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                 Raven's Roleplaying Guild

Alright, this is my roleplaying guild and I would like to invite anybody to apply for the RPs that are listed.

RRoleplayRules! Simply thus: The rules of this RPG guild. Please do not skip over them. I would simply like to have a written agreement to the rules from everybody who wants to join (No worries, I swear I won't steal your souls)

Withinthedarkness An evil demon lord killed the goddess of the dawn- Aurora- before she could pull the sun over the horizon, thus plunging the world into eternal night and enslaving the humans that had once thrived. Mankind's only hope lies in the rising of the sun for the first time in thousands of years. Their hope lies in a single girl and those whom help her along the way. ENDED

The Age of Light Is the continuation of WiD, the heroes have returned for another battle against the rising darkness, this time with a few new friends along the way. Can there be eternal victory against the darkness, or is it a neverending cycle?

The Abbatoir of the Gifted A corporation of corrupt humans, and those who are gifted, hunts down and imprisons those who have powers and torture them until they bend to their will and fight for the evil causes that these people have. Some of those who are 'gifted' have already joined forces with the corporation of their own free will...

Golden Destiny Pendant: The Quest for 6 Soulsnare, the dark mage of ages, has arisen. He fights for all things ghastly, and will stop at nothing for world domination, though he does so subtly. He seeks out the six fragments of the Golden Destiny Pendant; each fragment is decorated with a different colored gem- green for earth, sapphire blue for water, red for fire, pale blue for wind, black for shadows, and silver for light. The GDP will decide upon the future of all beings of Fo-Xu. Fo-Xu is a world divided into many different kingdoms.

Once they were all ruled beneath one emperor, and at that time things were peaceful and the land quite prosperous. Then one day, many years ago, the emperor and his lineage vanished, leaving the lesser nobles to battle over the kingdom and divide it. It is said that the descendants of the emperor bear a silver marking on the bottom of their right foot. If the GDP could be reunited then perhaps the descendants of the long gone emperor could mold the country back into a single kingdom again, and peace could once more reign over the lands.

GDP characters

The Shard's Child RPIt was the end of a long and perilous journey- something that should have ended her life. In the end it was not good that had prevailed in her home, but evil. Pure darkness spread throughout the lands and she, on the verge of death, was transported to another world... another time distant from her own. This is the journey home for one young woman, and a new beginning for those who choose to join her.

Shard characters

If any of you has any RP ideas just PM them to me and I will read over them and add them to this page.

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