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This project was inspired by the Street Fighter soundtrack and many hours of playing Marvel vs. Capcom. It evolved gradually as I found new villains to sketch and morph. Below is a small step by step approach to the finished product.


All projects start with simple sketch paper and a 2h & 2b pencil. Lines were faded and roughed as ink was applied to outlines. After ink sketches received light coloring using fine graded color pencils. Sketches were then scanned to computer to receive texture, enhanced color, background, and slight manipulation for effect. Each piece averaged 8 hours of work start to finish.

Dr. Doom


Judge Claude Frollo




M. Bison


The Riddler





Cobra Commander


Darth Nihilus





This is a working project. I love receiving requests for new villains. Should you have any questions please send me a Private Message and I will be happy to answer anything you are curious about. Big thank yous to [Flisky], [Chimes], [Akayume], and [~*Crimson Rose*~] for continued support.

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2011-05-16 [Mortified Penguin]: At least the prequels produced some awesome characters like Darth Maul and Qui-Gon.

2011-05-17 [Sideways]: You mean some awesome vessels for a frickin lightsaber. I challenge you to describe qui gon's "character" without saying what he looks like and what his profession is.

2011-05-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Qui-Gon is a strong believer in the prophecy and a good judge of character. He's a wise and caring master who was willing to fight and die for his friends and beliefs.

2011-05-17 [Lord Josmar]: Stoic and stubborn...that's it really. I wasn't a fan of Qui-gon

2011-05-17 [Mortified Penguin]: Mostly though, he had a cool beard.

2011-05-17 [Sideways]: Good judge of character? Who'd he judge? The worst child actor of the universe who grew up to be anakin skywalker? An equally soulless power hungry whiny bitch? He was also morally reprehensible for the entire first movie, using his powers only to get what he wanted. Explain his bet to Watto in a way that makes sense. Also, he demanded with the force that Watto take worthless money for a part he likely could have found elsewhere that took credits.

2011-05-17 [Lord Josmar]: Watto said that no place on the planet would accept Imperial credits because they are too far away from the core worlds, though that could be a lie to get his money (which he still didn't have). I have seen quite a few Jedi use the Force to get what they wanted, unfortunately I can't I.D. them off the top of my head. Also, if it weren't for him then Darth Vader would never have come to be.

2011-05-17 [Thunder Cid]: *DING!*

Alright back to your corners :P

2011-05-17 [Sideways]: *Goes and sits on a stool in the corner of the room, where [Mortified Penguin] splashes a bottle of cat urine over my head, dabs with iodine soaked Q tips at my eyes, and demands I use the the left hook*

AUGH! The corner of this wiki overlaps with Bob's Diner!!!

2011-05-17 [Sideways]: Also, Qui Gon wouldn't exist if Lucas wasn't a moron. It would be interesting and poignant if Obi Wan discovered Anakin or even trained him by choice. Instead Obi Wan was portrayed as a whiny douche goaded into training the
boy either because Qui Gon was essentially a Jedi thug, or because Obi
Wan (in the prequel trilogy,) is a spineless ninny. Or both.

OHHHH! *the crowd gasps in shock as Sideways hits a low blow after the bell!*

2011-05-17 [Thunder Cid]:


Go take this to Bob's Diner now with not so fresh mountain oysters with every meal.

2011-05-17 [Sideways]: Ok, ok, I have to fit art commentary into my witty banter to fit in. I feel like a dude loitering in a Korean quik-mart!
"You buy something or YOU LEAVE STORE!!!"

I love the common art style going on with all of the drawings. That front-lit in the darkness thing is badass! But I almost feel like you should move the Doctor Doom piece down a bit. It's super detailed in comparison to a lot of the others. It's kinda like leading with your strong hand in boxing. Not that every drawing isn't epic. This is why I really look forward to the finished project on your Mister Sinister. That's a complicated character to draw. Hope you pull something freakin' epic with his eyes.

2011-05-28 [Thunder Cid]: I feel ya on that. Dr. Doom was one I took more time on because I had lots to spare. Then of course I was happy and tried to replicate the formula (stale comes to mind when I see it now).

Mr. Sinister I promise will be grand.

2011-06-29 [Thunder Cid]: The project is on hiatus for the time being. Reason is I need to get myself a computer that I can add programs to. Just want you all to know :)

2011-06-30 [Lord Josmar]: Ah! Poo!

2011-07-01 [Sideways]: *sadface*

2011-08-18 [Rice]: *throws sparkles over Cid* Congrats on having this everyone can come here and love on the villains!

2011-08-18 [Thunder Cid]: *blink*


2011-08-18 [Rice]: Btw those sparkles made you gay..just saying.

2011-08-18 [Thunder Cid]: Fabulous!

2011-08-18 [Rice]: There we go. 8D

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