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Stay At Myspace

I know there are probably several variations of this sort of wiki, but my frustration continues to rise at the annoying people who come here seeking friends. These people have nothing to contribute but usually bad pics of themselves asking what we think of them and nothing original in their house. I say we take a stand and tell these losers to stay where they belong: at MySpace. Elftown is a site for artists/writers, not an online friends bar, STOP TREATING IT AS SUCH!! If you share my feelings, please join and link back to this wiki in your house.

NOTE: This does not mean I am against people making friends here, far from it! I am simply against people who come here SOLELY for that. Please show your support by linking back to us!

1. [Chaotic Serenity]
2. [Raesha]
3. [Saphira]
4. [Fearathress]
5. [Thrice]
6. [XxTsomexX]
7. [FrankoPhWN]
8. [Nike Laos]
9. [1BadassWarrior]
10. [Love and Chaos]
11. [the loved wolf]
12. [Jitter]
13. [Cia_mar]
14. [Vou]
15. [DeadSockMonster]
17. [SpiritOfTheWater]
18. [nopenope]
19. [{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF* tHe *SuBcOnSiOuS*}]
20. [neoqueen serenity]
21. [{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]
22. [.Toxic Valentine.]
23. [Duke Devlin]
24. [TheKingdomLight]
25. [*(.Randi.)*]
26. [Hobbit teen]
27. [Erubeus] Even though I have a myspace... =x
28. [silent_voice] I likerz this, *posts in diary*
29. [Roxcie] Can't stand those people -_-
30.[Aki Neko]Umm....note the "Fantasy" comunnity? Not "Welcome and join with everyperson you seee"Commnity!!!
31. [†Sweets†] I have a myspace, but only so i can keep in touch with some of my friends.
32. [Mordigen] - i have a myspace too....but thats just it, i leave my BULLSHIT on my muspace, and my art on ET...duh, this isn't a cyber brothrel....
33. [Angel In Red] I dont have myspace.. but even i know to keep the rubbish in my head to a limit, so yeah... guess this wiki rocks... why? Because The Red said so.
34. [Nevermore.] arrrrg!
35. [Ansem]
36. [The Dark Wolf] why you say?... CUSE MYSPACE SUX!!!!!
37. [Vampire Akis] Yep yep Silenty's right ^^
38. [~`~Wolf~`~] I might have a myspace, but that's only to talk to the friends who aren't into fantasy as much as I am. And these people who are here that don't deserve to be are starting to piss me off.
39. [*Night_Shade*] Bah.
40. [Glassphyxie.]
41. [Silver Moon] I hate it when you see polls like: "Do you think i am Hot?" It's sick and usually the answer is NO! I think you are an ass for asking!
42. [Piercedskull] I dont have a myspace.I dont want one.But I agree with this wiki completely.
43. [Dark_Superman] I have one but only to stay in touch with some friends. But I agree as well, death to the sell out that is thus Tom.
44. [de Morte] I tried myspace awhile ago... but it sickened me so much that I had to delete the old account! If your friends are truly your friends then you can stay in contact WITHOUT myspace!
45.[alli.DEADFAYCE.] myspace whores go to myspace. elftown whore stay here. plan and simple.
46. [▲.] This is definitely a place for art, and since I'm an artist this just happens to be the place to be. However, even though MySpace has it's downs, it's still a lovely way to keep in contact. If you abuse the way you use the site, then so be it, some are likely to complain about it. I ask that people don't dis either site, since Elftown has it's own fair share of downs.
47. [Fetish Dolly Koneko™] I started at ET and then went to Myspace and I have enough brains to know where to keep certain things. I love them each for what they are and they should remain different places.
48. [loonygirl2005] AMEN TO THAT! This is a place for artist to actually reach out. Yes you have the option of posting art but they aren't really appricated unless you are famous. Myspace is a purely social place where anything goes but here. This is a sanctuary for all artists to express themselves without the need for cybering. So for those who need to be hot and compared to stars go do that on myspace.
49. [wicked fae mage] Perverts can stay at myspace to tell people they look hawt and wanna cyber. We're artists against perverts!
50. [the mad hatter2] who gets off to cybering? its really stupid
51. [MyAlterEgo] If I wanted to read that stupid shit, I'd be on myspace. I come here for a dose of humanity.
52. [*Phoenix*] Does anyone else find it funny that, at the beginning of member lists, no one makes a comment, then 1 person does and everyone after follows; therefore making the only way to be noticed to NOT put something even though the first person who has a comment was doing the opposite?
53. [Gypsy Mystik]- I agree.... I love being able to be creative here, truly creative.
54. [Amanda Bastian]

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2007-12-19 [TheKingdomLight]: lol

2007-12-19 [Raesha]: what color do you want?

2007-12-19 [TheKingdomLight]: ummm green! c

2007-12-19 [XxTsomexX]: I want mine neon orange...

2007-12-19 [SpiritOfTheWater]: PINK! *dances in pink* Ya! *sits on bean bag again*

2007-12-20 [TheKingdomLight]: lol

2007-12-22 [Raesha]: *brings paint* Now, to work! *works furiously*

2007-12-22 [TheKingdomLight]: * paints hand green*

2007-12-24 [*(.Randi.)*]: Happy Chrisolstahanakwanzica!<img:stuff/mood10_gif.gif>

2007-12-25 [Raesha]: ...

2007-12-26 [TheKingdomLight]: lol

2008-01-11 [Raesha]: i wonder... how would that work?

2008-01-15 [SpiritOfTheWater]: Green hand? O_O *blinks awkwardly....*
That would be difficult to celebrate!

2008-02-09 [Raesha]: that will make it even more special once we figure it out!

2008-02-10 [SpiritOfTheWater]: We can have trees and menorahs and stuff!

2008-02-10 [*(.Randi.)*]: Fun fun fun!

2008-02-14 [SpiritOfTheWater]: Yay! PARTEH!

2008-08-09 [SpiritOfTheWater]: It's been a long long time since I've been here.

2010-04-27 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*...

2010-04-29 [Mortified Penguin]: It's a little ironic that the top half of the wiki perfectly describes a lot of the members of the wiki...

Just because you don't have a Myspace page, doesn't mean you aren't like the people that are on Myspace.

2010-04-29 [wicked fae mage]: Indeed true. I really only add people I talk to, RP with, or know prior to the internet meeting.

I stopped using myspace because of all the people who just add you. It was a convenient place at first to talk to your friends who all used different messengers without having to flip through windows...and then you have internet drama, people commenting fucked up pictures on your page, people you don't even know adding you...and all of the app invites and getting sick of sifting through who you know and don't and adding everybody, getting status updates...*kills myspace*

Plus ET usually allows for intelligent convos...

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