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2005-04-11 15:03:38
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Hello, I'm the creator of The Amanda Fan Club.
My name is Misty [Misty Air],
Amanda [tulip_princess] is my friend!!! (i'm so lucky)

Well Amanda had to quit elf town but I hope its not for long... T O T  ( If your wandering what that is well it's me crying...)

If you are a fan of Amanda just add your name to the members list and take the banner.


1.[Misty Air]
3.[dancing in the rain]
4.[Shade of Alastair]




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2004-12-09 [Misty Air]: Hi Amanda!!!

2004-12-09 [tulip_princess]: hi misty!!!!!

2004-12-09 [tulip_princess]: im so glad you made me a fan club........ it makes me feel special

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