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The Birthing of the World

Five Hundred Thousand years ago, Ecnemök discovered life in this newly born world. At first, there was nothing. There was only a dark void, an eternal silence. Emptiness.

And to this nothingness, came the words of another world, a greater world - Rheisãnìn. The voices of the Ànìn (Godlike beings) wove with their magic the beginnings of our world. The Greatest of them, Rei'Ecnemök, descended into this new-founded world. This, the Dawning of the World, was known as the Eve of Ivenúm (see, Terms of Nyan).

His first creation was the Fortress of Raihēna Ivenúm, a graceful structure of marble of all colours and of an almost incomprehensible size. At the center of the fortress, there is a round room with an arched ceiling. This ceiling holds the secrets of the past, if you know how to unlock it. Away from the center spreads eight different “wings”. All of this is smooth marble, too perfect to be crafted by a mortal hand. It was not. It was crafted by magic. (see Realms of Nyan for more info)

This Fortress was the birthing home for his first race. The Khâyvien, know in these days as the Dragons, to whom he gave the knowledge of the Magic Words that had created that world. He gave life and immortality to eight such creatures.

Those eight Dragons were the Entra (Elements) of this world. Their names are as follows:

* The Silver Dragoness, Sylvàine (later went by the name of Àvìn Taerehnāl)
      (Revered Goddess of the Moon…)
* The Black Dragon, Lōrken (later went by the name of Aenúndinalë)
      (Revered God of the Night…)
* The Gold Dragon, Númiden
      (Revered God of the Sun…)
* The Bronze Dragon, Tringāl
      (Revered God of the Earth, and Creator of the Dwarven race…)
* The White Dragoness, Vuen’yēnnyn
      (The Goddess of Wisdom and the Winds…)
* The Green Dragoness, Narna (vash corrupted****)
      (The Goddess of Nature…)
* The Blue Dragoness, Rehnāhi
      (Revered Goddess of Water…)
* The Red Dragon, Tyranis
      (Revered God of Fire...)

Before withdrawing from this newly born world, Rei'Ecnemök created also the race of Elves and of Shades. Then he left that newborn world, promising that his Angels would watch over them.
[ "...enn’val ràhaen núth khâyvien’aválien..."]

In those times, magic lived in the heart of all beings…

And thus began, the Age of the Dragons, the first age of Nyan… and the Dragon Wars


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2005-11-06 [Crimson Mistress]: Oh my God... there is NO RED DRAGON!!! O.o *gasps*

2007-07-29 [Evolution X]: Tyranis?

2007-08-05 [Mira Ravenheart]: *grins* Thank you. I had been meaning to come back to that, but I seem to have forgotten. ><

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