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2006-07-21 22:39:36
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Welcome at the Medieval Swordfight Workshop!


On the 15th of July 2006 I have arranged a Medieval Swordfight Workshop with 2 instructors:

Mishael Lopez Gardozo and Kenneth Smolders.
In my Hometown Leeuwarden.
In Holland there are about 7 Medieval schools,
but NUN in the north where I live! So what do you do?
You create a workshop, to make a start with....

This workshop was split in 4 pieces:

A. Background information about the manuscripts from the old
sword fight masters from Italy and germany.

B. Mediveal wrestling techniques.

C. Knife and dagger fighting

D. And of course the sword fight training!

And from this workshop, a Medieval workgroup is formed now!
So, once a month one of the instuctors will come to Leeuwarden,
For a Instruction lesson, and the group will work it out the following month....


Here's a little impressison of the Workshop:


Mishael and Kenneth


Mishael explane's the history of swordfighting


Medieval miscellaneous




Medieval dagger training 01


Medieval dagger training 02


And yes, I was also participating!


Explaning the advantages and disadvantages of the medieval swords


Samurai against a Medieval Sword 01


Samurai against a Medieval Sword 02


Kenneth Smolders


A picture of the school of Mishael en Kenneth in Heemstede (close to Amsterdam)


Mishael in his own harnass



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2006-07-17 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Injuries? You should be happy you were you and that other guy were only using wasters! Imagine the flesh-wounds you'd have gotten if you were using the real thing! I'm with [Linn Scarlett], wish I could have been there also!

2006-07-17 [Dr.Mandarian]: This is very cool! I wish I was able to sword fight, too! Hm, I once tested out several duplicates of the original swords of 'Lord Of The Rings'... It was before part three, so that 'Narsil' wasn't available yet. :P But I tried some moves with Aragorn's ranger's sword, and Gandalf's long sword. Hm, if they weren't so shockingly expensive, I'd buy them all!

2006-07-17 [Lothuriel]: Awesome!

2006-07-18 [Linn Scarlett]: Hmm I almost had the shards of Narsil.. i like the shards better than the new sword... though i'd love to buy viggo *chuckles*

2006-07-18 [yusuf]: It is really good to have such studies on traditional martial arts

2006-07-18 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* but what about the braids? the braids are cute ^_^

2006-07-19 [dayah]: this is just too kool..though I really want to learn how to use a katanna (sp) have always had a fascination with all things japan since I lived there.

2006-07-19 [Urmando The Elfling]: Don't you have any Aikido, Kendo or any Japanese school in your neighbourhood?

2006-07-19 [Linn Scarlett]: Even we have, i think :)

2006-07-19 [dayah]: nope

2006-07-21 [Illona]: Wow this really chetches my atention.....teehee

2006-07-21 [bo2]: wow, nooit geweten dat er een school was waar je dit kon leren in Nederland! mooie toto's!

2006-07-21 [Linn Scarlett]: *nod nod* hele mooie fotos *grinnikt schaapachtig*

2006-07-21 [Urmando The Elfling]: Yep, er zijn er al minstens 7 scholen, verspeid over midden en zuid nederland!

2006-07-21 [Illona]: What? O.O

2006-07-21 [Urmando The Elfling]: Eum, something about [bo2] was't aware of these medieval schools in Holland and liked the pictures ~ [Linn Scarlett] agrees and is a bit shy with Mishael Lopez gardozo ~ And I was telling about 7 medieval schools in Holland.....

2006-07-21 [Illona]: Oh got ya

2006-07-22 [Linn Scarlett]: *looks over pictures again*

2007-06-04 [Lordterrex]: so.. whats better, a medeival sword, or a samurai sword?

2007-06-09 [Urmando The Elfling]: They have both their advantage:
A Samurai is strong and very sharp,
and a medieval sword has 2 sliding sides......

2007-06-26 [Linn Scarlett]: He I can't help it he's a sexy bitch ! He can teach me how to 'swordfight' anyday ;0

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