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Shao Khan


This little hidden fort, is hidden somewhere in a distant land, upon a mountain, mixed in with the nature. It is said that the select few that are lucky enough to find this place, become truly talented in the ways.. but that saying has never left the fort, due to its extreme secret.

NPC's in this area:    Status:

1. Khan          Good health
2. Shai Li        Good health
3. Tao (white ninja)   Good health

As you climb the mountain, and get close to the top you wonder if it could get any worse... after you get to the top, you wish you never wondered that.. a jungle of vines so thick you'll be lucky to get 2o feet of distance in a day. not to mention, there is another cliff behind it even steeper then the first. This is your prooving ground to see if you are worthy.. if your not then.. hope you can make it back down the mountain.

[Update, A New Hope]
Trees are fallen all around, there is a huge crator in the middle of a large clearing, it looked that at one time somthing might have been here, there bits an pieaces of what looked to be maybe a fort, or possiabley homes of some kind, in the middle of the crator was a stone, wich reads "Let this place be a reminder to us, a reminder of what happend here, so that it may never happen again"

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2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *sits indian style with a pile of rocks next to him "...dont fall in"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *nods, and then thrusts himself out across the water.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *picks up a couple rocks an wips them at reaver the first one hitting him knocking him off his thrust and into the water, shook his head as he wipped a third one at reavers head for falling in the water

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *throws a tantrum as he sits in the water, and yells.* "God damnit!!"

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *wipping another rock at him "stop wineing and get back to work"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *gets back up, and tries again.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *picking up a couple more rocks he wips them "dodge for crying out loud"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dodges one, but gets hit by another, and falls head over heels into the water.*

2007-05-05 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *shakes his head "again"

2007-05-05 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *lunges across the water.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *watches as he tosses rocks at reaver "keep it up"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dodging all the rocks but one. as he gets hit, he back flips onto the rock, and stands in a battle stance.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *sits there his eyes closed as he continues to chuck rocks at reaver "no stopping.. you have 38 more times to go"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *as he goes over and over, he sudenly becomes much better at it, and starts to dodge everything Angelo throws at him.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smiles after a while he stands "good" he spoke as he drew his sword from his sheath quickly sliceing upwards at reaver

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *dove backwards across the water, never breaking eye contact with Angelo.*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smiles as he resheaths his blade "that looked to you like a normal attack didnt it?"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *nodded..*

2007-05-10 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *smiles "it wasnt, it was roughly 30 times faster then the normal human" nods some "and not only did it appear normal speed to you, but you dodged it, now i could see you probley thought that excersise i had you do over the water was pointless but after seeing the results for yourself, do you still think my methods are pointless?"

2007-05-10 [dead~spirit]: Reaver: *his eyes widen.* "no.."

2007-05-15 [snowwolfsa]: Angelo: *he seemed to look off into the distance for a moment before he sighed and looked to reaver "rest up.. you can spend the next few days resting, ill be back, i have somthing i have to do" he spoke as he suddenly vanished...


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