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2008-09-05 02:05:54
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Bloody Night

The Silent Night Bleeds of Horrors And Screams.
The Kind None Can Imagine In There Wildest Dreams.
You Try To Block It Out But It Keeps Getting Louder.
You Try To Close Your Eyes But You Still See The Blood On The Wall.
You Look Up At The Ceiling Laying In Your Bed And See The Blood Start To Fall.
You Talk To Demons And Call Them Your Friends.
Untill They Say This Is Where Your Life Ends.


Get your body beat and be a nobodie.
Cut your wrists and watch them bleed.
Destroy yourself beyond the point of need.

Do not cover up your shame.
Do not point cause yourself is to blame.
Wear your scars as if you were proud.
Do not cover them they scream the past so loud.

Youve been through hell youve been through shit.
Youve escaped the deepest darkest pit.

Would You?

What if i was locked behind hells gate?
Would you fight to help me escape?
What if i was tied to the bottom of the sea?
Would you risk your life to cut me free?
Or would you watch me drown?
What if it was you at the bottom tightly bound?
For as long as it would take i would hold my breath
Even if it meant meeting death
For in the end he always appears
A demon dressed in black seeing all your fears
But right before i died i would cut the ropes
I am no more but you are alive with all your dreams and hopes
So swim to the top but dont cry for me,
Although im dead and you lived on together we are free!

The Infection

Let the bodies twitch Let the infection itch
Let the demons into your head There only taunting your already dead
Your souls been taken Your whole life youve been faking
Your dead and away So let the demons play
So lay there and take it like a whore
While you twitch think of who your dying for
Nobody,your in the world alone
You cant scratch the infection its down in the bone
So you cut yourself open to get to the itch
Now your bleeding to death because of a little glitch


Lightning strikes and thunder wails
In the end sometimes friends bail
Heart acke heart break
Brown grass empty lake
The heart beats
The woman cheats
Lies break bones
worse the sticks and stones
Your born then you die
Where does the time go
The only thing you truly remember is the feel of the wind blow

The Eternal Kiss

Turn to feel deaths embrace
The eternal kiss to the side of the face
You pull away but cant resist
As death offers eternal bliss
You enjoy it for a while
Then start to fade as the sands of the hourglass begin to pile
You ask yourself what have i done
As blood drips down the wall
you realize no more fun its time to fall
Start to fall into the darkness
Reach out to grab something but theres nothing to harness
You start to panic as your heart explodes
What youve done runs through the mind and starts to overload
You reach the bottom but dont know where you are
From where you were you fell far
You look around but theres nothing you see
You hear a mans voice but who could it be
Then heat and fire begin to surround
Dancing demons all around
You fall to your knees and ask him to forgive
You took the eternal kiss took the bliss hell is now where you live!

The Piper

We are following the Piper
He is Playing us a tune
We are high upon the mountain
Streaking for the moon
And the stars are our own playground
This is so real
And then we fly,All wild and free
We fly,just come and see
All at once the pipers music is beggining to clash
We are falling-Falling-Falling
Lord we're gonna crash
The piper is just waiting for his pay
How high the price,its just your life

Slabbed and Toe Tagged

A stab in the back
Runnin round in pitch black
Desire and Lust
Speak but words turn to dust
Be the one to break the heart
Drop the pieces fall apart
Tell your lies
The truth is there but you still lie
Your words sound truthfull
but your eyes tell the story
you left my heart cut up and gory

Welcome to Death

Welcome to hell
Welcome to the machine
Welcome to reality where everything is so unclean
Welcome to Life
Sixteen years from now the pain will make you choose the knife
Now when you cut make it deep
Then lay there and let death creep
First its slow but once it begins you will know
You lose your breath
You flirted with it
Welcome to death

Cry for me

Will you cry for me
Burry your soul and let it be
in the distance i hear you wheep
Cry so loud that you lose sleep
Will you cry if theres no closour
Will you cry if i say its over
If i chose to walk away
would you leave or would you stay
Here's my heart and heres the key
Now...will you cry for me?


You Embrace the lust
You Embrace the pain
You Embrace it untill tears fall like rain
You sit and wait for a calm in your brain
Wait so patient and still the silence drives you insane
You Embrace the pain
You Embrace the lust
you run toward the very thing that turns your heart to dust
Why do you set yourself up for a fall
Go so deep your skin starts to crawl
Start to run but never get anywhere
The thought of going nowhere is to much to bear
So Embrace it with every drop of tears
Embrace it.....You still have so many more years.

Can You

Can you hear me scream
Can you see me dream
can you feel me cry
Can you feel me die inside
Can you feel my pain
Can you stop the rain
Can you skip my heartbeat
Can you sweep me off my feet
Can you take me as i am
Can you take the sorrow i bring
Can you mute the sirene
Can you accept the things that make me me
Can you accept them and let it be.
(kinda repetetive i know but i think its ok)

Time Flies

Another year older,another year closer to death.
The thought of growing and dying steals my breath.
Seems like two days ago i was a toddler,crying for mother.
Seems like yesterday i was a teenager hanging out with those i called "brother"
Now im grown and time has passed.
And i sit and wonder how long will these young times last.

I realized i let childhood slip through my hands.
I finnally hear the drops of the hourglass sands.
What will happen now that im grown.
Will i have someone to hold or will i die alone.

I realize now how fast time flies.
and that it wasnt worth it all the stealing and the lies.
I look at my arm and count the scares ive created through out life.
Now that im older,wiser,it wasnt worth it,picking up the knife.
So now i sit,lost in memories of my long hard road that wasnt fair.
And i realize,life,just now has started to give me my load to bare.


You lose today
You cry tonight
You watch the sands of time take flight

You sit and cry and wonder why

Time heals
Time Kills
So Duel
So cruel
The timeline runs and never haults
Too much time to think of faults
You twist and turn and kick and scream
You pry to god that lifes a dream.

The Demons Game

Run through hell and swim through shit,
Try to escape the deepest pit,
Cut yourself but do not die,
Let the blood flow cure every lie,
Swim through shit and run through hell,
This bullshit you cannot sell,
Forget the demons,forget the fire,
Forget your fantasies and your darkest Disire,
Count your scars and try not to cry,
Locked inside wishing you could fly,
To some distant place not in this time,
To anywhere that is ok and fine,
Everything is gone,even your mind,
You play with the demons just to see what you find,
Add more scars to the ones already there,
This time count the things that are not fair,
You cut too deep and let the blood seep,
The demons come and you let them play,
As you fall to the ground dazed and away,
You see the blood run,the demons are done,
They smile and wave as they disapear,
your disire and fantasies have now become nothing but fear,
The demons come back but not to play,
No blood left there here to stay,
Not in your head not in your soul,
There game you ask,is the life they stole.

Its Your Life

"You run from reality hoping to find something new"
"You run in blindly anaware of what your gonna go through"
You snap back to life.
Look down and see the knife.
See the blood down your arm.
Never meant to give them harm.
You start to sit and wonder why.
After it hits you start to cry.
Drop the knife to the floor.
Think of who your dying for.
Is it worth all the hurt and lies?
Is it worth it to be locked up inside?
Its in your head and in your heart.
You can stop and break the habit apart.
Why do that its such a relief
To sit there and bleed and forget all your grief.
"You run from reality hoping to find something new"
"You run in blindly anaware of what your gonna go through"


The Murder

You follow the murder like a lost prophet thats fucked in the head.
Always walking around half dead.
Dont ask for help,never cry in pain
The only thing that brings you solice is the pounding rain.
You look back wanting the past.
find that moment,make it last
you run from help,you hide from hope
How do you make it,how do you coop.
Never perfect never right,
finding happiness only brings fright.

Blood Soaked Rain

Heaven must exist cause we are living in hell.
No evil to commit no soul to sell.
All we do is wait to die
sit and wonder if the whole world lies
sit in hatred walk through pain
why are we forced to stand in this blood soaked rain
I dont have a reason,couldnt tell you why
we go through this life watching time fly
we sit in solice,walk through guilt
one wrong move and lose everything you built
it can happend in the blink of an eye.
still listening to the world die
blood soaked rain,no longer feeling pain
sit in numbness,walk through darkness,
run through the horror that theres nothing to grasp or harness.

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2007-03-14 [surfingurl143]: oo they are so emo lol

they are really good though =]

2007-03-14 [Captain Roadie Of Jingles]: thankies

2007-03-16 [keni]: lol they are emoish but nice! i like em!

2007-03-17 [Tiffany-Dawn]: there kool`

2007-05-28 [mirandaann]: luv tha poems

2007-05-29 [Tiffany-Dawn]: yea there all awsome

2007-08-02 [for the broken-hearted]: roadie man i love your poems! theyre awsome, write more!

2007-08-04 [Tiffany-Dawn]: yea u should write some more plz

2007-08-05 [Captain Roadie Of Jingles]: i have had a few ideas.....i will try to get some new ones up as soon as possible.

2007-08-07 [Tiffany-Dawn]: awsomeness

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