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SLHL History 1

Harry pulled Draco to sit next to him. The Slytherins weren't letting the boy sit with them, so Harry figured that he could join the Gryffindors. The other Gryffindors had actually started to like the blonde.

A part of him had broken even more then he already was inside. But with Harry and his other new friends by his side, he had nothing to fear. "So the Yule ball is coming up who are you going with?" He asked Hermione first as he slipped a note in Harry's lap under the table. He hadn't forgotten that today was the day his father was to arrive and he feared more than he'd ever let on.

Harry took the note and opened it, reading it quietly. Hermione shrugged and played with her fork. "No one yet." She glanced at Ron who was busy talking to Finnagin about quitich.

I know we can't publicly go together but... Will you be my date?

"You should ask him." He whispered to her so Ron wouldn't hear. "I'm sure he'll say yes!"

Hermione blushed lightly. "He's been talking about going with other girls... I can't ask him." Harry scribbled "yes" on the paper and haded it back.

"Then make him jealous!" The blonde whispered before looking down at the paper. He bit his lip to contain the emotion welling up from within. " I think that if you truly want him you need to show it. And what better way than to him jealous." He looked over at Harry and smiled. "Like you, who do you plan on asking?" He wanted to see if there was someone Harry would talk to hide them spending the whole night together?

"Victor Krum seemed to be interested in me a little.." She mumbled, playing with her hair. Harry shrugged. "I don't think I'm going. Probably will just hide out."

Draco gave her a smile unlike his usual smile when he was with the slytherins. It was sweet and genuine. It was rare to see that coming from the boy. He missed Blaise but he, out of all the slytherins, was the only one missed. "Go for it then, show Ron who's boss." He giggled before turning to Harry. " you can't do that your one of the champions you HAVE to go."

Hermione smiled and nodded. "I will." Harry rested his chin in his arms. "Eh... Do you want to go with me?"

Draco smiled until he heard Harry and turned bright red. "W-what do you mean?"

Hermione looked at Harry, shocked. Harry shrugged. "Do you want to go to the Yule ball with me?"

The blonde boy,as shocked as Hermione, still did not keep his head from nodding. He had already asked him himself but the fact that Harry had asked him out loud made it all the more real.

Harry gave a light smile. "Good then." Hermione continued to stare at Harry in disbelief.

Draco smiled biting his lip to keep from giggling like a school girl. He looked back to Hermione and snickered. "Um darling your mouth..." He pointed around her mouth. "'Girl I don't think you want to catch flies."

Harry buried his face in his arms, shaking from laughing so hard.

Hermione quickly closed her mouth and looked around at people looking over. "What just happened?"Ron asked.

Draco laughed and hugged Hermione. "I'll explain everything later." He whispered before he turned back to Ron and shrugged. "Nothing WEasley... Nothing at all." He secretly grabbed Harry's hand under the table and gave him a sweet smile.

Harry smiled warmly at Draco and raised a brow at Ron. Ron glared and crossed his arms. "Whatever, Malfoy."

"I'm sorry Harry." Draco whispered to his secretly lover. "I'm trying." Which was all he could do not to keep from punching Ron in the face.

Harry squeezed his hand gently. "It's alright..." He smiled sweetly.

The slytherin melted at the smile and returned with one of his own.

There was an owl the flew over head and dropped two letters. One in Draco's and the other in Severus'. Draco grew pale as he read and slowly folded and excused himself.

Severus opened adn read the letter, glancing at Draco. He excused himself and got up, walking out into the hall. "Follow me, Draco." He mumbled.

Draco followed without another word. He knew what he was in for if the got caught but it was worth it if he knew he could escape.

"Get to the Room of Requirement, quickly." Snape mumbled. "I'm going to try and distract him."

Are you going to be okay?" The boy asked. He worried about his godfather. With all that he had been through he knew his father would stop at nothing to find him. "Please uncle don't get hurt because of me." He practically begged.

Severus gently petted his hair. "I will be fine. Your father isn't anything I haven't handled before." He smiled softly.

Draco nodded and hugged his uncle. "Could you let Harry know I won't be joining him today?" He said softly before running off to find the room or requirement.

"Of course." Severus ruffled his hair and walked to his office, writing a letter to Harry and sending it with his owl.

Draco had just barely made passed the man they were trying to avoid.

The tall dark and blonde tapped at the office door with his cane.

Severus looked up. "Come in." he urmured.

Lucius stepped into the office gracefully as he normally did with that smirk of his. "Hello Severus."

Severus's gaze dropped and he closed his book. "Lucius. To what do I owe this lovely visit?"

Using his cane to lift his face to look at him. "Where is my son ?" He hissed.

Severus swatted the cane away. "I'm afraid your son is studying with classmates for a quiz."

Lucius sneered a bit before he regained his composure. "Well I guess your company will do until he is finished." The blonde said as he sat down in a chair regally.

"I'm busy, Lucius, leave." Severus growled.

Lucius growled and pulled the younger man to him. "come now Sev." he whispered. "let's have a little bit of fun... like old times."

Snape shoved him off and glared. "Get off my Lucius. This is a school not a brothel."

The blonde gripped his wrist and pulled him close to him. "Yes taht's true but no one has to know."

Snape yelped and closed his eyes tight. He was about to yell, but saw Harry step in with Draco. The chosen boy stared at the teacher. He quickly grabbed Lucius before he could turn around and kissed him deeply.

Draco's eyes widen as he spotted his father. He pulled Harry away and and ran to the nearest closet. "Sorry I just thought that maybe we could have a bit of fun before we went to class."

Lucius smirked into the kiss, gripped his hair and pulled him back. "that's more like it." he hissed.

Harry was so confused. "... Was that Professor Snape and your dad?"

Snape shut his eyes tight, whimpering.

"What are you talking about?' Draco kissed the side of Harry'sneck and slide his hands up under his shirt. "besides it's play time."

The blonde smirk and bit he old friends neck. "Now, are we going to be a good boy?"

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2013-03-01 [Amelia Stark]: Thought you might like that

2013-03-01 [Piercedskull]: Such a slut! <3

2013-03-01 [Amelia Stark]: lol

2013-03-14 [Amelia Stark]: Draco seems so.... innocent atm

2013-03-14 [Piercedskull]: EEEEE

2013-03-17 [Piercedskull]: Harry led the blonde quietly through the halls. He whispered the password and the Fat lady let them in. Ron amd Hermione were sitting in the common room. ”Ron? Hermione?” he whispered. ”Bloody hell Harry!” Ronald whispered loudl ty. ”We thought Malfoy killed you or something!” ”Thanks Ron.” Harry roll ed his eyes and pulled off the cloak. ”What is he doing here...?” Ron glared ”Hes here to apologize.”

2013-03-18 [Amelia Stark]: "Draco Malfoy, pleasure to meet you." The blonde said sweetly as he kissed the back of her hand to prove he meant no harm. He looked ovdr at Ron anbd waiteded.

2013-03-28 [Piercedskull]: ”Today.” Severus replied. ”Not to worry though. I'll stall him.”

2013-03-30 [Piercedskull]: ”Match?” Severus questioned. ”... What are you talking about?”

2014-03-30 [Amelia Stark]: Lucius sneered a bit before he regained his composure. "Well I guess your company will do until he is finished." The blonde said as he sat down in a chair regally.

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