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2007-07-18 20:43:42
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[Stanley School Prom 07]

^.^ Much like the last day photos wiki (Add Yours - Use the categories please *thumbs up* thanks) -ally

Stanley School Prom - Before Arrival

Stanley School Prom - The Limo

Stanley School Prom - The Gardens/Grounds

Stanley School Prom - The Tables

Stanley School Prom - The Disco

Stanley School Prom - Random

Stanley School Prom - The Teachers



YouTubes Made By Caffy ^.^

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2007-07-05 [Seany.]: aw wow amazing night gonna get some of mine up asap ^_^

2007-07-05 [|St|ephie _x]: Awhh you all look so stunning
Gina's dress is gorgeous

Gonna miss seeing ya's at school
Luff yoo caffyyy xx

2007-07-05 [MrsBrightside]: aww i look fat on these pics everyone beautiful though :D lovely night everyone i loved it xxx

2007-07-06 [-/Fake+it for the+Airwaves\-]: aww this page is amazing, i'll have to upload my pics when i get a chance :)

Thanks Catharine ^_^ xxx

2007-07-06 [tecichan]: I love your dress. It looks really good on you.

2007-07-06 [Singing my own Song]: Which one?

2007-07-06 [MidSuMMer.Nights]: yeah lol who's dress?

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