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2004-12-08 18:27:01
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<img:>Surviving the Horror!<img:>


Welcome to Surviving the Horror wiki. This wiki is about zombies and all things undead. Mostly, I know about the movies and video games that involve zombies. But, this wiki is also dedicated to those who love/loath/or are a zombie.



<img:>Zombie Pics<img:>

<img:>Zombie RPG<img:>

<img:>Zombie Members<img:>


I'm working on adding more stuff to this wiki, but I do need help! I need members and people who are willing to help me with the wiki! Talk to me for details: [DrakeRivenworth]. Thanks!


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2005-01-24 [Quake]: well thats kinda lame

2005-01-24 [DrakeRivenworth]: yup...

2005-01-28 [anonymousjoel]: zombies!!!!..horor rpg' cool.^_^

2005-01-29 [DrakeRivenworth]: Yeah, thats the kind of attitude I like.

2005-02-02 [dragonslammer]: *JUMPS OUT OF BARRAL* WOOOHOO!! howdy!

2005-02-04 [SadGirlnChucks]: *tilts my head slowly* *bows to The fellow Gamers* *whispers* "silent hill is better" *laughs*

2005-02-04 [DrakeRivenworth]: Silent hill isn't better. I have all of them. Its a different genre. I like Silent Hill 2, but it no way compares to Resident Evil 4.

2005-02-04 [SadGirlnChucks]: *laughs* you know what it was really hard to get used to the set up of the game when you have been playing silenthill ya know its way different

2005-02-04 [DrakeRivenworth]: Yeah...but RE4 is easy to control... you just gotta be a good third person shooter expert.

2005-02-05 [SadGirlnChucks]: OKay yeah.. i just have to get used to it though

2005-02-07 [DrakeRivenworth]: yeah...thats how all RE games are, just gotta get used to it...

2005-02-11 [SadGirlnChucks]: THanks for that insite

2005-02-11 [dragonslammer]: wow!

2005-02-12 [SadGirlnChucks]: Wow what? *laughs*

2005-03-24 [DrakeRivenworth]: Yeah, wow what?

2005-03-24 [SadGirlnChucks]: I agree <3 But anyway..

2005-03-24 [DrakeRivenworth]: Aaaaaaanyway.... >_>

2005-06-18 [Miss Lady Bitch]: hey whats up loser JK

2006-07-22 [Leelo]: Heya!

2006-07-25 [IX.Dollface]: <img:>

2006-08-21 [dragonslammer]: *walks into door groning like zombie*

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