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The Comments Section!

Lots of spamming and random talking. .w.
Comments only, nothing special. uou


1.[aka ookami] - I just realized that I'm the actual owner of this wiki after not editing it or anything for a few years. =n= I'm back! :,D And I will try to keep it active. uwu

2. [Bento Fox] - Second in charge around here. My foxy companion. ;>

3. [Sir Aglet] - Third in charge? >o>

4. Reserved for Emily? :,D Perhaps.

Come here to talk about whatever it is you want to talk about. :3

If you want to join, just message me, [aka ookami], and I will add you. :>

Random Talking- Members of The Comments Section only, for more...private...talking...uhuhuhhuhu. >w> Just kidding, I don't know what it's for, I made this wiki a while ago. It's just kind of...there.

Banners - This is where banners will go. (If any are made. >_>)

R.I.P Steven Irwin.

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2007-11-10 [Sir Aglet]: No one else is doing it? D: *alone and shoeless*

2007-11-10 [Leashy.]: *takes socks of and is now sockless*

2007-11-10 [Bento Fox]: *takes shoes off* where's Amber? D: we need an orgy

2007-11-11 [Sir Aglet]: >3> Hey Chloe, I'll put my cheese in your crust ;3

2007-11-17 [Leashy.]: NO ORGIES ALLOWED D:<

2007-11-17 [Sir Aglet]: Party pooper >n>

2007-11-24 [Bento Fox]: I need cheese in my crust D8

2007-11-24 [Sir Aglet]: *puts cheese in your crust* c:>

2007-11-26 [Bento Fox]: Yay 8D

2010-02-24 [aka ookami]: uhuhuhuhuhuhu

2012-12-04 [Bento Fox]: x:

2012-12-04 [aka ookami]: uhuhuhuhuhu? D:

2012-12-04 [Bento Fox]: Uhuhuhuhu. <w<;

2013-04-17 [aka ookami]: *revives wiki* Hello! :,D

2013-04-17 [Bento Fox]: Are we really staying this time? I:<

2013-04-17 [aka ookami]: Yes, make Lily come back. And next time we're with Emily we'll make her make one as well. •w•

2013-04-17 [Bento Fox]: It's really hard to make a new account now, I had to wait like 2 weeks for my cathug profile to be activated after I couldn't remember my old password. :c

2013-04-17 [aka ookami]: Well we'll still make her do it. unu She needs to be apart of the shenanigans.

2017-04-30 [aka ookami]: >____>

2019-10-10 [aka ookami]: Im going to keep commenting every few years until someone replies. :C

2019-11-01 [Bento Fox]: No one else will ever come back. u__u There are currently four whole people on elftown currently while I'm online.

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