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Hey :)


_ I'm Saawaaah Th13teen™ _

Hair: Brunette with black, blonde and green highlights
Eyes: Grey/green/blue/hazel eyes
Height: 5 foot 4 inches.


My hobbies and interests include: music, HTML, website
design, photography, everything to do with art; drawing,
painting, writing songs and poetry, marvel comics and
creations, going to the cinema, playing card and board
games and reading.


This great guy has recently walked in to my life, I have
a lot to thank him for. Karl, you have made my life complete,
and you make me so so happy. I don't know what I would do
with out you. I know you will always do what ever is in
your power to protect me. You are my definition of perfect.
I am forever yours.

I love you so much.



I enjoy listening to all music, but my favourite
bands are Wednesday 13, Murderdolls and
Frankenstein drag queens :D

<img:> <img:>

Toodles! x

BACK TO MY HOUSE: [Lucifina]


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2007-08-31 [fire opal]: aww my lady thank you so much that ssoo sweet. i love you more than life itself *hugs*

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