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Slave Hold Rpg Chapter

The Slave Hold

Slave Hold Rpg Chapter4

Solarias flushed more. "Umm. Rise. Lets go home." He said not sure what to make of Seras, 'he' was like no other slave he had encountered.

"Of course". Seras walked up to him."May I carry any of your equipment m'lord"? She held her hands out for him, eyes always on him, never leaving his face.

He blushed again and looked down at the small bag he carried, his orher belongings were back at the manor. "If you want." He said handing 'him' the bag.

Seras took the bag, their fingers brushing. she held it tight as they walked, eyes fixed on the road. "So master, what would you have me do, I am capable of many things, my masters have taught me well".

"I will instruct you of my wishes once we reach home." He said with a blush. "How did you come to be a slave?"

"How far back to you wish for me to venture master"? Seras looked at him, she had been a slave for as long as she could remember. "I have been a slave since, well, since this new life began, the last thing I recall is dragging my body out of a lake, and now, years later, here I am, with you". She smiled."And its like my world has been made complete".

He blushed even more at the last comment. " life?"

"Well, I am somewhat positive of the fact I didn't come into the world a grown man". Seras let out a low chuckle. "And I have been informed I was not a demon before I hit the water, but born into one as I swam out". She looked up, eyes narrow once again. "So it seemed only suitable I call it my new life, considering I have all but forgotten my previous one".

"I see." He said confused as they neared a beautiful ornate manor. The grounds were surrounded by nature, forests, streams, and ornate gardens that were maintained, but still looked natural.There was also a nature shrine tucked in a cluster of trees Seras saw a horned pegasus trotting toward them. "ah hello Hya." Solarias said with a smile stroking her main as she came up to them.

Seras stared at the horse, she kept backwards as she had not been given the signal she was allowed to touch it, she always waited for permission to touch anything of the masters.

"Would you like to stroke her?"

"Only if you wish it, I do not have desires of my own m'lord". She bowed her head.

"surely there is something you want to do? Something you love? You asked before what my orders were...and they are this...I want you to be happy and do what you want to do. I want to be friends."

"My only desire is to be with you m'lord and abide by your every wish". Seras walked forwards slowly, arms held out, she bowed on her knees and waited to be asked to stand back up.

"Please...I want you natural. Do what you want. Just don't leave the grounds because other slavers would take you." He said helping Seras back up and showing her around

Seras leant in close, resting her head on his chest, their bodies so close together he could no doubt feel 'his' warmth and smell the strawberry shampoo Seras had grown quite fond of.

He blushed deeply. "Uhhh...are you...tired?"

"No are you, would you care for me to guide you to your room"? Seras pulled back enough so she could look up and make eye contact.

He blushed. "Umm...let me show you a room for you.' He lead her to a room next to his. "My room is the next one over if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.

The room was nicely furnished and looked comfortable. ((don't forget your other characters))

Seras stared at the room. "I have never had my own room before, usually sleep in the same room as my master and guard them at night time".

"Like I said, I want you to be my friend and happy. Essentially on the grounds you are free, I may give you orders when others are present to keep up appearances. Each of my 'slaves' has their own room or shares a room."

"I do not wish to be free m'lord I only wish to be with you". Seras turned around slowly, odd turquoise eyes fixed on him. She moved closer to him."Is there anything you wish for me to do for you, or too you right now"?

He turned scarlet. "I...Seras....I don't seemed to love your old master but when he gave me the ring, your demeanor changed and you were attracted to me...I...feel something for you..."He whispered

"Really". Seras's face went soft if only for a second, she walked close to him and stopped, she reached up with her thin fingered hands and clasped his cheeks gently, stroking his soft skin affectionately.

He blushed deeply. "I...I...don't understand a guy...and you are a guy...."

Seras blinked dumbly for a minute, a wide smirk went on her face revealing the tips of her white teeth."Yes". She took his hand and lead it up to her chest, she then pushed it down so his palm planted on her breast, that were hidden but the softness was still there.

He turned even redder and looked at her with wide eyes withdrawing his hand. "You...are a woman?" He blushed. Relief, love, and surprise were mixed in with other emotions on his face

"Only my masters are privy to such information". half way through the sentence the male voice broke away slowly to reveal a low female one. "Taking on the male facade proves easier in battles, and, is a choice of my own, though of course I am real with you my love". His hand was still on her boob as she leant in to hug him.

He quickly removed the hand and hesitantly hugged back. "But...we just met...and what of your old master? looked upset and heartbroken when he sold you to me."

"But now I have you, and I know you'll never leave me, my heart is yours alone". Seras voice was love torn and lost amongst the dready tone.

He was scarlet not sure what to think or do. "Umm...wh...what do you want to do?"

Seras slowly pushed him against a wall, she leant up and kissed him, arms wrapping around his neck.

He turned scarlet his eyes wide, slowly he hesitantly kissed back

Seras quickly dominated the kiss since he was new to such things, her hand ran up his chest and snaked around his shoulder, she deepened it sliding her tongue inside his mouth.

His body jolted at the sensation and his eyes widened a pink tint showed on his cheeks and he slowly tried to mimic her but was clumsy at the attempt

Seras giggled, she took a step back, her white hair flowing over her icy eyes, she reached up with thin hands and began to slide her kimono off her, with a thus it fell to the floor leaving her in naught but her under garments. She unwound the bandages around her chest till they too fell to the floor, now clad in only underwear.

He turned scarlet and looked away but it was obvious he didn't truly wish to. "W...what are you doing? You don't have to anymore...I want you to do what you want...what makes you happy..." He stuttered

"I am doing what I want to do master". Seras walked forwards again, hands snaking up his chest forcing his head to look at her.

He turned beat red. " are? B...but we barely know each other..."

That didn't seem to matter at all as Seras began to nibble and suck at his neck, one hand still cupped around his back the other stroking down his toned chest, tracing a finger slowly before stopping at the edge of his trousers.

He blushed deeper his voice hitching. "S...Seras...don't you know me?"

"I want to know everything about you, everything". She was now holding onto him tightly, pressing her body against his, her hands dancing across the top of his trousers before delving down without waiting for permission. She did say she wanted to know everything.

He gasped in shock and pleasure. "O...Oh...."

She liked that noise, it was a happy noise, she moved her hands down and began to rub him gently with skill that suggested she was not naive on how to please a man.

His body trembled in pleasure as he started to get sucked in. This was foreign and new but he liked it. "B...bed..."He gasped.

Seras grinned, her hand slid to the door next to them, her room. She pulled him after her, hands holding his wrist, leading him over to the bed, leaving her clothes bunched up on the floor outside.

He blushed deeply. "A...are you to?"

Her actions of crawling backwards on the bed answered his question, eyes adoring and never leaving his handsome face.

Solarias turned red and sat on the bed hesitantly removing his shirt. He kept his pants on not sure what to do.

Seras had monitored his movements like a hawk, and she spoke, out of line because he had given her the order of such."M'lord, are you, new to this"? She was hinting at him being a virgin.

he turned even deeper red and slowly nodded

She bowed her head a little, taking the dominant role, she took a hold of his hand and brought it to her lips. She began to kiss his fingers tenderly."My body is yours, you touch me where ever you want to".

He turned scarlet. " first kiss...too..."He whispered. He hesitantly kissed her

"I am honored". She kissed him back, a hand raised to gently cup his cheek, she leant forwards.

He blushed as his chest was pressed against hers

Seras giggled a little as she pulled back."Is, this your first time seeing a woman's breasts as well". She looked VERY amused.

he turned scarlet and nodded

Another chuckle on her behalf, she took ahold of his hand and let it fall down her front, caressing her skin.

He blushed deeply and hesitantly kissed her neck

She leaned her head up a little as he kissed her neck, smiling, thin hands now placed on his forearms.

He blushed and pulled back. "S...sorry..."

Seras stared at him."Why are you sorry". She suddenly leaned up and crawled onto his lap, straddling him, she had leaned up a little above him and kissed him once more.

He turned scarlet and fainted ((too much for him lol))((XD))

Seras blinked dumbly as he fainted, she grabbed his shoulders and shook him a little, still half naked ontop of him."Wakey wakey master".

he groaned softly and blinked his eyes open. "Uhhh....

Seras smiled and looked at him."You ask me what I want...I want to be your first". She batted her eyes a little and leant forward, tongue trailing down his chin and too his neck.

"Ahhh....oh...."He was blushing brightly

Her hand traveled down and undid his trousers, she nibbled his collar bone playfully, her chest now pressed against his.

He moaned in pleasure.

She breathed lightly on his neck, hand now pleasuring him.

He moaned in pleasure not sure what to do but allowing her to take charge.

She gently pulled his trousers down, she was half laying ontop of him half on the bed, now circling her finger around his chest. She leant up and grabbed his hands placing them on her hips, the rim of her panties catching at his fingers.

He turned scarlet and gently began to remove them

Seras lifted herself to allow him to slide the lithe material down her slender legs, her eyes never leaving him, hands trailing across his chest tenderly, her own chest heaving every so often with batted breath.

Solarias was blushing and she noticed his whole body was flushed in anticipation. His manhood was also very hard and erect

Seras not only saw she felt the erection, she giggled and bent forwards, sort of leaned over him, her short hair fell downwards. Both now completely naked, her hand played at his belly button, getting teasingly lower and lower.

His body trembled in pleasure. "Ahh...."

She purred in his ear, hair tickling his neck as she playfully began to stroke his chest as well. She then took ahold of his hand."You take your hand like this". She spoke as if it were a lesson."And start with it here". She placed it on her left boob.

He turned scarlet and did as she said his hand gently stroked her breast surprised at the softness

She smiled sweetly."Then you touch me down here". She lowered his hand down her front slowly inching it between her legs.

He jolted and blushed slowly doing as she instructed

A slow blush crept over her cheeks as she bent down and kissed him lightly, she brought both hands up, sort of sitting on his hips, allowing him time to prepare himself somewhat, she didnt want to be forceful.

He blushed and gently helped her instinct kicking in.

Seras suddenly kissed him as pulled him up so he was seated, her ontop of him, she rocked forwards causing him to enter her.

He gasped at the sensation and hesitantly moved his hips making love to her he seemed to get more confidence as they went

She bent forwards bending her back a little, kissing him every so often, hands caressing and smoothing.

"What would you like to drink?" Valarian asked Rice with a kind smile

"What do you have". Was he really being offered a drink, by the king, his eyes twinkled as he watched Valarian in adoration.

He smiled and called in a slave that brought in a wide selection of teas and wines. "Take your pick."

Rice practically fell as he saw the tea, he waved a finger.

"Rose petal tea? the drink of love...or something else?"

"Drink of love"? He said it not as a request, though it sounded like it.

He poured some rose tea for both of them and passed him one cup. "Tell me about yourself."

Rice took the tea and blew onto it gently, smelling it."Me, I'm no one interesting really, what about you, I have heard all about you, they say you are untouchable, unparalleled by anyone, truly a marvelous being".

"They are quiet the flatterers. It is true I had to fight to be where I am. But I enjoy beauty as well. I enjoy the arts. Now. I don't want you telling me you are nothing special, if that was the case I would have no interest in you. How did you come to be infected?"

"Oh, well, it's a long story and I don't wish to bore you, I'm sure there are more important things to be heard". He hid behind the cup of tea, he was truly a defeated person.

he sighed. "I want to know everything about you."

Rice blushed furiously. "Well, okay, let me gather my thoughts".

He smiled and sipped his tea

Rice looked left and right, becoming more embarrassed. "I, well, erhh, oh".

He smiled a little more. So cute...

Rice sipped his tea, hoping to move on from the topic, his face went red as he felt the very hot tea burn the inside of his mouth, he managed to swallow.

"I will find out your past, but it can wait for now. What hobbies do you have?"

This was a topic Rice enjoyed, his face brightened up."Well luckily my hobbies and job intertwine, you know I work as the researcher, well that is my hobby as well, I enjoy cutting things up, usually dead, to see how things work and then test ways to..well..shall we say stop them working so well".

He smiled. "Is there a favorite subject to experiment with?"

"Well the human body is most fun, though I've never had a live one, that does seem rather immoral". He tapped his fingers."Id have to say studying my own effect on living things is interesting since I cant figure a thing out about it".

"Perhaps a better lab would help? I want you to live here with me, be my personal researcher and the lab will be yours. You will be the top researcher here at the castle. Have a little more confidence and work on not dropping things." He said with a smile as he leaned in and kissed him

"Really"? Was all Rice could say as he was kissed, his looked on another planet at the moment.

He smiled. "Yes. I would love you to come live here."

He began to fumble his fingers as he thought. "Big lab, test subjects, room to move". His eyes went from left to right as he calculated all the perks to such a thing.

He kissed him. "You are forgetting being close to me in your list."

"Oh"? He flushed as he was kissed."Close yes, so we can, talk about stuff". He stuttered out.

"I was thinking we might be able to do more than just talk." He said slipping a hand under his shirt and gently caressing

"....swap....stories". Rice's eyes pleaded, he didn't know how to deal with this right now.

"Alright...but I love you." He said withdrawing his hand

"Love"? He whispered lowly, Rice smiled, he felt a little strange actually, oddly energetic. He hadn't noticed it yet but his skin had smoother out and more color flushed into it, his hair, now sort of a light brown slowly turning to black. "I feel rather well today". He proclaimed, taking a sip of his tea.

"You look it too." He said with a smile holding up a hand held mirror so he could see himself

Rice stared, then fainted, sliding off the carriage seat and onto the floor with a thud, tea spilling everywhere.

He gently picked him up and made sure he wasn't hurt. He called in a worker to clean up the spill and than walked with him to his master bedroom.

When Rice woke, he was tucked into the bed clean sleeping robs on him. "I sent your clothing to be washed since you spilt tea on your clothing...are you alright?"

Rice sat up in bed, humorously messy hair now flicking all over the place. "Huh what". He looked at Valarian and nearly fainted again, he then looked down, whose bed was he in?

He gently kissed him. "Welcome to my room." He said. "And might I say how tempting you were while I undressed and than dressed you. I couldn't help but mark you." He said kissing him and pulling the robe open a little to expose a red mark on his chest

"Undress"? Rice took a second and then went red in the face, he looked at the red mark" it"? So naive.

He smirked. "It's a hicky." He said as he proceeded to give him one on his neck

"Gah ah". He whimpered a little, it hurt a little, but he found himself enjoying it a little.

He pulled back and kissed him. "I want you.' He murmured kissing along his skin. He began to slip off the robe

Rice felt bare as his clothes were removed. "What me what"?

He looked up at you. "I want you...all of you."He murmured as he went down on his manhood and began to pleasure him

Rice let out a loud gasp as he was touched somewhere he'd never been touched before, his face went scarlet and he closed his eyes, moaning a little.

he pulled back to look at him. "Ask me for more.'

Rice opened his eyes."M-more"? It came out like a stutter and was hardly a demand or even close to pleading.

He kissed him and started to suck him again

Rice moaned a little louder at his did this, having to lean against the wall to stop him falling back in the bed, he began to pant.

He smirked and gently pushed him onto the bed. He gently flipped him over. One hand gently stroking his manhood, the other hand gently pushed his hips up a bis as he trailed kisses along his back. He gently thrust into him

His head was buried into the pillow, and pain engulfed him at the force of it, his grip tightened on the covers and he panted even more. The pain excited him."M-more". He said sharply."Please".

He shoved in and out, and his hand started to grip his shaft moving with the thrusts to pleasure him there as well. He shoved in as deep as he could and pulled out. He than laid on the bed and gently pulled Rice down on his manhood as he thrust up. He was watching him closely. "I want to see your face." He murmured as he thrust up and down with him

Rice was slightly embarrassed at being in such a 'state', his pale cheeks flushed, hair sticking to his forehead, he lowered his eyes to avoid the gaze as he moaned lightly.

"Look at me love. I want to see that handsome and adorable face of yours." He said as he slowly sat up clutching him around the waist as he continued to thrust in and out and he started to pepper him with kisses

He breathed heavily into the kiss, his entire body on fire, hands holding onto Vallarian so hard it was as if he was scared he might suddenly fade away.

He cam hard in him and slowly pulled out still kissing him

Rice was leaning fully on him now, out of breath.

He held him close and gently lowered him down on the bed than held him. "Did you enjoy that lover?"

"Lover"? Rice said lowly, his eyes distant, he then smiled. "Yes".

He smiled and kissed him

Rice kissed back, hands holding him tightly never wanting to let go.

"I love you."

"I-I love you too, I swear...I'll follow you till the day I die". His expression was a little crazy as he said this, but he meant it, every word.

He kissed him. "You are the first person I have ever felt this way about...'

Rice was captivated and completely under the Kings thrall now. "Really"? His voice was love lorn. "You make me so happy, please, I am yours". He leant into his chest.

he wrapped his arms around him and kissed him. "I won't let my bride throw you out either."

It was like something snapped inside Rice, he didn't move from the hold."Bride"?

"I am to be wed, but she won't replace you."

"But, do you need her, if you have me"? He looked up, desperation in his grey eyes.

He held him close. "I love you. She is only necessary for appearances since they are questioning the legitimacy of my children."

"Children"? He looked ready to faint again.

"I have a son and a daughter among possibly many illegitimate ones.'

Rice stared." only have eyes for me..yes"?

He kissed him his tongue darting into his mouth. "I already told you that.' He said kissing him possessively, he seemed a little aggravated

Rice kissed him back, oblivious to the aggravation and the fact he may have been walking on eggshells. His hands laced in his long black hair adoring its softness.

He sighed and kissed him. "That feels nice.'

Rice stayed like it, hand twirling his hair lovingly, he wondered how he kept it so perfect, his body only moved when he took a breath in.

He closed his eyes relishing the feeling

Rice was now somewhat holding him, and stroking his hair.

Valarian's breath was steady and deep. He realized he was sleeping in his arms

Rice dared not move in case he woke him.

He fell asleep and dreamed of Valarian

Rice had fallen asleep top, hugging the King.

Valarian went to his throne room waiting for Gwen

Crimson heard a twig snap

Crimson glanced in the direction and her eyes glowed as she stared in the general direction.

she thought she saw a shadow dart through the shadows

She followed carefully, "Hello?" She whispered quietly as she gathered some shadows around herself.

Don't trust them

"Don't trust who? Crimson asked curiously as she tried to see the speaker. "Who are you?"

I am but a memory...don't trust the slave masters

Crimson dipped her head in acknowledgment of his words, "I will not." She answered softly.

Be careful

"Please show yourself..." Crimson asked softly.

I can't...

"Why not?" Crimson asked curiously.

I no longer live

"Oh... I'm sorry." Crimson whispered.

I was killed when I grew useless

Crimson growled softly, "Who killed you?"


Crimson dipped her head in acknowledgment, "I can't say I'm surprised..." She said softly. She looked towards the high wall, she was now bored with the garden and with quick movements had climbed a tree and leapt from the branch to the top of the wall.

She saw a vast plain with a forest beyond that.

Crimson looked back at the house and although she was sorely tempted to roam farther out she just laid down along the wall and looked out into the forest. She was just content to be out in the open instead of the normal cage. After a while she dozed off and fell asleep.

she felt something touch her

She flinched and lifted her head in alarm as she glanced around.

She saw a cat

Crimson's face lit up with a smile, cats had always been her favorite animals, she reached out to pet it. "Come here Kitty..." She murmured soothinly

Senna slept near the alter where he had recently been re-secured

Someone rushed into the church.

He looked up in concern

A girl with soft red hair, pulled back in a loose braid was now sneaking through the church, a staff in her hand.

He gently grabbed for her hand. "Miss?"

She jumped. "I....?" She shook, scared.

"I won't hurt you...I am here to help." Senna said kindly and she noticed his feet were shackled to the alter 

"You can' are a prisoner...a slave can't help..."

"Leave me alone..." She snapped at Tsuki

Tsuki backed up. "I..."

She shivered

"I was only doing orders....."

"Shut up!"

One of his master's men came in and took him out. "Good."

Tsuki looked down at the ground, following. ((I thought their master was Caileigh's daddy)) ((there I fixed it))

He took him to another room. and locked him in

Tsuki sat down, and sighed.

He noticed the bed was occupied by a beautiful girl who looked to be around fifteen or so she was asleep. ((pull)

Tsuki slowly started to reach out and caress her cheek gently. He hadn't been ordered to do anything.

She opened her eyes and jumped. "W...who?" Melaina asked

" sorry....I am Tsuki...." he said softly.

"My name is Malaina...did they...kidnap you too?"

"I belong to the master of this manor..."

"Oh...I...was taken from my home in the woods...I don't remember anything..."

One of the workers came in and looked at them. "Good. She is awake. The master has ordered you did the same with her that you did with the other girl." He said leaving and locking the door.

Melaina stiffened. "What...did you do with the other girl?" 

Tsuki looked down and away, because of these strange feelings he was having. "I did my duty as a a sex a breeder...." he said softly. He slowly reached out to touch her cheek again.

She shrank away. "No....please...."

"I...have to follow orders.." he whispered, sadly.

" you don't!"

Tsuki nodded. "I must...." He gently grabbed her wrist, and pulled her to him, and kissed her.

She started to struggle but than kissed back. " have a choice...."

He shook his head, pushing her back, holding her down as he nibbled her neck.

She trembled but moaned softly. "PLEASE....Let's escape.."

"I know nothing but this life....all I can promise you is that I will be gentle....." he whispered into her ear before nipping her ear. He moved and looked at her. A tear rolled down his cheek. A hand moved from her wrists, caressing her side.

She gently framed his face in her hands. "Let me help you know something else....please...don't do this..."She gently hugged him preventing him from moving his arms that well

"I have to....follow orders...." he whispered.

Tears filled her eyes. "Can't we say you did?"

"They would know...I am to breed you...."

She looked down. "I...don't want to lose it this way..."

"I've never disobeyed..."

"Please...just this once?"


She looked at him pleadingly

he shook, not knowing what to do.

"Let's escape..."

"We...will be punished...."

"Not if we aren't caught."

Tsuki looked at the door, then broke the window, scooped her up and pushed her out. "Go..."

"I am not." Drukal said

Mikiael looked up at Drakul, confused. "'re not? But...."

"No one has called me kind..."

" could have...kept me as a full slave....but you didn''re kind...." he whispered.

He kissed him. "If you say so."

"I say...I love you..."

"and I love you."

Mikiael snuggled into him.

He stroked his hair

He fell to sleep.

He closed his eyes

Dracul woke again at early morning.

he looked down at him

Mikiael was breathing softly against him.

He smiled and stroked his hair

"Mmmmm...." he moaned softly.

"Sorry did I wake you?"

"No..." he said not moving. "I'm just enjoying this..."

He smiled and held him close

"What are you thinking about?"

"How lucky I am to have you."

"I'm lucky to have you too..."

He kissed him

He kissed back.

He stroked his hair

"Love you..."

"And I you>"

Mikiael smiled up at him.

"I need to get to work I will be back. Rest ok?"

"I...." he nodded slowly.

he kissed him

Mikiael kissed him, and then just sat there, not knowing what to do.

"Do you know how to read?"

"I do...."

"You can read any of those books over there.' He said pointing to a setting and reading area in the room

Mikiael nodded.

He kissed him then left. There was a soft click behind him

Mikiael looked.

He realized he was locked in

Mikiael rushed to the door, trying to pull it open, shaking the door. Wha...Dracul? Why? he thought to himself.

After a few hours someone started to unlock the door

Mikiael was laying down on his stomach on a couch, his arms crossed for his head to lay against them. His face was stained from the tears he had cried, but at the sound he turned his face to hid his face.

Dracul gently picked him up and cradled him. "What is wrong?"

" You locked me in......" he whispered, tears falling again, as he cried into Dracul's chest.

He stroked his hair. "I am sorry. I had to protect you. I don't trust my men and I know some would have tried to have you. Forgive me?"

Mikiael nodded into Dracul's chest. "I...I thought I had...done something wrong....."

"Was?" Caileigh's father asked. Selune stayed silent

"Kame was my friend, and still is! I will not marry!"

"You will marry who I tell you to marry, you should be honored being chosen as the future queen!"


His father smiled and nodded. "A great honor."

Seluna looked shocked

"Fa...father....what?? But....I can't be a queen....I..."

"Why not? You have been raised a lady."

"That still doesn't mean that I would be a good queen..."

"You must do yourself." ((??))

"Father!" she had tears in her eyes. "I....I..."


Caileigh's body shook. "How could you just decide something like that? I...."

"I am your father and I am tired of you running around with a slave."

"I wasn't running around with a slave... I wasn't running around at all... I spent time with a guard..."

"Kissing him and who knows what else!"

"I am a virgin, father! I have not been touched by a man!"

"Good. The king will be pleased with that fact."

Seluna looked worried and didn't know what to say

Caileigh had tears in her eyes. "I...I..." she started but then just ran from the room, tears running freely.

Her father caught her hand. "If you refuse than Seluna will marry him."

Seluna's eyes widened.

Caileigh froze, and looked back at Seluna. "Father...I...I..." she looked down. "Yes father...when is the wedding?"

"Three days."

"I'm going back to my room...I have to....prepare...."

Seluna looked worried. "Caileigh...."

"Seluna, that means you will wed the prince." Seluna looked horrified. "W...what?"

Caileigh looked at her father. "Father! What are you doing?! Why?"

"The king desired a bride for himself and his son."

" that why you took her!?"

"No. I felt petty for her."

" right here....but...I am only fourteen..."

"Father! She's fourteen! How could you think that was right!?"

"It is none of my concern."

Caileigh just shook her head upset with her father.

he left.

Seluna shook in fear

Caileigh hugged Seluna. "I'm so sorry....I'm so sorry..."

"I am sorry for you too."

"I have to send out a letter to a friend, come to my room tonight..." Caileigh whispered into Seluna's ear.

She nodded. "Ok..."

Caileigh hurried to her room, wrote a quick note to Thorn and Kame, and then sent it on the winter winds.

She felt sleepy

Caileigh yawned and then moved over to her bed, laying down.

She fell asleep

Caileigh curled in her sleep.

She dreamed of the king killing Thorn

Caileigh bolted awake, tears in her eyes.

She heard something at the window

Caileigh cautiously went to the window.

Thorn and Kame waited there worry on their faces at the same time she heard a knock at her door

She quickly opened the window. "Quick..." she whispered. "Hide...I have a meeting with one of the ladies...."

They slipped into her closet

Irving let out a little giggle as he got nibbled on the ear."What do you mean 'yours'"? He didn't understand the context, maybe, it just meant my boyfriend.

"You are only mine..." he said and kissed him.

"What would you do If I suddenly ran away then"? Irving was grinning madly.

"I'd chase after you... drag you back here, and tie you to the bed so you can't run away again..."

"Kinky". Irving did this raised eyebrow motion, though there was a hint of fear in his eyes, he couldn't tell if Gwen was joking or not, so he didn't press the matters further.

Gwen kissed him. "I won't drag...I'd scoop you up and carry you..."

Irving kissed back, he chuckled a little as he did so."So possess".

"Irving..." he breathed Irving's name, lovingly.

"Nu". A little repose came, hands cupping Gwens face as he kissed him on the lips.

Gwen's hand rested on the back of Irving's head holding him in the kiss, another hand sliding down his back and coming to rest on his ass.

Irving giggled as Gwen had a hand on his butt, it was kinda funny.

Gwen rubbed against him.

Irving giggled even harder now, he began to unbotton Gwens top, picking at the buttons slowly, head bowed and nipping at his neck.

Gwen reached up and worked at Irving's shirt, then undid his pants, slipping them off.

Irving moved his thin limbs so Gwen could easily remove his clothing, his body was much thinner than his baggy clothes lead on, his skin soft all over.

"Soft...." Gwen whispered, as he pulled Irving closer, kissing the soft skin. Gwen's fingers trailed down Irving's skin, brushing the sking of his manhood, before taking it fully in his hand, massaging it gently.

Irving puured gently at Gwen toyed with him, he rested his chin on Gwens head lightly.

Gwen continued to massage his manhood, and ran the fingers of his other hand brushed down Irving's bare back and over his butt, where a finger teased his ass.

He giggled a little and bent down kissing Gwen, forcing him back onto the bed so he was stradling him ontop.

"Do you want it?" Gwen asked smiling up at him.

"Pretty please". Irving did a creepy sort of smile, he suddenly worked his way down Gwen, unzipping the mans trousers and pulling them down to his knees. His intent to get Gwen in the mood before hand.

Gwen moaned lightly watching his Irving.

Irving teased him a little, fingers delicatly stroking and digging at the outside of his thigh, tracing lines as they made there way to the inner of his leg. He took ahold of Gwen's member and bowed his head forward, taking it in his mouth gently.

Gwen moaned louder, his fingers moving now through Irvings hair, and pushing gently up.

Irving playfully licked, and continued working Gwen hard, hair tcikling the soft skin of Gwens stomach.

Gwen gently pushed Irving head down just a little more.

Irving gagged a little but managed to continue until he was satisfied, he then began to use his hands as well, moving his way back up.

Gwen helped pull Irving back up, kissing him deeply. He ran his hand over his ass, pulling gently at his asscheeks. He nipped Irving's neck, "ready?" he asked in his ear.

Irving didn;t answer, his movements were enough as he closed his eyes and breathed in heavily, his skin tingeled under every touch.

Gwen gently pushed his manhood up into Irving's ass, pushing in as far as he could without hurting the smaller man.

Irving bent forwards, his hands clutching the bed covers, he let out a small moaning, pressing backwards so his back hit Gwens chest.

Gwen slowly thrust in and out of Irving, his hands holding Irving's thighs if they aren't caressing his sides.

Irving began to pant and moan a little, his breath hitching and becoming irratic, his body rocked with Gwen's.

Gwen kissed and nipped at Irving's neck and shoulder as he pushed in and out faster, in pleasure.

Irvings moaning got louder as he did this, hands now bet backwards and wrapped around Gwens neck as he kissed his neck. He felt himself becoming closer and closer.

Gwen's arms wrapped around Irving's waist, holding him close. One hand slipped down and started to rub Irving's manhood to give him pleasure as well. He nibbled more, moving the kissings and nipping to his earlobe.

He breathing became extremely eratic at this point.

Awhile later, Gwen cam hard into Irving's ass, as he rubbed faster on Irving's manhood.

Irving wasnt far behind, if not a little before, he swallowed hard and began to breathe normally.

Gwen gently pulled out of Irving, and held him against his chest, kissing his neck.

Irving's breathing became normal, his hair stuck to the back of his neck, his body clammy from their antics.

"Did you...enjoy that, my Irving?" Gwen asked.

Irving grinned and curled up, hugging the sheets close to him."Much much".

Gwen leaned over Irving, and kissed him. "Good..."

He smiled brightly hugging the covers more, they were soft and comfortable."I have to go out for a while". He looked at him."But I wont be long".

"I however have to go too.... I have that required meeting with the king...." he said in a voice that was unpleased about having to go to the meeting.

Irving buried his face in the covers for a short second before climbing out and beginning to get redressed.

Gwen stood up as well to dress. "You will come back, yes?"

"Of course". Irving stuck his tongue out in a teasing manner, slipping his jacket back on. He bounced over and kissed Gwen on the cheek before walking out the room, making sure to grab his brief case as he went.

Irving made it out into the open, the sky was colored with the evening sun.

Irving used his hand as a shield to avoid the sunlight before he marched off, he was trying to remember the way they came, he wondered around aimlessly for a while. Now very much lost. "Damn".

He found a path that looked recently traveled.

Irving walked along the path, eyes looking at the slight footprints he could see. This had now caught his attention making him forget about work, he was curious now and easily side tracked.

The tracks headed back to the city, and then got intermixed with all of the footprints in the city streets.

"Aww no fun". Irving let out a sigh of disappointment as he came to the end of his tack, he'd been hoping to find some really interesting person.

He heard commotion from an ally

"Eh"? Irving headed towards the ally.

He saw a shadowy figure drop someone else to the ally ground. The person appeared to be dead blood trickling from their neck

Irving blinked a few times as he registered the red blood oozing from the persons neck. Murder? He tilted his head before looking up at the shadowy figure, his smile didn't leave his face however a grim almost fearful looking his features making him take a step or two backwards.

Cain pulled back and blushed. "Sorry..."

"I-I um... just really wasn't expecting that." Anna managed, still crimson.

"I...really like you..."

"I..." Anna paused, swallowing, "I like you too, Cain, I'm glad I met you."

"I am glad you came my way and I met you."

Anna nodded with a smile, "Why don't you get some rest? I'm going to stay up just a little longer, the snow is soothing and I enjoy watching it..."

"Alright...sleep well." He kissed her again

Anna wrapped her arms briefly around him in a hug, "You too." She murmured.

Seth was sat at the desk in his large room tapping his fingers rather impatiently on the wood. He glanced at the paperwork infront of him, bored already of sorting out his current Merc contracts. He laid them down."Kaia". He said in a low voice expecting her to come straight away.

Kaia quickly came to his side, looking down at the ground as she always did when she was called. "Yes Master...." she spoke softly.

Seth looked up at her. "A cup of tea please". It was a demand, and not even at the pleae at the end made it any more of a polite request.

Kaia nodded. "Yes Master..." She hurried from the room without another sound. Not five minutes later, Kaia quickly came back with a tray with a single cup and a teapot with steam showing that it was nice and hot. She sat down the tray, poured the tea, and brought the cup to him. "Master, your tea..."

Seth rubbed the bridge of his nose and took the cup, he then placed it down on the desk to wait for it to cool. He stared at Kaia, as if measuring her up. "Kaia, you have been in my services for what, four months now". He turned around to face her more, leaning his chin on his palm."How have you found these passed four months"?

"Master, I am happy to serve you, sir...." Kaia spoke softly, confused why he was asking her. "I hope that I have been able to please you, Master..."

"Ah good to hear, I'd hate for you to be uncomfortable in your living situation". Seth smiled and stood up, he took ahold of Kaia chin and tipped it up so their eyes were level, he stared intently at her.

"It is my duty to make your life comfortable, Master....if you are unhappy, I would want to make it is as I have been trained, Master..." she said softly.

"I see". His eyes scanned her face, he suddenly leant in and kissed her hashly on the lips.

Kaia's eyes went wide for an moment, but then calmed again. She kept her arms and hands at her sides, kissing back because it seemed like that was what her Master wanted of her at the moment.

He suddenly shoved her back so hard she fell onto the floor, he whipped his mouth with the back of his sleeve."You're disgusting". Anger in his eyes at having kissed her, he turned away, unable to look at her. "GO, clean or something, make use of yourself".

Kaia didn't back a sound as he pushed her away, except for her body hitting the ground. She slowly stood up. "Yes Master..." She quietly walked from the room to do as she was told.

"Stop". Seth said again, he suddenly grabbed Kaia and threw her on his bed, now leaning over her. He stared down, her hair a halo around her angelic face, he hated it. His hands rose to her neck, he held them around it like he planned on strangeling her, but he made no pressure, simply held them there."Do you want to die"?

Kaia didn't look into his eyes as she laid there under him. Her arms laid out, not reaching up to push against him. "Master... I live to serve you..." she spoke softly.

"Answer my question". He said equally and softly.

"Master..." she said softly, looking up at him. "I would die for you if only to make you happy..."

He narrowed his eyes, she wasn't answering the question at all."You...are insufferable". He was still ontop of her, glaring down at her.

Kaia looked at him still. "Master...why are you asking if I wish to die? I wish only for your happiness and comfort, wants mean nothing..." Kaia then looked down away from his eyes.

"Oh but they do, wants create a person". His eyes narrowed dangerously. "Without drive people are nothing but worthless tools easily bent, and I grow so very tired of tools". He began to press a little harder around her neck."You slaves are all the same, pathetic and worthless, without passion, without desire, what use are you to me if you're just empty"?

"I..." Kaia looked up at him, with something in her eyes that looked like it was trying to break out, something that had been beaten down, but with the threat of death truly here it was trying to survive. "I...Master....I wanted to be back with my mother... but....that want is eleven years gone....I want to make you happy....I want to please you....I...I want...." She brought up a hand and touched his wrist. "Master....if I die....who would.....make your tea....?"

"Yes who would make my tea"? Seth was seemingly half-happy with the response, and for a second he thought he saw an actual person breaking through. Had he been right about this girl, there was more too her, his hand raised a little, he took her small doll like hand in his own and carressed it tenderly.

Kaia looked at his hand touching her's. " is my....special blend....." she said softly. "I....wanted you to....have the best...."

"I have noticed, you by far make the best tea I have ever tasted". Seth pulled her hand up up to his mouth, her tenderly kissed her fingers.

Kaia looked up at his eyes as he kissed her fingers. "I....I always have....tea ready for you....when you ask....for it.....Master...." she said softly. She looked down, feeling warmth on her cheek.

"Yes you do". He ran his tongue slowly down her hand, kissing her on the arm, before the kissing her on the neck.

Kaia breathed in, shivering at the kisses. No one had kissed her like that, it felt gentle to her. "Master.....what want....?"

He didn't answer, his hand moved to her cheek, cupping it, his thumb stroking the smooth skin that lead down to her mouth.

"Master...." she breathed out in a whisper. Her lips stayed parted, as she looked towards his eyes.

"Yes"? He said as if she'd asked question, his hand went from her face down to her chest, it ran below her top to cup her breast.

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