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Roleplays: The Silent Desert, New Kin, Red Sun Rising

Name: Saithsarda, guardian of the South wind

<Limg:stuff/aj/1675/saiseasonalscarf.jpg>Sex: Female
Age: 13
Species: Himmel

Physical Description: Main colors are gold, dark blue and lavender. Saithsarda, due to her tail is about 29 feet long, but is decently more skinny then the rest of her race. She has many scars, but the main few are on her neck, back, and her left ear has a tear. One of the few male Himmel's had tried to mount her when he was crazed and quite sick with disease, and Sai had had to kill him to get him to stop. Hence the bite on her neck from trying to keep her still and the claw marks on her back from trying to get away. Saithsarda has a purple and blue mane that only goes down half her neck, and the markings are inverted. Also, she does not have the fin extensions on her back legs. In accordance to her main colors, she has amethyst eyes and lilac eye markings.

Tail: is an egyptian cobra, entirely black though her scales have a blue under color. Does not have a poisonous bite.

Personality: Untrusting, solitary, but very defensive about her territory. She shares the desert pavements with lions, that about being the largest of the predators and the occasional basilisk. Sometimes she has to drive the creatures out, because they like to steal the few herbs she can get a hold of from her nest. She has not seen another Himmel in about seven years.

History:  Born to a very old Himmel, Sai's mother was with her for a year before she died at the age of 79. Not full grown yet, Saithsarda managed to stay ahead of any lions, because as Himmel's go, they are very fast creatures. When she reached six, her father (which had been absent her whole life) came looking for her mom to mate, but instead tried to get his own daughter. She ended up having to kill him.



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