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The Crystal Explainitory


This wiki explains the stuff you need to know, such as: Classes, Elements, How to level, Grand levels, Weapons, Etc.
You may also ask the Grand Elders for any information you do not understand. Thank you.




Aid: Someone aiding another, not skilled enough to fight.
Nave: A person training to be a Squire, uses wooden weapons for now.
Squire: Someone helping a higher rank than them, training to be a Knight or Soldier.
Soldier: A person training in an element, one lower than a Knight.
Knight: A person who studies the art of weapons and legends, loyal to the elders.


Warrior: A person who wields normal weapons, usually very self-centered.
Unique Specialist: Someone who wields unique weapons, They are more outgoing than their lower level.


Swordsman: Extra-skilled and highly trained Warriors, able to teach things to lower levels. Specialises in big, normal, or duel normal standard weapons.
Paladin: A holy Swordsman on horseback who is loyal to the Hero/Heroen, able to wield the same style of weapons as the Swordsman.


Dart Thrower: Skilled in their aiming ability, they are able to throw darts 30' away.
Knife Thrower: Better skilled in their aiming ability, They can throw knives as far as 40' away.
Archer: Skilled with a bow, this class can shoot arrows through a thicket as far as 60'.
Sniper: Able to wield a long bow, the sniper can shoot arrows as far as 99'.


Barbarian: Trained Soldiers who rely on their strength to win their battles. Able to use mace and axe weapons.
Berserker: People who have a unique skill, only able to be used by this class called "Rage". Mainly uses axes, but can use maces and hammers as well.
Titan: Greatly honored war lords who have emence power to destroy their foes. Uses hammers, axes, and maces.


Theif: Trained in the art of pickpocketing, this class is very fast. Able to use daggers and short swords.
Rogue: Skilled in slight-of-hand and usually in guilds and gangs, this class is very greedy. Uses daggers.
Assassin: This class is someone who only does their work if payed. Skilled with daggers.


Sage: Someone who deals in herbs. Skilled with a staff/spear.
Druid: A person who can use nature magic such as growing vines and growing trees. Able to wield a staff/spear.
Elder: People who have the right of decision, they are the ones who have the most wisdom. Skilled with the staff/spear.


Lore Student: Someone who studies different arts and uses a staff/spear as their weapon of choice.
Lore Specialist: This rank specializes in magic and do not use melee. Skilled in Elamenta.
Mystic: This class is extreamly wise and powerful in their magical sense. Skilled in Powerful Elamenta.


Hero's Aid: This class is past the normal ranks but still has the skills of the class they originated from. They use the same weapon their class had except with magical attributes.
Hero/Heroen: A person who has reached level 100 and up, and finished their class. Congrates to those who have made it to this level.
Legend: This level is the very last class of level there is in this great place. Once you've reached this, you are completely finished and get a statue built!


Grand Levels

To reach a Grand Level is quite simple. If you have leveled past the next level of ranks but do not want to change your current rank, you become a "Grand". This Specification only works for past Knight or Soldier.


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