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Welcome to Show What Your Belief Is!

This is an I Believe in Elftown Contest.

This was made by [*Phoenix*] and she has the option of changing things mid-contest. (Probably won't though)

Elftown Graphics for dividers.


You've told I Believe in Elftown why you believe in Elftown so here's your chance to show us how you believe! Use art, writing, photos or anything to show us what your belief in Elftown is! Does this sound hard? NO, no, don't shy away!!! Here's your chance to be creative. The more creative the better! Do you "wish on a star" for Elftown every night, much like Pinnochio? Or do you do a magic dance around your computer when Elftown's Mainstreet is on your screen? Maybe something simpliar like logging on everyday. Be crazy because crazy is some of the best stuff there is! Good luck and have fun!

~~You don't actually have to do what your work depicts, but if someone would ask you to do it and you wouldn't, I would make something different to submit. *wink-wink*~~



What's the actual theme you may ask? Well, it's showing your belief in Elftown by using any media! It all depends on what you believe. Use your own beliefs, kay?


****Note: This contest is a mutli-media one. Anything will be accepted if it abides by the rules!****
1. For a drawing, no nudity. It's not necessary!
2. Don't be violent. This contest is supposed to uplift!
3. Use your own work. (I've never seen a problem with this up it must be put up.)
4. If you do a drawing, please no lined paper. Make your drawing of good quality.
5. If you do a story or a poem, please put it on a wiki page if it's more than fifteen(15) lines long.
6. Please use common sense if I've missed something...
7. You must have fun! It's demanded!
8. Feel free to submit ONE(1) in every media. Example: One(1) poem, one(1) photo, one(1) drawing is okay, but not two(2) drawings and one(1) photo.

Please use this layout to submit your work:

(number). (Username)


Due to the hardness of the theme and the lack of entries this contest is closed and a new contest is at Wish Upon a Star Contest. Go and enter!!!!



1. Where We Belong by [Eyden13]

She once had nothing to show,
for her talent laid below
Then Elftown came along,
giving her a place to belong

Now in Elftown do I believe,
for now my talent has arised
Letting those who believe see,
the person who has rised

In Elftown we all should believe,
for it allows us all to see
A community were we belong,
and for those who come along

So in Elftown do I believe
is my home away from home
An empire similar to Rome
A place for us all to dream, hope and believe


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2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: Thanks for the invite, but I have no beliefs.

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: this is about beliefs, but about how you believe in Elftown. did you even bother reading the theme?

2009-12-08 [wicked fae mage]: It's kind of hard to show a belief, expressing it at all, really, at least for me.

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: Sure I did, no need to be presumptuous. I just don't have any "beliefs" directed at or for this site. Even if I did, they would be difficult to express, as [wicked fae mage] says. 

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: darn......I was hoping I had a good idea, but it must be harder to describe than I thought......

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: It doesn't really have to be a belief. You could do a picture of you hugging your computer....

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: maybe...

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: .........*sigh*............I could make the theme "Wish upon a Star" does that sound?

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: I'm not asking nor am I telling you to change your theme, dear. I'm not saying that it is a bad one. I am simply stating that this is something that I can't seem to find any inspiration for, so I probably won't participate. That doesn't mean that others won't. :)

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: well. you're not the only one to say that the contest theme was hard.....It's been here for how long--3 months, I like--and I only have 1 entry. A really awesome entry, but I have a feeling this isn't going to do so hot......

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: No! 6 months!!!!!!!! ugh!

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: I think I will change it...

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: *shrug* It is, of course, your decision, but I honestly hope that you are not deciding to do so because of me. I'm not here to ruin anyone's competitions.

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: Oh no it's not you....this decision has been a long time coming...I've been thinking about it for weeks...

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: Okay, good to know then. 

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: yeppers. Feel free to enter the new one! :)

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: Poke me when you've got it ready.

2009-12-08 [*Phoenix*]: *pokes* All ready! :)

2009-12-08 [Nioniel]: :)

2009-12-08 [Eyden13]: Am I allowed to enter in this contest, since I entered in the last one?

2009-12-10 [*Phoenix*]: yes sire! :D

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