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The Cursed Woods of Admore


The Tower of Seletar

These woods have a bad feeling in the air. You feel like you are not alone, and you are being watched.
The center of the woods has a ruin of what once may have been a tavern of some sort.
These woods never see day, it is always night, and they harbor many evil and dangerous beasts.
Legend has it that the Drow sorcerers of Maul'la cursed the elves of this wood and turned them into horrid beasts. No one knows if this is true, however it is known that the legendary city of the Admore wood has never been found.

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2008-03-13 [Fearathress]: "One who is here to save you for your daughters sake." Lenwe replied softly.

2008-04-20 [Silver Moon]: "I have no daughter young fool"

2008-04-21 [Fearathress]: "Are you sure about that? Evil does wonders to one's mind." Lenwe replied softly.

2008-10-19 [Silver Moon]: "What are you talking about?"

2008-10-20 [Fearathress]: "I am talking about a young girl who is loosing her father." Lenwe replied.

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: "I don't know what you're talking about." He said as he turned to leave

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: K'htressa sighed as she kneeled down praying to her god for help.

Lenwe took half a step. "Come sir you have need of remembering your old life. If not for yourself than for a poor lonely child."

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: *continues walking into the dark* Leave me be

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: "Damned fool. What could be eating his soul so much that it could destroy his life as well as his daughters." Lenwe muttered turning around to see K'htressa kneeling as she prayed.

"OH please help me." K'htressa prayed.

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: *in her head she gets the idea that he was not the spirit they searched for*

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: Feara sighed and looked up at Lenwe shaking her head. "He has to be here somewhere." She said softly.

Lenwe nodded. "Why don't we leave and come back at another time." He responded.

"No! I am not leaving untill I free this soul, so don't argue with me." K'htressa shot back getting up and walking into the forest leaving a stuned Lenwe where he stood.

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: A dark figure appears in front of her a blue glow around it

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: K'htressa jumps back and looks at it as she puts her fear into check. "May I help you?"

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: His spirit has moved to the elven stronghold. you must travel to the dragon wood

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: K'htressa calmed her heart as she tried to get a good look of the dark figure. "HOw do I get to this dragon wood?"

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: through the mountains

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: the blue glow seemed to conceal her features but the voice was female..familair

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: K'htressa nodded. "Then that is where I shall head. Thank you."

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: *nods and vanishes into the moonlight*

2008-10-27 [Fearathress]: K'htressa made her way back to Lenwe. "We leave and head to dragon wood." She said comming to stand infront of him.

"Oh no we don't not with out previsions. No don't argue with me-" He said as he saw her about to protest. "Come on, lets get a map and some food then we will leave." He replied easily scooping his love up in one fluid movement as he lightly ran out of the woods.

[hey where do the exit out of if they are heading back to the hall?]

2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: the tower link*

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