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Saverad and Zateria's hut



A small wooden cabin with four rooms in all. The inside is very cozy looking and is decorated with sprigs of of flowers and sweet smelling herbs. There is at least one window in each room that is covered in clear crystal. The cabin smells of basically the forest outside and serves for nothing more than protection from the elements without hiding the scents and sounds of the forest. 

The River Torast

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2010-03-29 [Silver Moon]: "I don't think I can take that again....why?You aren't planning to leave me again are you?"

2010-03-29 [Lirerial]: no, love. I will never leave you willingly again. *She kissed him*

2010-03-29 [Silver Moon]: He held her closer. "You're hiding something..."

2010-03-30 [Lirerial]: *she smiled at him* of course not, love

2010-03-30 [Silver Moon]: He frowned sadly. "Please...don't hide things from me.."

2010-03-30 [Lirerial]: *She propped herself and took his face between her hands and stared into his eyes* Saverad, I will never leave you willingly and I won't keep anything from you that I can help. Please just trust me in this... I know what I'm doing. I'm just worried about Garathias's reaction when he learns of my betrayal

2010-03-30 [Silver Moon]: He held her close. "Alright..."

2010-03-30 [Lirerial]: *she laid back down, exhausted and cuddled into his arms and drifted off to sleep*

2010-03-30 [Silver Moon]: He held her close stroking her hair

2010-03-30 [Lirerial]: *She was asleep*

2010-03-31 [Silver Moon]: He fell asleep

2010-03-31 [Lirerial]: *Zataria jolted awake as Garathias's anger swept through her. She carefully disentangled herself from Saverad's arms*

2010-04-11 [Lirerial]: *Zataria growled softly, a small spasm of pain bit into her side as she carefully untangled herself from Saverad's arms*

2010-04-11 [Silver Moon]: "What's wrong?"

2010-04-11 [Lirerial]: *She smiled down at him and kissed his cheek* Nothing, love... I'm only going outside for a bit. Go back to sleep.

2010-04-11 [Silver Moon]: "You aren't going to do something dangerous are you?" He looked concerned. "You are still wounded."

2010-04-11 [Lirerial]: *She shook her head and grinned* Of course not... I merely want to step outside for a moment.

2010-04-11 [Silver Moon]: He kissed her. "Promise?"

2010-04-11 [Lirerial]: *She walked out, not seeming to have heard him*

2010-04-11 [Silver Moon]: He got up and followed silently

2010-04-15 [Lirerial]: *Ice heard her father outside, her tear sreaked face betrayed that she had already realized her mother's death. She walked outside*

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