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This is the page for all of the members of The Creed ranks, titles and orders!


Aslen Icewind-[The Dark Lord]
Nosferato Liege-[zanders]

The Councill=

1.[abcd400009]= Nikki Firelake (our first member) 
2.[S K I]= Luna Delacroix
3.[*slipknot-rock*]= Dracul Mortis
4.[Acidic Khemica]= khalo Valic
5.[vampiredemon]= Paige Valic
6.[Black_Rainbows]= Morticious Darkhelm
7.[TheCrow]= Mathe Atilla
8.[wonderinginlife]= Drusithe
9.[gothicchick666]= Samantha Blackheart
10.[VampressKris]= Kris

Dark Gaurd Captain=


The Dark Guards=

[XWalls_OxF_HopeX]= Victor Ogremoch
[dark funeral]= Tepes

The Watcher=

Unholy Priest=

The Dark Templars=



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