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Arabella ran into the Goddess’ arms and left the warmth of the embrace cover her like a heavy quilt. “Blessed Mother! Thank you!” She cried in joy, so happy tears poured down her face.

Aventis held her in her arms and smiled. “You’re such a beautiful child I was so close to making you a Gemmil when you were conceived by your wonderful mother. But your heart is so full of good, as your mother’s is but you have such an evasion to violence! I decided it would be cruel to make you a warrior.”

Arabella laughed. “I’m like my father.” She said. “But you know that.”

“Yes, like your father and your mother as well. You have her beauty and her eyes.” Aventis looked at Arabella. “I’m sorry.”

“For what Milady?”

“Aries.” It was all she needed to say for Arabella to understand. “I never suspected…you see my sweet child I know you probably think I control every action of every being like I’m a great puppet master but the truth is I can really only watch and intervene when necessary. Donella, she’s is a good person Arabella but confused and hurt and alone. I knew she’d harm you and sweet Leos so I sent Aries, my sweet baby Gemmil to your mother. Your mother needed a hope, proof to keep living. If I hadn’t sent Aries, she may have killed herself, thinking there was no need to live because Donella would have killed you and your brother. I…didn’t ever plan on Nightshade…what he did…” She broke off. “I was going to just make her fall asleep, not die.”

“But…my sister my daughter?” Arabella asked. “Why?”

“She had to be raised away from Donella, actually away from the Elf Lands entirely. I’ll tell you this because it won’t disturb your future; you’ll leave these lands Arabella. Your mother will be forced by Donella to disown you or else you’d die. Don’t hate your mother; it’ll be to save your life and your children’s. Your mate Argos is Human, king of Argonia in fact. You’ll have four beautiful daughters, two before Aries and one after and two beautiful sons.”

“Wow.” Arabella breathed, she was amazed. “Wait…why do I name her Aries?! It’s such a weird name!!”

Aventis laughed. “There’s fire in her spirit, pure life energy ripples through her. As you saw almost a year ago she is your daughter as genetically as she’s Arya’s. Your smile, Lumiere’s laugh, Arya’s eyes, Loklan’s talent at tracking and hunting and Argos’ quick reflexes. She’ll be so powerful!” Aventis spoke as if she was talking about one of her own children. “Aries means; life force. That’s why she chose it. When she traveled back she could have told Arya her name was something completely different, Arya would have told you that name and that’s what you would have named her. She chose her name to be one that would strike fear into evil.”

“Will you help me get out of here?”

“I cannot, I must return. Do not fear; Donella will save you. She’s closer than you think.” With that the Goddess returned to where she came from leaving an astonished Arabella alone in the room.

Suddenly, very abruptly Nightshade came back in and grabbed her by her shoulders. “I just realized…you’re grandmother will not take this seriously if you’re uninjured.”

Arabella flinched so hard she fell out of his arms. She hit the floor and crawled away.

“Calm down!” He ordered. Nightshade went over and took a strange powder from his pocket. He rubbed her face until it looked swollen and bruised. “There.”

Arabella reached out to touch her face and brushed his hand. Suddenly a vision flooded her mind. It was her worst vision yet.

She saw her mother, yes! Yes she actually saw the face! Saw who it was! Arya was in trouble, strapped down on her stomach on a cold metal table, stripped down naked. Her face was bruised and bleeding, she was crying. A gag was around her mouth and she bit into it each time a man above her cracked a deadly looked whip over her exposed back, the ends tipped with metal spikes. Already on her back was a long blacked mark, Arabella smelled the lead in it, smelt the dark Magic. Suddenly the man stopped, he loosened his tunic and straddled Arya as she lay helpless on the table. He raped her continuously and when he was done he started to beat her again, then rape her, then beat her.

Arabella started screaming, and somehow it was like Arya heard! Her eyes met her daughters and though they were clouded in pain and tears they softened. The man finally left. The gag slipped from Arabella’s mouth. “Aries…so it’s true you’re dead. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you, I should never have yelled at you. I was just so scared, I saw you dying. Is your baby dead too? I’m so sorry. I’ll be joining you soon my love, my precious Little One.”

“Atara!” Arabella choked on her words. “Mama!”

“Aries, why are you calling me ‘Mama’ you should hate me. It’s my fault, and now I’m paying a fair price.”

“No Mama it’s me! It’s Arabella!” Arabella cried. No one in her visions had ever seen her before, never in her future vision, only her dreams with her daddy had anyone ever spoken to her, known she was there…. “Mama!”

“Arabella…my Arabella! You’re so young, so innocent. My Arabella, come here child!”

Arabella went over and cupped her mother’s face gently in her hands. “Mama.” She cried. “What has happened?”

“I cannot say, I…can’t remember much, I’m going to pass out any second now. Just remember for always and forever that I love you.”

“I love you too Mama.” Arabella’s tears splashed into Arya’s hair and on her face. “I always will, no matter what.”

“I’m going to die soon Arabella, they’re going to execute me be it today, next week, in a century. They have me prisoner, I’m powerless.”

“But you’re so powerful!” Arabella pleaded.

“I’m pregnant Arabella, yes you would have finally gotten your little baby sister after 4,000 years. But I can’t feel her kicking anymore…”

“Oh Mama i'm so sorry, but I won’t let them execute you Mama I’ll save you don’t worry.”

“Oh my sweet, caring, Arabella there is nothing you can do for me now. My destiny is over and my life about to end.”

“No Mama don’t talk like that please.”

“Arabella you must leave this place now.”

“No I won’t go without saving you Mama I love you.”

“I love you too darling now go!”

Arabella was being pulled away from her Mother’s warm embrace as her vision lowly began to fade.

she screamed as she was ripped from her vision so harshly that her body flew backwards into the wall.

When her back hit the wall she was filled with immense pain that shot up and down her spine, her head smacked up against the stone wall making a loud thud sound. As she fell to the ground her vision started to grow black, but before she went unconscious she saw Nightshade ran towards her with what looked like to be a worried expression on his face then all she saw was black.

Nightshade watched helplessly as his granddaughter went through a vision; yes he knew that she was a seer. He didn’t know what she was seeing, but judging from the look on her face it was something horrible beyond all belief. Then suddenly as she began to come out of her vision her body slammed into the nearest wall cracking her head on the hard rock. Her body went limp and slummed on to the floor; Nightshade ran for her to make sure nothing was too badly damaged, he didn’t want his daughter to think, when Arabella was returned to her, that he was so evil that he would injury his own granddaughter. 

When he got to her side he checked her over carefully happy that she wasn’t too badly injured. He picked her up in his arms cradling her against his chest and carried Arabella over to her bed. Nightshade laid her down and tucked her in like a real grandfather would have; too bad she hated his guts or else this would have been a very cute moment.

‘Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again’

Nightshade then departed from her room to let her sleep in peace hoping that Donella would come soon because he was tired of waiting, but little did he know she was closing than he thought.

With Donella

As Donella approached Nightshade’s lair she began thinking of a plan that saved Arabella, kept all her EGS alive, and if all possible kept her alive too, but unfortunately every plan she thought up involved her sacrificing herself to save her team and her great granddaughter.

‘Oh well I have lived a good life, maybe now the Goddess has deemed it my time to join my beloved Meloc.’
she thought with a heavy heart.

When they were closer to the castle Donella gave the signal that all elves should used a cloak in the shadows spell that will help them hide within the shadows, but the catch was any light source would reveal them.

“Ready?” Donella asked her team; they all nodded and waited for their Queen to initiate the spell. The Donella spoke the magic words, “Nurta Yassene Morchant.” and just as fast as those words were said, all the elves disappeared. Though getting close to the castle without being seen was hard the worst was yet to come for the rescue team. 


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