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2010-07-22 18:56:29
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I never use the last five pages or so of any book. I just get antsy. So the last one was abandoned, and this brown paper "Kraft Pad" came into play. I was using a copic multiliner, but the nib broke, so now I'm on a 005 micron. EW. I hate microns. But it reminds me a bit of dry point, so I'm going with it.
I'm applying for jobs, so phone numbers and addresses are Gaussian blurred. I'm not censoring :p
Except for where I write in runes. If you can read my runes, cool, I don't care. It's the same shit. Either way, they're not written very correctly, since I write in english. Don't chastise me for that either.
Half the pages were torn out, and I'm making a book from them. Woot.
I talk to much.



(using a fax/scanner. It's like vomiting images into a computer, but it works. Sorta. The grey ones are actually brown paper still, just taken with a camera. huh.)

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2010-07-11 [Artemis Rising]: unicycle <3

2010-07-29 [Nioniel]: *watches*

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