used a rams skull for fitting the horns on, since Draiers have horns NOT antlers, I will be doing a full skeleton soon, and I will also be doing one for the Nippondraier, which is what Rivertail is

Please do not use this for anything, the Draiers belong to me, and I do not want them in any story or rpg plz. They are very Special to me Thank you ^_^
Draiers © Me

Werm wasn't sure when he had fallen asleep, but a kick to the back woke him up and put him in a foul mood.
"Damnit! What the hell are you..." He began before his eyes met a sight that made his blood run cold. Thiun was before him, chained to two of the support pillars for the ceiling. He stood in only his breeches, his tunic had been removed and tossed to the floor. His arms were held out by the chains and his head was down so that he faced the floor. Theron as sitting on his throne as a guard came around from behind Werm. It was Fardon, he looked down at the dark elf and smirked, in his hand was a long coiled strip of leather.
"Bastard..." He muttered.
"What was that Werm? I didn't hear you, you need to speak up." Said Theron a strange smirk on his face.
"Bastard!" Werm shouted. "Leave him out of this! He's had enough torture done to him!" Theron laughed, rose from his throne and went towards Thiun. He grabbed a handful of the blond elf's hair and pulled his head back. They had taken the scrap of Werm's tunic that he had used to cover Thiun’s useless eyes. Now they stared wide and frightened, and blind. Werm struggled against the chains that held him to the chair.
"I swear by Verada, you do anything to him Theron and I'll personally run my sword through your gut, I will see you dead!" He shouted, and Thiun turned toward his voice. Focusing on Werm, Thiun wasn't so afraid anymore. As long as his friend was here, he could endure.
Thiun kept his mind closed to Rivertail, he didn't want her to panic when they had begun to question him the first time, and he was glad that she didn't feel them blinding him. He regretted nothing save for one thing, he felt his time near and he wished he could bid farewell to 'Tail, his dearest friend and companion.
Werm watched as Fardon let the whip uncoil, he glanced at Werm then turned to Theron, who looked at Werm.
"Where is it, Captain?" Werm looked at Thiun, the sick lump had filled his stomach and it felt as though it was crawling up his throat. Thiun nodded and closed his sightless eyes ready for the first blow.
Exert from 'Rivertail'
This is one illustration from 'Rivertail' Werm and Thiun, in King Theron's throne room.

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2011-12-27 [Forerunner Void]: not to be mean or anything...but why did you invite me? O___o

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2011-12-27 [Synirria]: I agree with [Dezmond] I think she just watched the logins and added everyone she saw... Im not sure why people are getting their panties in a bunch over being invited...They dont have to say or read anything, just ignore the invite instead of being jerks.

(Not speaking of anyone in particular.)

2011-12-27 [RavenDark]: I better add that all invites were random ><

2011-12-29 [Dezmond]: there's no real need, i'm sure most people can figure it out for themselves.

2011-12-29 [XxTsomexX]: People can be jerks. There is no doubt about that. Anyhow, I think this looks swell.

2011-12-30 [angelofwar]: i love your pics

2011-12-31 [Forerunner Void]: not trying to be rude just don't want to be bothered. I'm not an art person. My friend is however she would like it that's why I gave her a link to my friend's DA who would like her work more then me.

2012-01-01 [Littel Wolf]: Hey cat. I really love your pics they are so amazing.

2012-01-03 [Scrondar]: Great stuff. I love to find another Poison Elves fan. RIP Drew Hayes.

2012-01-05 [Sinful Valentine666]: nice

2012-01-06 [Susie-Q]: Makes me want to go play Skyrim

2012-01-22 [foxyvixen17]: i like the artwork

2012-01-31 [pelv13]: i really enjoyed looking at your art... it is rather good =)... i particularly enjoyed the the first, eighth, and ninth... i think that your take on the wow mount indeed did seem a little better than your reference...

as a side note, i can't imagine why anyone would be offended by having the opportunity to view them... i guess some people just have to make a fuss about nothing... *shrugs*

anyhow... great work, and thanks =)

2012-03-05 [Hiro Kitaki]: thanks for the invite. this is some amazing art.

2012-03-05 [Avoral]: Holy hell, Sasha. Your art's looking really good.
Curiosity, do you still do blacksmithing these days?

2012-04-22 [Earoluim]: I like Wa lol.

2013-09-13 [JINKS MAN]: I like the art work. ^_^

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