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This wiki-page is created for people who want to stop smoking, but can't, and/or for people who want to support other people who try to stop this bad habit!!

Feeling lonely in your attempts to stop? Can't hold out any longer? Trembling and shaking through lack of nicotine? Or just a humane non-smoker willing to help someone through a cold-turkey experience? Use the comment to get in touch!


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2004-07-30 [Mémoire]: Oh what a great wiki! ^^

2004-07-30 [a clockwork orange]: Thank you!!! =^_^=

2004-07-30 [Blue Highway]: More than 24 hours!!! I didn't smoke in more than 24 hours!!! Not even when I got up or after supper!!! My friends pulled me through this day!!

2004-09-24 [swabloo]: yay! god, i hate smoking... also, it's bad if you smoke aroung kids, 'coz then they are passive smoking and they inhail some toxic aswell..... be warned! and congrats on not smoking!

2004-10-21 [Big Bear 10]: hey man im addictedi go for 4 days then i start shaking and i get head ache

2004-12-30 [evil penguin]: its been a week since i quit and i get headaches and i get angry at everything that moves. someone help me!

2004-12-30 [a clockwork orange]: That's normal. When my mother tried to quit the same happened to her. Try relax and find something to keep yourself busy. It can last for a couple of days or for a week. But it will go away soon. Congrats for quiting! It's not easy, but I think you're strong enough to stop it!

2005-01-19 [!~N1ghtingale l0cked in the cage~!]: (o.O)< smokin is bad~

2005-01-20 [a clockwork orange]: yeah, it is...

2005-01-22 [!~N1ghtingale l0cked in the cage~!]: Yeah its killing a few of my loved ones... O.o I'm never gonna start smoking *~*

2005-02-23 [hollow heart]: never smoke u smoke i kill u befor it does..

2005-02-27 [+Slightly+]: i were clean for like 3 weeks.. but this thursday i got trapped again, and ive been smoking some this weekend... eeep. i´ll never REALLY stop im afraid :(

2005-02-27 [Blue Highway]: Yes, you can...just take a deep breath and start over again. Eventually you won't need it anymore! You were clean for 3 weeks? I'm proud of you! I don't mean to sound like a granny...but u r young...if u are already smoking at that age, you will look UGLY when you'll be know: pale, bad skin, yellow teeth and fingertips...and you won't be able to climb the stairs without panting like a you know how TERRIBLE that is??? I do... But now I can RUN up those stairs again! It feels AWSOME!

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